Nyx: A Plea to the Goddess of Night While Experiencing Insomnia

paint my skies with brilliant shades of blue

fill my world with stars that could put diamonds to shamelet the clouds o'er head pass on by on their travelshelp me with my slumberallow me the peace of resting my head tonight without a worry crossing my minddispose of the monster under my bed if you'd like, but I'd rather you silence the one within meit has been pulling at my heart strings, churning my stomach, and clouding my mindmother's kisses and my valiant teddy could not rid me of this demon I've spent many a sleepless night thinking over ways to put out the flame of this raging beastbut alas, it has all been in vainso, until I find a way to rid this vile devil by hex, potion or curemy dear Nyxpaint my skies with brilliant shades of blue fill my world with stars that could put diamonds to shameand grant me rest my loveI beg of yougrant me rest

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