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today my friend braided my hair  she quickly put my hair into two beautiful french braids.  “my mom taught me and i need practice”   practice  
today my friend braided my hair  she quickly put my hair into two beautiful french braids.  “my mom taught me and i need practice”   practice  
Today is Mother's Day of 2024.But you died and you can't celebrate Mother's Day anymore.You were a wonderful mother and I'm your youngest son.You died eleven years ago in 2013 when I was forty-one.
Today is Mother's Day of 2024.But you died and you can't celebrate Mother's Day anymore.You were a wonderful mother and I'm your youngest son.You died eleven years ago in 2013 when I was forty-one.
Wednesday was your least favorite day and you died on a Wednesday.After living for sixty-four years, you became sick and you passed away.The eleventh anniversary of your death is on your least favorite day of the week.
It is the black eyes with your sweet smile that pierces my heart. That bold accent that takes me to the clouds and leaves me to the ground. I have never found my taste and crown in any woman.
Words are like broken glass and sometimes like cotton candy. If you keep silent, it will stick to your mouth, if you talk, it will hurt your mouth. I have traces of words that end before they even begin.
Words are like broken glass and sometimes like cotton candy. If you keep silent, it will stick to your mouth, if you talk, it will hurt your mouth. I have traces of words that end before they even begin.
  my mother acts as if i hung the moon but she can't help but criticize the way that it droops in the sky she tells me i am just like her in looks 
They say    “when something is too good to be true, it usually is”   How sad, that i use this in regards to you.   
    there’s a lot that is very hard to put on paper indescribable if you will I looked up at kites but never did set out to fly one myself 
It was a day that I was bound to dread.I woke up in the hospital and found you dead.I told the nurse that I thought you had died and she examined you.She found no pulse and she confirmed what I believed to be true.
Never had one, don't know what it's like, except for the kind of love where i feel alright, this woman Deidre is like my mom,
No protection No defence Just crippiling words And no sympathy for my thoughts All the 'playful shaming' Holds true in my mind The words to put me down Work every time
The fear of dying, a shadow that creeps, A constant companion, in our hearts it sleeps. It lurks within us, from birth till end, A reminder of our mortality, an unwelcome friend.
It has been an entire decade since we last spent Christmas together.Less than three months later, you died and you were gone forever.The last Christmas that we spent togeter is something I hold dear.
Love is a powerful thing Like two sparrows in a hurricane   Love is like a bond between A mother and a daugter
Your face      in my mind hurts like splinters,      and my heart is infected on the inside. Your voice cracking      into me           like a whip,   a cat o’ nine tails,
Why must I lose everything I own?
Why must I lose everything I own?
                                   Queen Elizabeth II is dead The whole world seems to be wailing, mourning
                                                     Taking care of a                                                       child is hard and more                                                      becoming pregant is exciting
The veil is torn The blinds have fallen, diplaying your beauty that is never stolen   You mount up on wings Moving mightly on the wind That takes you in Making you wilder 
Nine years ago today, you ceased to be a member of the human race.You died from an abdominal aneurysm and you went to a better place.You're in Heaven and life up there is a nonstop party every day.
My family, It's falling apart, Just like dominos. When my brother makes my mom upset, She gets mad at me. And when I get mad, I get mad at my sister. My whole family,
When just a child the poet's mom said "Son,Throughout your life beware the sin of pride.Remember this when every day is done,What counts the most is who you are inside.".
hurtful words you repeat those haunting phrases cut so deep yet you wonder why i never speak you make me feel so isolated as if space for me was not created
My family means the world to me. It's somewhat like a big huge tree. Our love grows roots further than the eye can see. What my family feels like to me.
Familie is a capability. Which we all don’t understand. Families are people. Who worries about you. No matter the case. They are forever loyal.
I woke today and started thinking about all the other girls you use to entertain you. And how you still talk to them because you "went through something together" immediately my heart starts pounding and I can't catch my breath.
All the months you kept me in the womb of youMemories of those will never fade in youMonths after I came to youAll the love is here for you AMMA, You are the best!
Dear Mommy,   It's the third Mother's Day without you I miss your beautiful smile, and your laugh   I could count 1000 things I miss about you and it wouldn't count for half  
holding hands, touching lips, keeping no secrets or so She thought   there was another that kept His heart warm another one that could
When a person dies so young, I have to ask why.I still miss you as each day passes by.When my brother told me how sick you were, he told me face to face.He didn't want to tell me over the telephone so he came to my place.
As the morning light breaks over the palms, Trickling through the open windows Tickling my soft smile, As the aroma of toast and butter wash through the room. All is quiet, only the morning birds
      Tongues of flame still burned upon her weathered skull like Octobers first gentle snow on demoded
I was born 4/20/1969 I made my mother moan as I slide right out of her meat pocket. She was the first women I would ever make moan. I lived a simple life besides my massive fucking peen.
When i was stumbling in the dark,confused and crying out for help, this friendly fello seemed amused;   And while i fought like anything to keep the candle lit  he cheerfully reviewed
Bonsoir Steph, Comment vont tes joies et les à côtés de tes affections. Je sais que tu ne parles pas trop sur le net, Mais tu me manques, Je te ressens plus, Tout semble si loin,
Bonsoir Steph, Comment vont tes joies et les à côtés de tes affections. Je sais que tu ne parles pas trop sur le net, Mais tu me manques, Je te ressens plus, Tout semble si loin,
She was like the brightest star in   the sky,   which always enlighten   the moon.  
I found a flower on the ground today. It was purple- an artist would go as far as to call it lilacand I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.
Saint Agnes is what my mom should be called.When she died, I was both saddened and appalled.I admire women homemakers more than women who work because Mom was a homemaker.
Mommy do you love me?  Mommy will you kiss me? Mommy are you really mine? Why do you give me food? My sweet child I will always love you Yes I will kiss you
Eye have seen things that No-one else has seen. Eye have felt things that No-one else has felt.   Eye have seen great sadness in The way the world works. Eye have felt the pain of one
Mom. The most important person in my life. Always doing her best even when she is burnt out. Trying her best to earn enough to live. While also teaching her kids. Working multiple full time jobs,
Memories of sunshiny days are fleeting   They pass in a blur of ecstatic haste and they leave behind the bitter taste of longing   The touch once remembered
From time to time Inside this heart of mine  I stare into the mirror To see clear  For the very first time In the depths of my obscure mind
I want to go back in time when I used to be free from cares and Mother would hold me close.   I remember when we came to that brand new world, America,  that sang of hope and freedom.  
Don't mourn for me I am not Don't grieve for me I am not I am but a wilted flower Your smile plagues my heart But i am still here
Thank you! For being the moon in my dark nights, A good afternoon in the bad days, The best mom as always... The rest can't fit in this page, You don't get tired with age. None won't be as real as you,
Left, right, under, and pull We tighten our knots woven with steel fibers Around our bosoms As to defy the wayward cyclopes from intruding And to protect our childing innards
"One last story daddy, then I will sleep" "Ok my little fairy, Let this tale settle in deep. She is an angel in disguise, who is with you from your first cry, regardless of your age,
You taught me to fly without the wings You made me grow with all the springs You created a little world just for me When I was scared to let the world see   You cradled all my cries
I love you.I love you like you love the alcoholYou pour down your throat.The sore throat that spits sour wordsFrom your poision tongue.I love you like you love putting your hands on me
I told you infact I am gay, You didn't get it so let me reiterate, I like women that like women not men that like women! That means I'm bi  Or at least in your eyes
Again, An another sleepless night passed,Again,A chain reaction of thoughts occurred,Yet Again,YOU crossed,Again, I forced,Again,I missed,Again,Yet Again,Constant I feel, Room of emptinessThis pain, This rage,This sorrow, This bitterness  Wonderin
There is  a girl and there a boy and there me i wouldn't compare you to me  i wouldn't lie to you to hurt you and i'm sorry if i ever did I've never felt this way so please don't
My beautiful boy His heart is honest and beautiful as he is, The perfect figure of a gentle man And when he smile, it tells the story of a mother who found love and was willing to give back that love,
The dark eyed mom is here again. I hope she’s not here to stay. There will be no meals or good-time feels And no, This mom don’t play.
I clasped her hand tight Lived by her wisdom, she died My light gone, alone
Kindness is all around us In the smile of a stranger In the tinkle of a baby's laughter In the chirp of a nightingale  
Its not safe out there. For you or me. Its not safe out there. In the streets. People feeding their addiction. Others beg to be something.. That they are not.
My fire comesfrom mother's joywho waddles and standson bending knee, breaking backfor the joy of me.I am inspired.  My fire sparksfrom your heart and mine
I am from were momma and daddy say schools not for people like us  I am from were if you talk proper you " Talk white"  never liked that cliché  I am from were sometimes I was forced to fight for what's mine 
Seeing my mother struggle,   as a child, there was a lot I had to juggle.   I saw her work day and night,   so many restless nights.  
My amazing mom Supports me to the fullest  I love my mother 
I am Saudade; one who came and blew out the fire,  I inspire through the loss and desire,  I cannot be explained but am understood,  I have taken one from motherhood,  I am death but I am life, 
She rises with the morning, She lights all that she sees, Her warming rays embrace me, Reminding me of my worth.   She never stops her shining, She dries all of my tears,
To all that you've given me, all that you've done, I turn back and say "you've always been my number one."
Inspiration. The connotation? A strong figure, That in the back of your mind, always lingers. It’s your rock. Whether they know or not.
“The Willow” Christopher Joseph   When rain cascaded, and the earth wore a veil of its tears, You were there to shield me, oh Willow.
Set the table, wash the dishes, Pour the water, say the prayer. You bury every worry because you know it’s not yours to bare. Keep a quarter in your pocket, sure to make us smile
“Work, work, work. Work to achieve what I didn’t.  You can be great. Work, work, work”.   All of my life my mom has told me to work. Don’t settle like she did.
Hey mom, its just me, its Mr.B, the runt of the litter of 3, yeah its your family!
You were there when I was down and out When no one wanted me I was on my knees ready to shout At only age three   It took many years  But you finally saved me And dried up all my tears
My eyes are of waiver They click and tock onto  the views that are given-- calloused hands twiddling a sauce covered spoon make my vision spell a new line  on paper.
She’s trust worthy  she never fails to make me happy  she’s not afraid of being unique  and everything about her is chic  i love her with all my heart  and to me she’s just like art 
What an amazing woman!  Yes , my mother! A hard worker to have as a model . What an amazing giver! Yes, my mother! The teacher of giving. What an amazing soul! Yes, I get to call her my mother!
  She inspires me in the way she walks how gracious her voice is as she talks the magic she carries and shares wherever she goes
  She inspires me in the way she walks how gracious her voice is as she talks the magic she carries and shares wherever she goes
Sometimes perserverance is hard. When you look at the cards,  that you've been dealt.  But then I look to you,  and I melt.    Everything I've ever dreamt,  rolled into one.
From blacking out on tipsy nights, To never feeling quite alright. It took some time to actually realize, What's been happening before my eyes.   Why am I sleeping in every night?
The water crashes over my body and my ears are invigorated with its sensation: It's cold in here.   I close my eyes. I see colors and hues Dripping. Down. Down. Down.
Love inspires me to Adore, Pain gave me a reason to work for more. Love inspires me to be Active, Pain gave me a reason to break from being held captive. Love motivates me to do right by others,
Eyes that's seen the offerings of the world       Legs with potential to jump           Feet that could walk to hidden treasures                Yet settled in a garden under sun 
Mother, You gave me life, You gave me love, You gave me confidence, Mother, You pulled away from me, Mother, You left me for something else, You disappeared for years,
I held you tight Tried not to cry Please don't leave my sight Don't say goodbye   "Be brave" you said I said "I'll try" But you might end up dead Don't say goodbye  
Breakfast Is Waiting   The hot butter bubbles on the pan And the eggs slide around ontop of the oil He always said breakfast everyday would lengthen your life span
Breakfast Is Waiting   The hot butter bubbles on the pan And the eggs slide around ontop of the oil He always said breakfast everyday would lengthen your life span
Breakfast Is Waiting   The hot butter bubbles on the pan And the eggs slide around ontop of the oil He always said breakfast everyday would lengthen your life span
from the moment I was born your heart was smiling into my life  your arms wrapping around me in love arms that guided, protected, and led with beauty and grace
From the moment I laid eyes on you my heart stopped for what felt like a lifetime From the moment I held you I knew I loved you  From the moment you first smiled my heart skipped a beat
I remember when I made you I was scared to tell your grandma, I didn't know what she'd do. The whole thing was bitter sweet,  sometimes I wish I could go back and be as happy as I could be. 
If I could do one thing in my life That my heart desires to ask What truth lies What made him do that task Even though he knew that we would get to know the truth somehow Which would make him look low
I walked down the aisle Wearing a pretty smile   I woke up in the morning And found a wish by my side Everything seemed so easy in the clearing I was so happy and smiled
     " You're too young to have a baby, you will never finish school, Social life? Thats in the past.  Breastfeeding will consume and destroy you, Your relationship will never last.
Hero When you hear hero what do you think? You probably think clearing a building in a single bound; Think faster than a speeding bullet Think defeating the bad guys.   But you know whats more heroic?
The sun is shining and the sky is blue My phone rings beside me, I'm delighted it's you Being far away from home I feel so lost But knowing you'll always be there, makes up for the cost
the Blood from my Mother is Thick like Syrup; Bones don't Crack in this household i carry the maternal weight of Generations i feel their adamant Will in my Gut; sit up Straight they say
  I don’t need to put up with it.  Yet I do. She doesn’t deserve to make me feel like nothing 100% of the time.  Yet she does. She doesn’t deserve me. 
When I think of you, I think of me.  I wish that you could finally see  The way things can now, for us, be.
Apollo, Greek God of Light Music Poetry Healing Plagues Beauty  
  troops surrounded the palace corpses of soldiers strewn all about the place carrying the only heir in her womb Hemangini travelled through a journey where the sight of future is unknown
When I would go to the store as a child I would always grab something off the shelf and my mom would have the same conversation every time. The same patience in her eyes. The same faded smile.
You you shop for you self  I’m bleeding out  You look away  And say another day  You get a paper cut  And we move in a rush 
No one ever tells you wha.
I can’t go in. The smell of medicine that isn’t working, Desperately masked by overwhelming sanitizer that stings my nose as I inhale. No sunlight makes its way through the windows.
I miss you I miss the way you hugged me I miss your soft voice I am missing you more and more each day It has been two years with you I miss talking to you and just laughing
Papers stuffed neatly into their respective folders,            Textbook clenched tightly against my side, I turn to face the dawn.             My mother stands against the light.
Close vibration, sounds felt up and down my body. Just sounds - no meaning. But these words soften my tightness, calm hush calm soft calm warm.   I'll always love you.
Be gentle with my heart, Love, It’s a fragile little thing. 
Those days when we were children Sometimes I reminisce About if we could repeat them  And all the naps I’ve missed   The pillow fights the cookie mouse And running in the breeze
You do not need a second job My mother used to say But ma I’ve got this mouth to feed And bills I’ve got to pay.      Isn’t one enough for you To land you on your feet?
A time out chair A chill in the air A disappointed mamma bear-- I remember wanting to make it right So I'd put a flower in her sight-- Love language that would win the fight. Flowers proved useful then
I used to get so mad at you It was easy to be sad and blame it on you How could I even talk to anyone? No one understood But I guess it was always a long shot that any one could.  Alcohol to some seemed to cool
Me? growing up? Absolutely not, the idea was something I never thought would happen.  I enjoyed riding in the backseat of the car, closing my eyes and waking up at the grocery store or the car store. 
She hugged her asking  how was your day and then glared at me  and with pity  asked the same.   I'd sit there and wonder what a hug felt like  when it came form a mother 
My body was a book  my body was a book that my mother read to me every night  my body is a book that I didn’t want to read  because who wants to read a book about a girl who is  3’11  disabled 
growing up in this fast pace world I thought at twenty I was a big girl paying for things living alone but there was somthing missing I still was not grown Between the life of a child and an adult 
Kneeling to God my knee hurt, praying with caution and aiming higher, So many lovers but love is lost.
Time is nothing but an essencesBut moment make a lifetime Lying there, nothing but darkness surrounds I have been ripped to pieces, and continue to not make a sound, Mother, I whisper through the bathroom doorAware of the substances that coat her
Mothers all around us, everywhere we go. Feeding us, teaching us and watching as we grow. Beautiful young mothers, who never grow old, Who keep a smile of sunshine and a heart as pure as gold.
Kids, one of the most amazing things created.  Very important, very adorable.  Always a kid? By heart, yes; by age, no.  Kids learn, in fact, we all learn.  Kids or not, we learn everyday. 
Sometimes my words Go in one ear and out the other.           But that’s ok Cause by heart and soul we are tethered. It’s my job to be mad When F’S litter your report card, I know you can do better.
11 is an age to play with barbies, for a girl, To make friends and go to school,
Believe in me
The lady of the first sun, Hesitates to let her first world down That’s all she relies on All her life she had dreamed of raising this world Her people look up to her, While she cares and provides her heat
How many more poems? How many more tombs? How many more thoughts? How many more wombs?  
Glow- Up, Grow-Up By Camry C. Hardy
Let me hold your finger I say Hold me close to your breast Words cannot describe the love you portray Despite my disorderly unrest I won't be a baby forever
You're acting quite strange. however I don't know what's to blame. can you please stop scaring the kids. and stop putting so much stress on your eyelids.   shes not trying to humiliate you .
Im sorry I grew up mom I’m sorry I’m not your little girl anymore..But no matter how many times you try to deny that it’s me and I need to change Frankly you have no say in this matter....
Lying in bed wondering what I could have changed The outcome of the day when you took your last breath and God called your name.  I wanted you to stay and didn't understand why it had to end
I no longer need my mom’s help Phone bill and food all paid off by myself Ordering at least three pairs of shoes My mom now doesn’t have a single clue  
I looked up to you You were my world  I wanted to make you happy When I found out your weren't I didn't want to be happy I wanted to be sad I tried to feel bad I tried to make you feel glad
I've created an empty nest, Maybe it was for the best. Life is now open, like a window without a screen. Relax mother, it's time to rest.  
I've created an empty nest, Maybe it was for the best. Life is now open, like a window without a screen. Relax mother, it's time to rest.  
“I am so frustrated!” the pure hurt ranged through my ears. “I am so tired of having to get stuff done all by myself.” She wept. This was my first time seeing her break down. She was so strong and always upheld her crown.
I sleep comfortably at my home, while you stand alert at the border all night. I weep in the comfort my loved ones, while you long for hearing the voice of your family. I complain of hot and cold whether ,
I open the window So I don’t suffocate But the air doesn’t reach my lungs As I try to count my breaths   Monday I came in to see you
Her reign in the heart Her face with a smirk I do not have to say anything Before she gets everything She nurse me She tutor me That was all enough But watched cartoon with me
  “In the eyes of a mother I see you as my daughter. I see you as a gift sent from the heavens. I see you as a woman who will grow to be strong and independent.”   “In the eyes of a father
The hand I first grabbed within the firstfew moments of my life,The hand I first held into within my firstfew stepsthe hand I held when crossing the street,the hand I held when I was afraid,
“Just Grow Up,”... Three little words, I’ve never heard from my parents. “Just Grow Up,” three little words, I had to tell myself.
It was spring The flowers were bathing in the optimistic light of the sun I observed from a distance Fearing my thoughts would wilt them
You were the first to teach me what love was And for that I am grateful because You taught me And he taught me as well The both of you were there to pick me up when I fell That was then…
It struck me with the fury of one thousand lightning bolts. Although the cool ocean invited me, instead I chose to hit the concrete.   I felt the light of my being go out.
Dear Mommy,  
Keep holding on and never let go, “Welcome home,” I whisper She cooes lightly, waving her fists in the air. Time slows, encasing us in our own little world.
The Sun shines  The Rain comes to an End The baby scream Welcome to this world little child  Mommy Loves you  She get put into the arms of another  Never to see her mommy again  Taken away 
     How to express yourself to yourself     Living life fake and wishing to be better     A mind were there is no control makes you think of the dark creeping inside   
I remember your brave face through all the pain The day you told me, I tried to remain sane.   After that news I cracked I felt like a car hit with sudden impact   Somehow you had such strong will
Today I looked into the mirror my reflection couldn't be clearer I saw the girl from the past teary eyed and oh so sad messy hair like I just don't care dark circles hoping for a miracle
Home is where you feel a bossom in your heart Where the heart is fond Home is a special place in a friend's heart Or in your loved one's sweet embrace Home is that special book that uplifts you
The Christmas of 2012 was the last Christmas that you celebrated on Earth.You were a kind and loving mother for 41 and a half years after my birth.When March the 6th arrived, you wouldn't have a tomorrow.
Who is this woman? She looks like my mom She sounds like my mom She smells like my mom But she doesn't act like my mom She is mean and cold and harsh My mom is nice and kind and loving
My family has been stuck  stuck in a vicious cycle of negative thinking, and they chose to label it a curse. See, my sisters and I come from strong women with weak hearts.
The birds are chirping the sky is blue, the wind is blowing but who are you? The world will never know. Because you where never given the chance,  they never looked at you,
Oh, how you've helped me so much. So, I thank you a bunch. For keeping me stable Since you realized I am able. Able to change the world and touch the hearts of others.
Look at me with curiosity, why am I here, in such area? Look at me in disgust, why is my skin so dark unlike everyone else? Look at me in lust, as if my race is for pleasure.
you call out my name  Honey Honey  but that's not my name  You say Honey when you need something  You say honey to trick me  You say it to make me your's  When I'm low you kick me 
Mom You gave me life, nourished my body to grow strong Over the years, by your side is where I belong Watching what you do and your moves When i was bad you told me you disapproved
The first thing I saw was you,  When I entered this world kicking and screaming.  I held my father's finger, and heard his voice,  As the doctors helped me to take my first shuddering breaths, 
Thank you for everything you give without you I wouldn’t know how to live When I see you I smile you make life worthwhile. I love you with all my heart
Time draws nearer for me to move two hours away from you. Your sweet voice and character shines in the mist of my darkness. Your work ethic influences me not to give up.  And as excited as I may seem,
She gave me the curve of my hips And the straight if my back I walk with a sass  And diamonds in my eyes A head held high A heart filled with love A sweet soul Beautiful, Graceful, Strong
‍‍‍You're there when I'm engulfed in depression You're there when my insecurities poke You're there when my guilt is my obsession You're there when my fears begin to provoke
It’s not easy having a 9 to 5, Not easy taking crap from people , Whose value isn’t any less greater than your own. It’s not easy reading three computer screens,
My mother's love is unconditional, something like an overflowing cup of water  that is pure in taste and transparent in sight. Something as beautiful as the full moon that sparkles on the ocean's currents at night.
When I suffer, she is there, She is the tree that carries the fruits that we as people fail to bear. Truth be told, her inner beauty is beyond compare, and a personality that is ever so rare,
Blonde hair, beachside, best smile, bright mind Strong will, steady life Something I couldn’t see when you were by my side Please just a little more time to catch your wise
I’d love to rest my head on my mother's shoulder but, She wouldn’t understand and tell me instead, be strong.
Welcome, welcome, to the land of the free. I know it was not easy. You left your home for me, Hoping everyone would agree.   Goodbye, goodbye, to everything you knew, and with that, you flew
Found on these steps you lie, Tucking me good night Before you left. Heart Stopped. Eyes wide.  Love was found In your  Soul, And you taught me to keep it there,
Most people do not know how much WE look alike. Our simple personalities      connecting through the rough times. eighteen years of seeing YOUrself in
  Thank you for what you have done It has been loads of fun   Thank you for showing me to live my life free
Day by fading day She slowly swallows me whole An inescapable space of wasted moments An epidemic of goodbyes People pass by me seemingly stripped Scarred by former seconds
  ~ I love you, And I miss you everyday~ The unconditional love of a mother is probably the easiest to write a poem.
Since we've spoken, you and I, about how hard you think you need to try Then perhaps you should look at how far you've come instead of all the things you haven't  yet done We should talk, you and I,
Thank you. Dear Love, I thank you. Without you, I would not be where I am today. Without you, none of us would have found our place.   You are the Master of the Universe,
Looks nice on the outside  An amazing treat but it has something to hide Freedom from the young age  A world that is fun for 6th grade  After, it tests your knowledge and strength 
Love is a song, the most tender kind. A gentle stroke of give and take. A feeling of confusion, an adrenaline rush coursing through your veins.
  I am scared, you hold my hand. I have anxiety, you soothe my fears. I feel overwhelmed, you offer me solutions. I am sad, you make me laugh. I need to talk, you always listen.
My first sounds were your heartbeat and your voice. My first face was yours. My first taste of the outside world  Was through you.  Without you, there wouldn't be a me.  You impacted me
Thank you Mom for tucking me in at night. You always made sure that everything was going to be alright. I never said how much I appreciated your hugs so tight. You made my dreams seem not too far out of sight.
What all has my mother done for me? She's read to me, cooked for me Made all my favorite food And even when she was stressed from work, to me she was never rude  
Today you are 50 years-old Symbolic of the precious gold   A daughter, a sister, a mother a wife Today is a day to reflect upon your life   Some days you want to cry, some days you live in fear
You taught me about me about life and everything it holds Through the dark windy nights and days so cold   You brushed my hair and wiped my nose While singing a song about my little toes  
The one I can go to when I’m upset. The one I take my anger out on when someone else upsets me.  
The one I can go to when I’m upset. The one I take my anger out on when someone else upsets me.  
Be careful my brothers and sisters how you see your opposite sex, they appear like Angel's, and sometimes end up being the devil himself. "Be Careful"
Gravitating backwards she declines, Liquifying to earths compressions, Ruined but intertwined, Cannot bypass innocent transgression.   Paved away from those dementions, Couldn't shake her desolation,
Jennifer Brown 10/9/18 Grow From a little seed i grow you let the water flow. I'm not sure why you picked a seed like me
Mom of three, busier than a bee All the gratitude in the world will not be enough For how many hours and days you were unfree Some days were much too tough
A cloud of sadness,That covers my happiness.It does not let me see the sun's rays,It does not let me breathe,Eyes following me all the time,Songs behind my backWhich are not directed towards me
My inspiration in life Others could never compare The love and compassion she has Heart full of an abundance amount of care Every part of her oozes with tenderness
MAybe I am made of glass And perhaps I am too reflective And perhaps each time I shatter across the floor in shards of failure I bring us more bad luck
Grazie*, Gracias*, Spasiba*, Merci* and Thank You There a ton of ways to express one’s gratitude. There will never be enough words to say dank u*,
A woman scorned Roseline Ameyaw     Rejected in love she waits Screaming at the top of her lungs Her tears flow down her rosy cheeks
Superheros have capes Power of immortals Strength of the ribs, Protecting a torso Humans have hands Used like rubber Hard and misused But secures like a lover Thats why I love her
Quick questionCan a women be a man?Is transgender so new to us all?Its just a new word for someone to take the fall.My mom was my dad when he was not around
The good comes after the bad the wrong after the right  the calm after the storm the tears after a fight "Promise me you'll stay~ longer than a night" And if you can not stay
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mother you are for life  continously by my side  never failing  with endless love even when mistakes are made constantly present  in my mind and heart thank you for the lessons and strength
Without you there is no me.  The way you two make my heart glisten like a rushing stream.   You watched me grow, Always putting up with me when I yelled "No!"
Thank you, o' so much. For you have taught me so many things. You have taught me to read, drive, ride a bike. But there are things deeper than that.
I hear you. I see you. You are love. when others say “you’re not from here”. You are love. powerful lioness, protegiendo su leonsita. You are love. gracias, Mil gracias. You are love.
Who loves me most Why I am myself Who believes I can conquer the world My mother My confidence My mother My love
Thank you Mom for the sacrafices you've made and your unconditional love. Thank you Mom for telling me what was right and what was wrong. Thank you Mom for the life you have given me.
You always keep watch, never lead me astray Your hands hold and guide me, they light up my way.   You've shown me what love, really looks like It's a constant daily battle, never giving up the fight.  
It rises, slowly,
Breathe, breathe One, two, three I am a happy daughter Who loves her mother Not a hint of loathing to be found Exhale, exhale I mustn't tell lies Enjoy the way the breeze feels nice 
It wasn’t until I was ten that I noticed frown lines stretching from my mother’s hairy chin to the corners of thin lips. Hair a mass of frizz,
When I was 3 years old You didn’t tell me to stop running my fingers along the brick fences. Each just a graze along the borders of fancy houses, houses bigger than ours,
Oh Mom, beautiful and strong,  you helped us through horrible times, when everything was wrong.  We thought you had given up sometimes,  but you never did and you stood by our side.
To the one who showed me compassion while he worked endless nights You gave me air to breathe and a heart to beat                                                                         continuously
Life was never easy  With a daughter like me  I used to smile everyday Now, I just feel defeat  I was scared and alone  Something was wrong with me  I didn't feel like I should stay in this world 
Trapped in an asylum of comfort and love I’ll never truly know what I’m capable of Sorry Mom, I leave you behind But you have a piece of my heart worth A collection of lifetimes.  
I came out of the womb A mere spark Ready to learn everything life has to offer Not sure where to begin Or how to go about it But I thank God for my mother She fueled my fire
Through all her pain and tremendous struggles she leads her children to be the warriors we were born to be Through the time I lived in a poor area she led me to follow my education and stay on the right path
Shaving used to be just a razor before glass before safety pins before my nails before I still think there was a before      but my mind has been cut and tried to fit bewteen the
She wakes up in the early morning, ready to face the day. She takes up the mantle of momma bird, something she does everyday.  
  My momma is flash She backstop me and trash  Obstacles, and smash Stuff in my way.   Always behind me She find me, I up or I down.  With ugly homework Her encouragement 
To believe the impossible is possible makes me unstoppable to stop at all obstacles that only scream fall when I intend to vault. No need for a halt. That's what momma always told me.
We are born in this world to people who want nothing more than for you to succeed They see a purpose within you They are the ones that fill your needs. As I've grown into the young woman that I am
Wide awake yet deep asleepInside my mother it had waitedInside my mother, just skin deepNothing it wants but just hatred
You gave me roots Struggled against the odds Keeping me safe Saving me from abuse Fighting the law to keep me safe Having to be my mother and father Working day and night to keep me clothed and fed
My mother has always been there No matter the situation she'll care. She's been my role model Since I drank from a bottle And we'll always be a pair.  
You brought me into this world Instilled your hope, genes, and dreams into my soul Mom, Through these 20 years I've had many fears You've wiped away so many tears My heart is full
Oh mom  you tell me how to dream like the kid you were and how our lives happen the way they do for a reason you don't know. But since your mom passed, who is the one to tell you
No Comment Running down blocks Chasing through streets Pulling off covers Ripping up sheets I went to look for my boy last night You saw him play, step high, make strides
A flawless and impeccable woman who strives for nothing but the best. Who has a determination and never settles for anything less.
Many people know how important you were to me.If you hadn't died, today you would've turned seventy.You were a kind woman who loved to give.I would've done anything if you could've lived.
The Definition of perfection,   And yet I get to call you my own, You're just so filled with affection,   I think I might explode!   I call you my Mother,   A word meaning so much more,
Strive for science yet live for art Mother teach me through practical and passionate experience Help me allow them to bend and morph with my soul   You guide my choices and I follow through
To be blessed with a beautiful mom is the best gift of all.
It's Saturday I wake up  Mom knows Breakfast shows up at 8   It's Saturday Dad's gone  Off to work Won't be back till late   Next morning On a trip
Do you see it? Its Moving With you its not going anywhere No soul can take it away Its permanently a visual of you Your Face Is a sight to see Because you look like just like me
The flower bud in my lobby I plucked, coming in cold and numb. Plum stolen from the vase, And twisted against my thumb.   Elevator doors closed,
Quickly now, Sign away the money you didn't earn. Designate it's destination before you receive it. It won't be enough. And it won't bring her back.
live in the moment and have some fun you're blind, you're naive, you never listen get crazy and wild; worry when you're done mind's empty, heart's dull, but your soul glistens  
I kept walking, didn’t stop until I saw the dull sun drop then I ran through the plains I where I sobbed out in the rain   panicked paranoia in the dark
She loves me most when I’m Not too close. How bizarre How I was once innermost Far, Below Her navel- a scar,
Behold! Behold a place that’s home to those whose found themselves quite comfortable losing hope within their own self…
on a time when i was dumb on a time when i was different 2016 summe5 i found out who i was when they endorsed pride month i stole something
“Don’t talk to me in that tone!” Yes, mother, I apologize for my insolent self.  
"Please stay with me, daddy!" "Please don’t leave me!"   You were walking so fast. Too fast for my little feet to keep up.
Dear, My mother’s ex-boyfriend of two years, My biological father left when I was six And ever since then, I've been looking for someone to fix
I remember her hands gripping to the wheel, An ice covered windshield, The snow outside as thick as steel, She was afraid, but could not yield.   Maybe it was the cold,
Mother Of all the people in the world You know me the most Since the times when I was in your stomach curled To when I made my first french toast To when I danced and twired   Mother
When mom talks with me, all that I can hear Is the sweetness of her voice, and how she sounds sincere.   I’m glad for the special friendship that we are lucky to share
She won’t wake upShe won’t wake up She won’t wake up   She lays there in a carcass of pasty white skin With sunken closed eyes and a dark mind from within   
I watched my Mom fill out an application. I looked at the line that asks about past professions. I thought to myself, that space is too small Because my mom was the best of them all
maybe this is the apocalypse today is april 19th the day after aliens were supposed to take us seems kind of unfair of them to make promises then not keep them
My hair is too frizzy, A red tangled mess. My eyebrows aren’t arched, Blonde makes it look less. My pants don’t quite fit, The muffin top pokes over. I look down at the scale,
This is for the girls who believe the number on the scale, determines whether they are beautiful or not. This is for the men who don’t fit in the role of “tough man,” that media portrays them to be.
The universe created you, made you my maker. You followed the breadcrumbs to the creation. Abandoned seed of failure, a beautiful risk to admire, appetite to reach the universal emotion, wasted years of blooming to rescue the putrefaction.
I'm thankful for you, Momma,  You light up my life,  I love you like Obama, through struggle and strife,  Hey Momma, you rock. You are my rock. My socks: you rock them. Hey Momma, oh Mommy Momma
For the time has come, I am to leave the nest that once was created by Mother Bird.   Ready to take on the world And unaware of what is to come.
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You will love me unconditional Pure, without complication You will understand my tears And calms all my fears You love me right from the stars  And hold me close to your heart
You try to ruin my life  Waiting in the darkest night, to spoil my positive mind to steal my stands to stop my steppings but know!   I am the unique mouse wise to make a choice
Suffered. Hurt. Buried.  How many more violent words can she take? How many more bruises do you think that she has?  He vowed to love her on their wedding day, but he had put up a facade. 
Dear Mom,   I love and miss you, Your hugs, our talks, your sweet smile, College is so far.   Love, Kallie      
Dear Mom,
Thank you, Mom For the mayonnaise Plastered on me Like a filter to hide My blood   Thank you, Mom For the twang
  Looking at the stars Thinking about the place I go every day, The place I call home But it doesn’t feel that way.   Home feels like bad dream
Dear Mom.   To my moon   Thank you   For the countless For the countless hours
(There’s no need to start with dear When Mami is the same thing to me.)   I read a poem in Literature one day That made me tense, a deer ready to run
Dear Mom, You always said to fight for what you believe in Fight like the Sun fights the Moon Though the Moon may shed dim light upon the night-enveloped Earth
Dear Mom,   I love you.   I love your strength,     your kindness,         your compassion.   Thank you for taking care of me when I'm sick,
I often struggle with words, which for me either come out wrong or don’t come out at all. In fear of the first happening, it's usually the second.  Here’s the result:   What I Never Got to Say
Dear Mom, I once wished for a motherwith lighter skin. I once wished for a mother who looked identical to me. I once wished fora different mother. I wished things I wish I didn’t mean. I thought your mother had to be identical figures. But that is
Having me in your adolescence, I understand this was no easy feat: Growing up early, throwing your childhood away, I can’t commend you enough. And you’re still on your feet. I saw you struggle, day by day
Dear mom, its been hard hasn't it?  dealing with all the problems in your head  not being able to tell me anything because you don't want me to worry.
Dear Mother, Love and hate are cut from the same cloth. You provide for me the key, to unlock the Pandora box of your feelings.
Youre the inspiration Youre the innovation From you could appear a nation Your heart is out heart Your love eclipses our love Your soul holds our soul  
My love, You are turning 11-years-old this year. My heart drops to my stomach when I think about that.
Dear Mommy,   I don’t know if you remember but, I remember a simpler time when it was just me and you... alone in the car with only our thoughts and radio. To be specific, the quiet storm.
To my mother   I imagine that before my mother was a woman, she must have been a girl. It's an odd thing, this imagining. My mother was once an unfinished human,
Dear mom, goodbye was never said When i woke from my bed And you were already gone. I sat and cried And tried and tried
Oh, dear Sis, I’m so sorry! I really thought, I really thought he just did it to me… or that it was just a bad dream like Mommy said.   ...and I asked about the screams,
Momma what did you do, Pills and milk won't fix me or you. The drugs they course through your veins, All you know is how to cause pain. Sell your own to get what you want, Sell others to get what you flaunt.
Dear mom,   Love is something that cannot be stopped Or stalled as you so want me to do. It’s almost as if you are pained
Dear Stranger,
Dear Mom,  
Dear Mama, Everything was fine until you left I became vunerable to the world  My heart became a victim of theft Once protected, it lay curl'd  Days went dark As the pain took a mark
Dear Mom, I refer to myself as a miracle child My mere existence wasn't mild My moms pain was severe I almost ended her life I'm sorry mom I caused you such strife
Dear Mom,   Through all my obnoxious quirksYou deal with me.   College visits, time and time again
To the one who has taken care of me my entire life I want to thank you To the one who stuck by my side  I want to thank you  To the one who worked so hard to make sure we always had a roof over our heads
MOTHER By: Demily Ruelas Mother, is the one that is with you from the very start. Mother, the one who kisses your boo boos when you have gotten hurt.
Perhaps, I’m hidden.Trying not to show up.Somehow, like Renoir’s painting of the hidden girl.It reflects my shadows.It also reflects the sorrowWithin my heart. My heart is burning And I can see the and senseThe fire.
Dear Mom... I don’t even know where to start with you these days. How are you? It feels weird to say that.  Do you wonder how I’m doing, too? I’m 25 now, A woman. Last time you saw me I was a girl.
                                        A Mother’s Love ` Mom you had me at the age of fifteen. Now you’re thirty five and I am nineteen   Even though you were young and gave birth
1/30/18 Dear mom, I couldn’t understand why… Why were you so uptight with me. Why were you not patient with me. Why were you never home with me.
Dear Mom, I know I stopped talking.  I know it hurt you. but what I DID say,  it was all true.   I know I hurt you, but one thing's for sure. What you did, it hurt me more.
  Together every morning they make the bed Laying the warm heather grey duvet on top Smiling together like they were newlywed
Dear Mother, I'm sorry I am not the perfect one  The girl who you wished I could be  Unfortunately, I am just me But I would like to take the time to thank you For everything that you have done
By: Cassidy Little   This goes out to the most encouraging idol, Who I am most proud to call my mother. From in the womb to taking my first steps,
Dear Mother,   Why do you allow yourself such dolor? Say its for our sake but there must be more, Since every day I see your face drain in color.
Dear Mommy,  I wish that you hadn't left. I know you had no choice. But I wish you were still here.  Even though I wasn't old enough to remember you, I still have as much hurt as anyone that was. 
1999 was the year it all started I was born Sick and kept away No one seemed to know where 2002 was the year it all ended I was taken away
For a very long time I looked down on myself for pursuing my dreams instead of the wealth My brother, an engineer My sister, a nurse   And I...  I am...   not the lawyer you wanted to see
                        Fading  Momma when you look at my face I wish you'd see me for me Not the image you pray I one day be    Momma sometimes I just wanna hear that my thoughts have value
Life has kinda been a jungle to me kinda like living in one or something  Wondering why my father, never came back after his hunt  Always haunted me Would sneak up on me  While my back was turned
Ever slept to stop the hunger? Ever ate school lunch and that was your food for the day? Ever wore a pair of shoes till they looked like a gun was sprayed across them? Ever walked for fun?
Mom, You are my literal everything,  My entire being exists because of you. You taught me that I don’t need someone else to define who I am. You taught me that
Dear Mom, Thank you for my blonde hair and for giving me life, but I guess I must thank Father for my pale green eyes and constant need to repeat myself. Thank you for loving me,
To the woman who gave me my first breath The one who carried my weight The one who loved me without even seeing me There's a knot in my throat when I try to tell you What I felt went wrong
I would not take a bullet for my mother. How horrible that sounds, I know, but I would rather lose my own mom and suffer instead of having her lose her baby girl and drown in sorrow.  
Alone with her children in the middle of the city Laughing smiling scolding protecting them With her very beauty.
If I knew that I would have one last Christmas with you.I wouldv'e helped you put up the tree and spent time with you in the kitchen.I wouldn't have made a fuss about helping you clean or running errands.If only I knew that this Mother's Day would
Dear Mom, Light Of You   All my life I’ve had you. Through the ups and the downs, and all the turnarounds  
Dear Mom,     I notice you.     I notice the wrinkles that grew on your face,     the back pain when you walk up the stairs,
Mom-   I know I haven’t been the best to you: I’ve made you sad, I’ve made you cry, I’ve made you mad, I’ve been so self-absorbed,
Dear Mom,   I can barely remember the last time we’ve talked, And even fainter, the last time you walked.
Dear MotherI wouldn't be here If it wasn't for youI am proud to be your daughterI only wish happyness for youI hope for you to find loveI have faith that you'll stay with me till my life beginsI'm So happy that you had meMy life would suck without
Dear Mom and Dad, I love you both You've clothed me and fed me before I could do it for myself You've helped me through all of my problems You've stopped me from doing things I shouldn't You've raised me
I lived in a minivan. Parked outside of Mcdonalds. Party of nine all in a van Other than it wasn't a party, it was my home. I lived in a minivan.   
I almost told you the other day. About 4 times to be exact. It was on the tip of my tongue but for some reason, my teeth grit and pushed it back into my throat each and every time.
Dear mom and Dad, I am troubled by the thought of how much y’all work to support me. I try my best to support myself but in the end, you guys carry the weight. I’m scared I’ll disappoint Y'all
I can’t believe it’s almost been two years since I’ve seen your beautiful face.  We went through so much together over the years. We saw many hardships, and we cried many tears.
I experienced many wonders,from clear skies to ones with thunders,from a clean plain to a dirty roadthanks to the personwhose footsteps I followed. I learned to forgive and forget,to dance and sing in duet,to reap what I sowed,thanks to the person
From the first day i ever cried without reason, i was told to be stone cold, never show 'em how you feel, because emotions are bad bad bad don't use those dirty words.
To the woman who has an eventful life- One of eleven kids, a crazy Roman Catholic family A woman who always had to fight Who can still play ball like no bodys business -the skill that was your ticket out (almost)
It was planned in heaven our meeting. If remembered with stillness you can still hear the angels trumpets signaling the seal of our bond,
Were you too misinformed to see clearly,Of how they were destroying your own soul?You opened your mind to them so simply,As if there was not a blood-l
Bumps of ketamine. Go to bed real late. It’s not what it seems, Hell is a soulmate.   Vodka made of tears,
To the person I tried to look up to, Because of you I learned the meaning of hate, But not why you hated me.   Because of you,
Hang your towel. Fold your clothes. Brush your hair And scrub your face. Make your bed And clean the floor, Mothers demand. Nagging to you It may seem. But watch,
My mother is my idol, my inspiration, and my rolemodel.   She didn't come from wealth
Dear You Know Who You Are,   I was little, Too weak for my own good. You made sure I knew it too. I was a flower, Frostbitten by a cold world. You crumbled my fragility
My Dear Cold-Blooded Father,
Dear mother I know you didn't mean to I know you didn't want it to hurt me  Dear mother why couldn't you see my pain  Why couldn't you hear my cry Didn't you know I had a storm inside 
Love- A beautiful thing.   To the world, And all it contains-   Love: When you see her crying Out in the streets, Out in the rain, Water streaming down Her face-
Because I love you Everytime I see your smile My heart melts straight into goo.   I’ll do my best to cheer you up when you are blue
Remember ordering Chinese food on those Friday nights in front of the TV the notes of support you would leave when I wasn't looking
One heart is all it takes to love someone, but every day, people kill each other with their love more than their bitter hatred ever could
Because I love you so should you. I believe in you and now it's your turn to do the same. Because I love you, I want you to realize what you can do.
From the moment you opened your eyes, I knew my whole world would change. All my woes and sorrows disappeared, As I heard your first Cries.
Why do I work all day? Why do I not show up for dinner? Why do I not go to your games? Why do I never seem to be there when you need be? When I know you won't understand, That not everything is nice.
My parents are LOVE. They argue, they fuss and downright disagree with each other, often. LOVE is not seeing eye to eye. They like different movies but every once in awhile they find one together.
I thought I knew what love was. It was walking through the streets holding hands, Buying each other ice cream and talking until 3am.
My dad throws a plate at the breakfast room wall,   As he throws it he adds on his life, marriage, and family, It shatters into smaller images of himself, And the sound it makes is nothing short of deafening,
Because I love you, I want you to have the best opportunity at a successful future that I never had. Because I love you, I will work day and night behind the scenes to make sure your college experience goes off without a hitch.
Dear momma Thank you for giving me Real Love The kind of love where I feel safe enough To be myself and shine Real Love
Because I love you…. I will allow you into my heart, I will share my secrets with you, Because I know they are safe with you. I will cry in front of you.. And with you..
  In my darkest moment,  You were there to cradle me Somehow you became my opponent Preventing me from being free   You and I together Perpetuated my pain The way dark and stormy weather
My mom is blount, but kind. She is loud, but she listens when the time is needed to listen. I watched her carefully as I grown into a man. I learned how to be kind and a great listener from her. 
Because I love you I want you to thrive, not die Because I love you I’ll shine my light on you, so you’re not in the darkness Because I love you I won’t let you fall behind, I’ll drag you to the finish line
I'll be honest, I'm not much of a poet But I'm writing this because I love you. And I dont tell you that to hear it back.
My mom dosen't believe in love.  I think she stopped after my dad painted her skin with the harsh colors   of blue and purple one too many times.
My mom is a thousand ticking bombs Wrapped recklessly In coarse, Black, South pacific skin. Pervaded by the thick stench of marlboro reds,
I wonder what life would be like if my brother made it alive   would I have been alot happier? I wish I could apologize   To my little brother who didn't make it 
My lovely socks, wherever can you be? No sign of you anywhere, it’s futile The warmth you have given protected me The thought of you gone makes me choke up bile My feet are bare, they feel overly free
You tell me to do the dishes.  You  tell me to clean my room. Constantly. You tell me "Be nice to your little brother". I never am, but I still listen.  You tell me "Don't forget to pray"
Listen, this is why I love you not because of money not because of favors not because I have to but because I am you I am a product of you, Mom you are my mother, my best friend
Warm Arms Loving Smile Mom , you have always been my rock Fragrance of love Words of Wisdom Mom you have always been my rock Soft Kisses A look that has 1,000 words
It began with nine months Now I'm twenty-five Almost twenty-six Just the other day you held me in your arms You laughed you cried told me I was your success story in the beginning it was only a dream
I love you is hard to say when you don't believe the words as you speak them.   My heart feels nothing as I hear your fake sobs 
Because I love you, I mention your mistakes But you lash out at me With words like swords and tears streaming down You forgot me at one point I remember though, of all the tears that made me drown
I drove six hours just to surprise you   Being spontaneous is something I never really do   I opened your door and once you saw me you squealed with joy
as a kid a wise old man once told me "look with the heart not the eyes" i didnt really understand it back then and even though it took me a while i finally figured it out and i hope that one day maybe you will too
#becauseiloveyou Because I love you,I try my best to achieve academic success.Because I love you,I feel pain when you feel pain.Because I love you,I'll drop everything to be by your side if you're experiencing a bad day.Because I love you,I say go
It was the words of the broken that spoke through me, fast & rapid - a tidal wave rushing through my shredded memories of her weathered face lying on that broken bed. All alone. 
Because I love you, I tell you goodnight every night.   Because I love you, I tell you silly jokes just to see you smile.   Because I love you, I share my art and my day with you.  
   Because I love you I listened to you, Because I love you I cared about you a little too much I lost my self in the process of showing you my love, in
Three Simple Words Created Upon The Lords Have Such Meaning For Such a Robust Feeling   Mom Dad Sister Brother If It's Not One Thing It's Another Relationship With The Other
Love is not just romance over and over, it's also a bond of friendship working together. No matter if the experience gets tough, we work to understand each other and grow closer.
She has my back Every step of the way. Defends me, Like thunder colliding with lightning.   Guiding me Through my hardest moments. Comforts me When she needs it most.  
Although I am not the greatest they aspire me to be, All you just say is to "just be me," Even though I sometimes break down and cry, I would always see you there by my side,
Mama, I hope that you’re proud of me. I hope you’re proud of the way that I slave every day And how sometimes I pray Even though I don’t believe in a Jesus.
Because I love you, you love me I love you because you took me in You took me in not because you had to You wanted to take me in US in Because you love me You are my definition of perfect love
I wasn't loved You cheated, lied and hit I felt the blood run down my cheek You cheated, lied and swore It would never Happen Again I gave up I broke it off
Dear Mom, We've been through alot together, When you and Dad broke up a was still a baby, All I know was my blanket and pacifier,
Mom, I’m gay I’ll talk to you later. I’m sorry (but not really), I’m in love with a girl. She is stunning, My heart is full.  
What do you desire above all? What is it that you need the most of all my love? My great love for you has caused me to fall My adoration as fragile as a your spirit
The essence of love has a funny aroma to it. It sticks to the air in which it is breathed out and it is sucked back in the lungs. The essence of love has a gripping smell. 
Two hands lift me up, a smile blinds me nonsensical whispers and laughter this is a hearth, my fire   Dancing fingers, dancing eyes the clutch of protection
Your voice, Your precious heart The gifts that are priceless A Motther's Love  What a joy Very hard to despise it I admire your accomplshments Set us for higher expectations
I want you to stand tall, and proud of your messy scrawl.  Please show me your smile, even if it takes a while to show up.  Because I love you.    Stop stressing over little things
AWAY FROM MY BLANKET   In my blanket where I feel the warmth Where I am always comfortable Where I don't receive any coldness
The sound of growling crawls its way from The dark of the forest, accompanied by Faint, weak cries of hunger. A mother sets forth. “There is no more time. With nearly
your eyes  they light up the darkest nights so please just carry me one more night a life without you would shake me with fright right you were right I was going to grow up and leave...  
I can't believe it's been 6 years since you left us. I still wake up and expect you to be downstairs making breakfast. I miss your smile. That thing was infectious.
If your daughter came to you with tears on her face, If your daughter came to you with rejected disgrace, Because a stranger, of the ball, took her predestined place,
23 years of marriage. Damn, 23 years. I could not believe that it would last that long because he had proposed to me in a bar.
She calls her own daughter, a dellinkwent. When her own daughter seems like she's just a pigment of her mother's imaginatioin
this life I live breaks my heart a little more each daythe maladies and tragedies consume my dreamsand wear away all my strengthsorrow is my constant companion asthe moments' crawl, seconds feel endless 
Tomorrow they will be blue, Regardless of the color, They will always remind us of you.   Cherished in every way, Even during their fragile days, Flowers are Bright, Flowers are Cheerful,
By Joseph Abelardo Conaty   My mom is very smart  She is very good at art My mom loves to be nice She has only scolded me twice My mom is very creative 
Mom i know your not reading this But let me tell you this I miss the times we  used to laugh Miss the times we used to sing But now your gone I remember those foster homes I thought you would come back
"Marry a nice American Bengali Man"   -fin   kinda...   to be continued... 
New, President New Change Donald Trump is not a Scum, he did not become a president to have some fun. He is a man of faith,yet also ridiculed for his honesty,
1. Don't run with scissors because you will end up harming yourself. And I don't want you to become like me. Harming yourself more than others ever could.
Gone in your sleep… The mother I couldn’t keep The drugs stole you away Part of me died with you that day Took to heaven way too soon
Hands brushing against wallpaper Paint Stone Brick Drywall Feet shuffling carefully across carpet Hardwood Linoleum Tiles Eggshells
A teddy bear Soft and cute We all had one as a little kid Or even as an adult Nothing wrong with that And sometimes We had a big teddy bear with a slightly smaller teddy bear
Disscussion, Can't we just talk? Round table  no intimidation from whom I was Born, Blood shared, Bones grown, Umbilical Cord. Can't we just tal- Intimidation. Raised Voices
That soft, kind emotion is what I long for. That thing that is so precious not everyone can have. I yearn for that feeling one day, I desire that feeling. That feeling I know is warm and gentle.
You tell me everything will be fine now theres milk in the fridge and our TV plays seinfeild reruns now. Just two days ago you came stumbling home. Just a week ago your wrists were sliced open like monarch wings.
Sinners ! Repent, and turn back to your first love. Jesus Christ speaks about this in the book of revelation. Here I am preaching to the choir. You maybe alone tonight sitting on the sidelines thinking what this life is about ?
Tell The World ! Your words sit there upon your desk Yet you love your books & magazines the best You prefer the light of your t.v. You love the world & your avoiding me !
words cut deep out on the patio we have come this close through a variation in  dream The hurricane sets in shadows block the way a cause to learn from are mistakes shallow pools exposed
Sometimes when I'm trying to do lots of homework and i'm completely overwhelmed i hear your voice in my head telling me to make a list.  Sometimes when i call you on the phone
You've taken care of me from the start, even before I had a beating heart. Singing me to sleep and tucking me in bed, placing your sweet kisses upon my head. You gave me baths and healed my wounds,
Dear Mom, I woke up today screaming and then realized it was just a nightmare. I don’t know why you didn’t come to check on me but I know I will be okay.   Dear Mom,
You are the reason why my life is a constant misery, You lied, abused, and hurt me leaving me aside to drown in my own tears. Hopeless I felt because of your addiction your addiction caused me to be angry at you.
A rocket waits to fly From its launchpad In the living room. Helmet on, radio in hand, Two explorers approach.   One room over
From her head down to her toes, She was skin and bones…and tumors. As the first month commenced, so did the malignancy. As the flowers blossomed, so did the pain. Choking on pills surrendered its threat, for
We all begin as lumps of clay Shapeless Colorless Full of potential   I was a small lump But I knew what I could do I knew I had so much to offer And with that thought, I grew  
I am my mother’s son.   My apple has travelled its short distance - rolling passed high school. Here I’ve gained pride.  
Sitting in the dark Listening to them yell I watch from the stairs This is my hell Am I the reason? That they always fight What did I do? That causes this every night
Graduation came around the day You were found on the ground. I felt like I was flying but then I saw You were crying, dying. There was something about the way I could not find the words to say
Mom,  I see you in every flower, your kind heart in the petals, your radiance in the colors, your determination in the stem. you are full of life, wonder, and beauty.
I kept saying What am I going to do Left incapacitated I began to live Interpreting the world Found focus and motivation To keep going
Mom always writes in uppercase I watch her in repose, The phone in the nape of her neck still sighing Like a helpless long-necked rose.
Every Christmas was a good Christmas when you were around.But it stopped being good after you were lowered ino the ground.
Four years ago was Mom's last Thanksgiving.Just one year later, she was no longer living.I wasn't as thankful for her as I should've been.Back in 2012, I didn't know that she'd never be celebra
Como Pasa El Tiempo, I used to hear my mom say. Still so young, I nodded my head in agreement. It means: How Time Goes By..slipping out of our hands day by day.. They say as you get older, you start to understand
Love is forever flowing through you like a stream down a mountain Like a song you can't get out of your head Love is your mom yelling at you in the morning to get out of bed Annoying yet helpful I now realize
Out the window a thousand bright lights 
To be with the one you love is meant to sacrifice to be with the woman that gave you birth is probably the easiest thing on earth,  than to be with the one who crushed you the most 
in my backpack is my lunch sack  it has been rotting for days and I am afraid  to see what my mom has made because I know it has decayed   
Door is always locked, because she doesn't want the outside world in. Couches are old, but that's where I sleep when I come back.
I could tell you that the amber sunset Is enough for my eyes to pry themselves awake Every morning, Could tell you that the saccharine coos of birds stretching their wings
I could tell you that the amber sunset Is enough for my eyes to pry themselves awake Every morning, Could tell you that the saccharine coos of birds stretching their wings
Mommy! The first word that I hear every Morning. Mommy! Knowing that I am needed. Mommy! Making me feel like a SuperHero. Mommy! When tears falls, laughs begin, and knowledge is learned
A juvenile at the age of fourteen,  frail and apprehensive of her surroundings lays concealed,  restless beneath a short portion of vessel fabric.  She lays soundless. 
It goes in one ear and out the other.  
The bell rings in my ear As the light peeks through the curtains Another day has started Dragging me body in fear Of what the day may bring is not certain But my goal is darted
Brownies     "Brownies" was the topic, she gave to me that day. T’was difficult to ponder a poem to start that way
COOKIES   Cookies are my favorite stuff But making them can be really rough. You mix the flour, and make the dough; It takes an hour, which goes... so... slow.  
Heart heavy, shoulders drooped, I walk through the grey streets, on my way to you. I dragged my feet through the door, and you turn to me, arms as warm and ready as the cup of tea you made me, your love a kaleidoscope of color.  
You are my best guide As you always guided me to be good son You are my inspiration As you always inspired me to dream You are my best teacher As you taught me the lessons of life
I am antique malls and dusty dishes  I am front porch pickers and moonshine sippers  I am light up sketchers and spongy pineapple dwellers I am young mistakes and a family disgrace I am dogwood trees and honey bees
Mom was only twenty-eight when she moved in this house in 1977,And she lived here until she moved to Sneedville, Tennessee in 2011.Mom was beautiful at twenty-eight and she was still beautiful at sixty-four.
It was wonderful to have a mother who was so great.If you hadn't died, today you would've turned sixty-eight.When you became ill and died, everything went sour.
black cat took me abat  black cat you represent so many things  black cat the witch's  bae  oh black cat  so lucky in japan and united kingdom  but bad luck's boo  here in the good old of USA
Here she comes, With her bouncing curls, Unaware that she's my world   She lays down  With her head in my lap. Yawning from her too short a nap.   Just thirty more minutes!!
And There I was with my mother with the stumbled soul and already fallen as hard wood and perforated The suffering made me my father in life so fierce the anger of my being to have hope to continue living
I’m sorry, I’m sorry,I’m sorry.  How many times should I say I’m sorry?
Momma wrote Years ago a sunlit chapel First grade was ending I was leaving No recollection of the words Only Momma choked on them Sad Tears   Momma never cries
Inability to communicate To Elaborate To Speak It is quite a terrible fate  One which should not be cursed Even upon those that you hate Yet here I was  Crying
My mind explodes with hatred. I was only told of the awful memories. I was only told of the abuse. My mom wanted to protect me from the bad. I was forced into a game of hide and seek except there was no one looking for me.
I used to stay up late into the deep dark night I would watch, think, read, or give myself a fright The darkness under my baggy green eyes gave way
Before I knew how to open my eyes, for 9 months you gave me shelter When I didn't know what world I was in you gave me comfort When I took my first steps wobbling my way to you, you gave me encourgament.
Thanks for giving me a life and pushing me out.  I know how much it probably hurt,  but I imagine the screaming was worse.  Not just for you, but everyone else, Including myself.
How did she get him? How did her get her? Why do we have to be related Live under what they call a roof
Sitting by myself Daddy’s crying in the corner Mommy left us behind But I have to be a strong little soldier   Feeling abandoned not just by her But by the tears I try to hide
Baseball hat, tiny socks, teething rings, alphabet blocks White noise machine, too many toys, all of these things Belong to my little boy 6 months before you, I was just me
You're  still pretty in the rain like sunflowers in the field Even when your petals droop, yellow you are still
Usted es la flor que vive en la desierto Cuando el calor es fuerte y no hay agua Todavia puedes vives Tu eres la milagre del mundo  
You’re the one who holded me through all these months Who always tend to be the one that counts You went through all of the fuss and huss. That time, too tough to touch.
I wake up every morning, I see my Mom smile, My Daddy had passed away, Its been awhile, My Mom says she's not tired or hungry from work, But inside, I know she's very hurt,
This is the fourth Mother's Day that has come around since you died.When you perished, I had to deal with a lot of pain on the inside.When you became ill, I wanted you to get well and so did my brother.
This is the third Mother's Day that has come around since you perished. The love that we felt for one another is something that I'll always cherish.Out of all of the people on Earth, you meant more to me than anyone.
Since you died, this is the second Mother's Day that has come around.Since March of 2013, peace and tranquility aren't things that I've found.You were one of the greatest mothers who ever lived.
My mother is special. That’s what they say When they drag me away From that shiny white room And I ask if I may
The first of the month brings light to our lives, birds in their nests and bees in beehives. We know that summertime is coming up soon so were hustling and bustling and stressing about school.
You kept it real You told no lies,Sometimes the truth may come as a surprise  You told me I needed help I didn’t believe you, And now that the pain medicines gone  I'm starting to need you  You answered questions I never asked,You helped me unders
Mommy where have you beenUp in your headIn your own little mindWith the alcohol and nicotineI miss you momBack in your sober daysI miss comin home to see you smiling
I've lived in a house full of groans,  and understood why my mom had problems getting loans,  she screamed and yelled and screamed,  my brothers and I looked very steamed,  she said,"I can't take you anymore!"
"Damn, what a fam," I say to myself As I admire our picture on the shelf   Ask anyone of us We'll tell you that we're the best
I can imagine a life without water I can imagine a life without food But to imagine a life without my mother its the worst thing I could do I feel a hole in my heart I feel my lungs without air
She withstood the pain of bringing me to this world, she held me close, but at that time, I didn't know what for. She heard me when I said my first words, who knew she'd forever keep it in her mind on record?
GunshotsWho could it be?I picture a student in ill-fitting clothing and unwashed hair.What kind of rifle? Is this how I'll die?What will I say when I beg for my life? I stop breathing. Eyes are frantic My heart sinks like lose change.I Imagine all
If I were stuck on an island, what would I bring?A person, an idea, or maybe a thing.Stuck on an island, what do I do?I will count on my mom to help me get through.
Chocolate rolled curls and a wide bridged nose Your absence invokes poignancy in me And yet, I am gay at the sound of your twinkling voice Calling me sunshine, your angel, your baby
She is the war, the carnage in my head, who speaks with bullets of lead and erects barbed wire fences. I am the rain, who settles down her rage and drowns out the fight
When missing I scurry, when crying I worry.   The only thing I desire, something worth more than an empire. The one and only one who gave birth to me.
If I was all alone today with just my thoughts The only thing I would want would be surprising To all that know me   It is not my kindle
All I need is to see her perfect little face, to escape from the dangers of the human race. All I need is for her heart to keep beating fine, to make me feel like I have hit a goldmine.
All I need in my life is my best friend. She is the person who gave me life and gives me unconditinal love and support. Her love radiates like the sunshine, warming everyone she comes into contact with.
  Just oneNow how do I chooseWhen The Lord gave me two? Only oneI rely on two,My patience and my strength. A single oneWhy disregard oneWhen the best come in three? A mother.Identical twins.An undivided team.
It is foreign to me, like entering a class room for the first time. I do not know what to expect and I fear the unknowingness of it all.
A sweet smell filled the air.The rushing wind flowed through my hair.The sun beat down upon my face.But I found no joy—not a trace."Run!" my mind screamed.
She is there when I fall, She'll always be there when I call She takes away my fear, Oh Mother Dear.   I couldn't survive without her, She's my angel I am sure. I love having her near,
Your fingers stroking through my hair My heart is warmed Your gentle press on my shoulder Reminds me why I’m here   In your absence My light is extinguished Without you
What would I do without her?! I am what I am because of her I do what I can to be her Independent, positive, a walking heart She's too admirable to be true. Day by day
Life without you equates to a life without passion, A life with little feeling and very little meaning. Life without you means life without love. Life with no compassion, my body left with no reaction.
What My Mom Should Know   It isn’t every morning when I remember to call “I love you!” To my mom’s back as she  
When I was a baby I looked at you as if you were the sky I grew a little and looked at you like a princess   I grew a little more and discovered that you were a queen  
A mother's duty is not oft sought out. Example-like demeanor, and impeccable wit, Is not always found in every creation. The requisite mental patients, And presentiment second nature,
Our existence isn't so dreadful When there's smeone to care for Or even better, one that'll be there At your highest to cheer you on And at your lowest to bring you comfort
You carried me with you for nine months whole  And when I was born your heart I stole  You fell in love with me at first sight  You promised to care for me and raise me right
Dear Mom, I am sorry for those things I said I did not mean them I don't know why they even left my head. Dear Mom,  I know I can be a pain I know I drive you crazy
Although I may not show it, My mother is all I need in life And I know it. She's the reason why I strive to live. She's like my guardian, my friend, my sister
Through the hell fire When everything is gone, I'll keep you close My beautiful angel.   To keep running In the image you saw, I'll never disappoint My beautiful angel.  
He is my whole life two years ago I gave life giggle and cuddle
Fake love, fake smile, fake feelings Maturity of your child greater than your own, You’re stuck in a child’s state of mind. Your mothering? Questionable at best.
Your Beautiful  Your Inteligent  Your Needed  You told me these things when I was young I never belived the words you told me  I threw myself down  And told myself I would never be loved  But 
Life is complicated sometimes impossible, you see many faces- your mom may seem horrible. If I'm stranded on an island, my mom would be in an oasis. We may end up famous,  it may be unbearable,
I need her because she was there when nobody else was Giving me hugs and kisses daily just because I need her because she was my mother and my father Since he left her alone to raise his only daughter
Oh, Mother, You're all that I need Because stranded we are indeed. the way you laugh will help me breathe under stressful times such as these   Oh, Mother, You're all that I need.
A big part of my life  I cannot live without Without her I will not survive  She helps me out in every way  And knows how to make my day  My mom has been my number one  By having her I already won
I WANT it NEED it Cant Live Without My Pride Wonderful Mother
My mom is my is my movtivation and with out her there is no one to help me survive
She is the first place I felt love. She is like an ocean soft and peaceful yet strong enough to destroy. She is powerful. She is wise. She is brilliant. She is my muse.
More than just a hug More than just a word or a speech Most cannot be described or classified She is a warmer to the world A glass that is solid, but easy to break Colored green and smells like sunshine
If ever I were to be Without the things I hold dear I pray the essence of my joy be near In her smile And in the warmness of her heart She generates the purest form of love I'd ceasse to be
One person I could not live without would be my mother. I love her with all of my heart, there’s no way we could ever be apart.
Where would I be Without you, without me Without breath, without death Where would I be If you hadn't said yes If it had been a different day Where would I be
Sometimes I sit and ponder Everything I do. How far along I've come in life, and it's all thanks to you. You help me up when I fall down. You kiss me when I'm blue. No woman could ever compare.
Mom, is to care is to share is to help me comb my hair Mom is to teach is to preach is to help me peel my peach Mom is to aid is to persuade is to keep me from being afraid
I could not live without you, the best mother in the world I could not live without you, whether in my home or in my heart I could not live without you,  your words of wisdom, not always so kind
Part IDear Mom;I know you find it hard sometimes to handle me-But I need you to realize just how much I love youAnd although you might not believe meIt’s very true that I really care about you.
Hardworking, caring, beautiful, and strong. 4 words to describe you in a poem but millions to describe in my heart. Nothing in the world could ever tear us and our relationship apart. Not just my mom but my best friend.
Most people say what they need most is their cellphone, or their laptop.   But I never see people say who they need most, like their best friend, or their mother.  
Your first cry is because of her long hours of hard work And the first thing you see is her beautiful face. From that moment on, You cant live without her.   When you are hungry, she provides.
"Last night I dreamt, that somebody loved me. No hope no harm. Just another false alarm" - The Smiths   A simple emotion is what I cannot live without. Am I in love?
My mom is my rock that I can't live without. She's my number one fan I have no doubt. She is strong, loving, supportive and kind, and never ceases to blow my mind. She has taught me resilience
My mom is my rock that I can't live without. She's my number one fan I have no doubt. She is strong, loving, supportive and kind, and never ceases to blow my mind. She has taught me resilience
Dear mom, I couldn’t tell you All the times I’ve been upset You shrink my laundry, eat my food And get the floor all wet  
You took all my children from me and you whipped me. Your eyes filled with excitement, as I suffered. You shot my son and your wife's true lover.
her hair is long her eyes green behind her smile suffering is seen   her hands are shaky, for they have stood the test of time I am my mother's daughter and I am blessed to call her mine
There Is A Fight  An Intense Battle Going On In My Mind There Is Saddness And Hate They Fuel My Depression There Is Love And Care They Fight To Keep Me Sane But The Problem Is
Mother of 5, not knowing if her day will rise. Rubbing her eyes, hoping to keep the day alive. Grabbing for her cup, to take a sip of the rush. Waiting for the warmth to enter my veins and reach right for my brain.
Like a flame in the wind, I've been flickering. But I promise I'll never burn out. 
I’d like to tell you about – But I can’t. I shouldn’t go around telling people – It probably wouldn’t interest you anyway. I should probably just go, before I accidentally tell you –
Mother fails. Denies. Cries. Unused to failure, she is forced to admit He won’t apologize.   It took me awhile to finalize The difference between “hypocrite” And “illness.” Mother cries.  
The wood is cracked, The paint chipped, The gutters sprouting weeds.   Leaks and watermarks make up the walls, Warped windowsills no one dares to heed.   Down the stairs cement hits your feet
If I was on a deserted island, There is only one thing I truly need, Dr. Daniels, my beautiful mother   She knows just what to say, to make my day My mother deserves beautiful flowers
I am your safety I am your food I am your comfort I am your peace I am your Mom I am tired  I am hungry I am worried I am stressed I am concerned I am comparing
The clock ticks by Though the hands move slow I've counted the minutes When I'm feeling low The time may pass And your face might fade But my memory of you Will always remain
Because of you, I have a life. Because of you, I have a friend. Because of you, I have a guide. No matter what, No matter when. Because of you, I found a service.
It started when i was 5. The feelings. Now as a kid, a cute one at that, i knew i couldn't be choosing between one parent or the next its just that,  my dad buys me the things i see on TV
I sat across from my mother At the dinner table tonight. And as all of the voices that surrouned us spoke, I looked at the string she had fashioned around her as a necklace. And it was so significant,
I'm sorry I'm sorry that I have ever cursed at you  I'm sorry that I have made you cry  I'm sorry for every black eye you gave me  I'm sorry for every time I said "Please, Stop, No." 
Mother   Was Born By A 15 Year Old Mother, Who Grew Very Distant From My Father, My Mother Tried To Do Everything On Her Own,
your pale white skin peppered with maroon dots, their brown blue tones stand out against the alabaster flesh. a tangled mess of loose red curls pours over your shoulders,
My anger a tsunami rushed straight to you Love into hatred as I scream and cry up to the sky you tore away a piece of me as I begged you to let me go too
Thank you, Jehovah for giving me such a wonderful mother.Out of all of the women you could've given me for a mom, I'm glad that you didn't choose any other.You gave me such a terrific mother, she was so special and unique.
Consider the possibility that Mother Nature could verbally convey what needs be. Instructing us to split far from society Furthermore, to take our own way Directing us at all times
when i was born me n my brother i guess the whole family would swoon everyone would poke a prod but i think my mama went to the moon   when i won my first spelling bee
Years fall behind with patience wasted And the young don’t see through the broken glass Only until the climax of guilt from being blind to it But we do accept the dwelling after the wasted years climax  
Mom, for so long my heart was an etch a sketch And I kept it drowned in the depths of childhood memories Where your remindings from Aged scars and past improper lovings Would constantly change my mind and remind me
How to be best friends with your Ex boyfriends mother.  
You hear everyone saying, "You know my name, not my story." Well my life is not the definition of glory. My mom was sick all my life, I wish she would be able to see me become a wife.
I hear a sound of little tiny feet although said foot is not yet setthese decisions I've yet to regret the clock tics forward unrelenting in speedthe people grow furious driven with need
Most beautiful queen of Earth, whose eyes reflect the joy in your womb, a million flowers you’re worth.   Oh kind and gentle mother! give me one hug,
What made me? Me... simple me who cries at her anger.Who tears herself up at every single dissapointment.Dissapointing moments . . . was it those that made me? 
She took care of me when I was sick. She told me to push harder when I wanted to quit. She feed me, bed me, and read to me when I was little. She would beat me when I did wrong and when I was sad, she would sing me a song.
Hey it's me, your son. You see Mom, Jesus. I'm sorry Mom. Oh God, I didn't mean to do this mom. I've got time for this last call, and it went straight to voicemail.
Dear mom, I am here to say I'm sorry. I am sorry I'm not the little girl you wanted me to be. I'm sorry that I'm hurting you. I'm sorry you have to deal with me. I'm sorry for not giving it my best.
Where do i stand   All my life back when my mom was still alive she would always notice my brother and give him what he wants i was 8 he was 16 he was bound to college i'm still bound for nothing
I hold a drawing up to you, it was really quite sloppy, but the grin on my face was rather silly.
She said it wasn't easy but also that it couldn't be done. I felt like i didn't matter but in this familial war i've won. She said I was nothing But now i've proved her wrong.
The precious face Doused in make up and covered by black locks 36 years in the making Your internal wounds are not so easily hidden His words  have never even made you smitten   Oh what have you done?
I have a person who believes in me, she thinks i can do...
Written by me, but from my mother's perspective, before she passed away.   Today you start school. All caught up, Green checks on every lesson. You don’t even have to set
When you feel like nobody have your back
The silent conversations muffled by the wall, 
All I see are memories of your silohoutte I remember the day you left Like it was yesterday You said you couldn't resist her And Ma and I  Couldn't overlook the fact that Everytime you came home
Sometimes you ask me why Why did I ruin it? That lovely skin that you never cared to mention Was lovely. You never cared to ask me why I felt like the tears felt like they were running down my soul
Let me tell you about the best year of the 20th Century, a year that was great.It was the year when my mom was born and that year was 1948.That was the greatest year of the 20th Century, that's how I feel.
When I was born in 1971, she was a great mother right from the start.Mom was a warm and caring person because she had a good heart.Her heart was as big as the East Coast.Her death really hurt me because we were so close.
Mom gave birth to me in 1971 and today I became forty-four.It's a shame that she can't celebrate my birthdays anymore.Forty-four years ago today, my mom brought me into the world, it was the first day of my life.
It was forty-four years ago today when I left your womb.Your death has brought about tears, despair and gloom.Usually pregnancies last nine months but you had a longer wait.
she brought me into this world, 19 and unsure. she is a queen among royals.  now I am 19 and unsure, and if I had a child of my own i would be stuck in a much deeper hole than I am right now. 
I know you love me, your love is true But you have a funny way of expressing it, And with that I haven’t figured out what to do.
Since May ninety-seven she's stood by my side,   As she smiled and kissed and hugged me tight,   And year following year she's been my guide;  
If you hadn't died, today you would've become sixty-seven.But God called you home and you're with him in Heaven.Because of your bad infection, you had an aneurysm and couldn't be healed.
If you hadn't died, today you would've become sixty-six.Your death has proved that a broken heart isn't easy to fix.On the day of your death, I knew that I would loathe the year 2013.
If you hadn't died in March, you would've turned 65 today.Life hasn't been as good since you passed away.Everybody who knew you, knew that you were nice.But I took things for granted and now I'm paying the price.
Reptile; Cold scales abraze my once soft flesh, An egg that never hatched. Now basking under hell's sun is hell's son Parents tell me "do better, You don't want to go to hell...son."
even with all this time you've been on my mind mama some nights I fall asleep drenched in sweat from this vicious nightmare a daughters weep waking up with tears as I lay
getting tucked into bed  kisses goodnight  telling stories  turning on nightlights   being told "i love you"  before they close the door care with the flu a broken house runaway dad
Such a starry night  But cool Mom and dad are so tired  They stare into a fire That they built   Little boy and little girl They stare too
Everything is Awesome but My Mom Is Better I find it funny how this is based off of a kid’s movie You may find this poem funny and a little moving Now just like most my mother is awesome but she is better
I didn't believe. What happens when you die? Is there a heaven and hell or am I living a lie? I didn't believe. You see stuff on the news. You figure none of those things can possibly happen to you.
You were always number one, never number two.I'm your son and I was very fortunate to have you.You cared more about others than you did for yourself and that is rare.
My life would be so much better if you hadn't become sick and died.You were a wonderful person because love was what you supplied.My life would be so much better if you had gotten well.
When Mom died, life lost a lot of its luster.While she lived, everybody could trust her.Everybody could trust her because she was so good.She was wonderful, she helped everybody who she could.
Will you smile for me little one? Will you twirl around in that tutu I bought off Etsy? Will you sing your lullaby to me so loud it wakes the cat  from her nap?
The sky lays low tonight like a blanket of a flag on a deceased man eagles fly no more and the world we once knew is covered by a blanket of dew But that dew isn't water
My mother and I walked around outside before her death. She smelled of industrial waste. But I tell myself she smelled like flowers, anyways. ---
the first time in my life i ever smelled a stick of incense was at my friend lindseyswe were in the fifth grade and she was my very very very best friendshe watched all the cools eighties movies
Mother gave birth to me. Father saw me be born. How can he not care That I am so torn? I wanted him here; In my life, But instead he took off With his new wife. He always makes promises,
The  Beauty of Life The  Beauty of
When I was a child And you were a child, A book was shared With epics compiled. I’ve declared my acceptance Yet, all the while, My fervid mind from adolescence
I remember the morning I was riding my tricycle
            I used to watch the golden sunset with you and make sand castles. I used to play with your hair and make you laugh.
The inside of my mind, the design is so complicated. So intricate, and it seems that thoughts can be so crowding, and fear does this rerouting
So lightly you appear And my mind just can not compare Since everything is so different. How can it be this colorful? Still my sorrow lingers on too.   My heart aches at the loss
I didn’t even want to write this poemI wasn’t sure what was the pointTo pour your heart into somethingWhen there’s always someone better out thereSomeone better at accurate alliteration
I had a dream last night, Too real to be ignored. It started out inside The mind's sequestered storm.
The Begining
Being alive im cold I cant breath Life being taken from me as i lay asleep My mind wondering , whats happening to me Life isnt over?  Than why do i feel dead Fighting a nightmare Looking for a dream
my heart has been through so much, i figured i wouldnt have to take another break...
Growing up your my main inspiration, I gave you hardship and lots of frustrations, But you’ve always been there when I needed some love, Arms spread open hugging me like a glove,
I smile  post Then continue cutting   What would mom say? post And finish my drink    We pose  post  You beat in my temples   Find inspiration P O S T 
Momma First off I'm sorry for stuff I did, All the lying & back talking that I did as a kid You always came thru for me, Not one thing you wouldn't do for me I knew when I grew up not skrew up,
There is no such thing as too much laughter. There is no such thing as too many tears. There is no such thing as a life without reason. There is no such thing as living without fears. I have said there is no such thing for countless things.
Mom, you do not have OCD because you like clean sideboard.You are neat and I congratulate youbut you do not have OCD until your head is filled with a montage of shattering plates,bursting lightbulbs,smashing vases,
Raised voice over raised ears.  your eyes glazed with apathy towards my tears. Is Brutus your muse? The stoic that caused such abuse. Passion over rationale. Down the drain goes my morale.
The feeling that you have when your families dislocated,and that special feeling of family, you wanted recreated.You want your parents to get back together,but when you ask your parents, they say that they'll never.
I am from colonial style homes, From Sunday morning church and Bible study Wednesdays. I am from the fall leaves on the driveway. (Various oranges, glowing, It tasted like apple spice pie.)
Kitty was your nick name Cooking was one of your fames Another was ceramics, needlework Hairdressing, any kind of craft You were great and could adapt You were an artist at what you could do
Everyday you tell me
A cry echos as a childs first breath is taken in this world the joy in his mother the pride in his father
Mom, You're awesome. I don't know what else to say because, and I mean this, you are a beautiful, kickin', loving, caring awesome lady. Thanks. -The kid that loves you to bits.
How heavy was I for 9 months? Was I a bothersome lodger? Did I ruin your sleeping pattern? Through my kicks and summersaults?   As a toddler I ran around You chase and caught me with tickles
imagine  waking up and getting out of bed, you figured that the suicide dream you had felt all to real.  You go find your mom, she's fixing breakfast you try talking to her but you realize she's ignoring you
"Say, you're Michelle's girl?" is what I hear every day That's my place in the world,  and I kinda like it that way. But sometimes,  You just want to break free. Just get rid of the rhymes,
She was our mother,
Waves of blue I always see The scene is cold and lonely here Why can't you see the good in me   I cry out to you in sweet misery  You never listen, you just see right through 
I have loved you before i knew, what love was ,  you have loved me in ways no one else does forever my life will be devoted to you  because without you , my world is so blue
I'm happier than a bird singing a song. It's all because of you, mom. You bring me from my darkest moments and make me happier than a bird singing a song. My only wish is for you to continue being the same.
A year and a half ago, Mom went to be with the Lord.She entered the Pearly Gates, Heaven is her reward.She was born in 1948 and died sixty-four and a half years later.
Life will knock you down. What lifts you up? Maybe it’s the way His eyes sparkle against the sunset.
Was walking down the hall It was just the other day Caught a whiff of something there What it was, I couldn’t say But when I held my breath in And didn’t take another 
The Path
The silence creeps through the
You are the sun when it is dark You are the tree I lean on, You are the one that makes my troubles gone You are the one who taught me: How to fight, for what is right.
Words wash over everything. Any armor you pretend to have falls into a useless state. Water seeps into any chinks, crevices, cracks. You yell, hoping it will stop the flood; hope it'll plug the holes
except that isn't all there is now is it? you hear me don't you mom? but what matters is not the hearing but the listening
I hide because I'm scared of meof how weak I might actually beI'm not so pure, and fair of skinbut I act like that's who I've beenas a child I was raised  "white"Even though my skin isn't light
A person of courage Could be a firefighter, a doctor... Someone who upholds justice. But I found a person of courage in someone else. Someone.. A bit more.. Different.  
I speak on fear, depression, and realization.  Success to me only comes when all three of these things plays together as one. The battle is all within yourself and will always be.
You were a great mom You always did a good job You took care of me and my life And you were always a great friend When times had changed I became the mom I began taking care of you
Move. Get out of my sight. The world does not revolve
Believe me when I say that mothers know best,  now I'm homeless and pregnant with very little rest.  She yelled "Stay in school. He's nothing but trouble",  but I was inside my love-filled bubble.   
We've seen it all. The best and the worst. We are the kids of a split family. We watch as parents batter their character. Gossiping about each other. Confusion waves through the child's brain?
Your wisdom guides me Your strength anchors me Your love supports me To be all I can be  
Her touch like rain drops falling gently on the lawn Her beauty like the sun rising at dawn Her comfort and care like a bird watching her nest My mother makes sure to give us only the best  
You said you would be here You crossed your heart You said you loved me but we’re tearing apart I’m happy you found someone who will hold you at night;
When I recite poetry, I take my glasses off Not because the glare of the lights  Or the nerves climbing my spine like children on a playground No, as I walk onto the stage, each step a mountain, 
While growing up, during my toddler years, mom saw so many emotions through her rearview mirror. We spent so many days in the car going from place to place.
I'm sorry I broke your heartsI'm sorry I disappointed youI'm sorry you were ashamed of meI'm sorry I left you.
Sometimes it occurs to me That everything I struggle with Is because of you You will never wear a welcome mat As well as the porch steps And now I struggle To answer my front door
Trembling, he sits and waits for the news. Something terrible happened. His mother had called him in the middle Of a chemistry test, His favorite class. “Tyler,” she had said “I need you, come home.”
Yes mother I have a stomach Yes mother I know that when I wear tight dresses that stomach shows But no mother I will not go change I will not return the dress
I fear what i don't say, It builds up and I can take it to a point. The pain of words is like knives into my very being. I feel like I'm going to Implode, you speak down to me like a child and expect the best from me.
Its 11:55 right now and i began to think to myself why? Why me?  Why now? I work blood sweat an tears and do not know the reason why? Why does she lie? Why now?  My hands get weak when i think of this situation,
I'm thankful for you mom You always say you love me You always make me calm And wipe my tears so I can see
At the time she believed no one cared
She is...More precious than the jewels that surround her King, the Queen is flawless her love is deeper than the bluest ocean the greenest forest...
Im only 19, its YOU that I need.  
Everyone thinks they know me but no one knows Everyone thinks they get me but they don’t I’m alone I’m lost I’m confused My insides burn to know just to know Will I ever know?
My mom is my everything.She knows what’s going on,Without telling her anything.She can pinpoint what’s wrong.
This poem is dedicated to my Mother, the strongest woman I know.
I never said it. I never say it. But it was a silent prayer in the air today as I watched her. The skin just below her knees torn open and scabbing. Her face, bruising.
You're supposed to care about me like you say that you do
She carried me within her for nine long months
What makes a daughter form a good mother? It is the mothering she reprieved from past generations on up. Many lessons will be learned, and blessings bestowed on none other.
My love for you is forever It's like the Universe,
  Younger, she was there In the day, the night, all in between Her hands helping you up when you fell
  Being smacked down Before being allowed to get back up again Taught me something very valuable about love:   it isn’t always a cliché  
“They will always be small.”
This is for the mother
Mom, oh mom, Your just the bomb. Your fun when you want to be, And dont act like a asour pea.   You provide for me, and shelter me, Even if  you have to pee! Your corny and funny,
Deep breathes, tie the sock harder around your bicep  Tears running down my frozen face Lips red and big, bottom lip quivering  She stabs me with this cold needle
what makes me tick is what is makes my mom sweat Everytime I see her come home at 1 a.m., I know that I need to do something so she doesn't have to work into her golden years
A lifetime a gun filled with pain, aimed at my heart my lifetime began when yours ended, lifetime of pain, lifetime of wickedness lifetime of lies and mischief,
Taking time to reflect, I'm grateful for what I've got
I could probably make you a card Or just give away your age I should probably scream it to the world But I forgot, that’ll be me one day
Mom is white. Dad is black. So what does that make me? Mixed? Right.
First, you lost your mind  and I tried to help you but you were already  gone.   Next, you lost your voice there was nothing to do but watch you.  
Numb Her back is enflamed
Some people do not have one,Some wish that they did not.But if I did not have mine,I wouldn't be standing in this spot.
Her face lights up. She reaches down to touch the face of the small bundle. To think, that she had a part in creating this.  She smiles. Gently, she wipes a tear from her eye.
Have you not witnessed the change in your son? I am no longer the child I was. Remember when I did try for each one,
I love you so muc
Whence dost kindness of the absolute highest degree, shower those with no empathetic quality What cometh from cursing at the universe, for it dost naught but provide: light, air and nourishment
As I approach her with wide eyes and shaking arms, She comforts me, enveloping me in a soft blanket of words, Each word transcending space and time, Teaching me lessons that forever change me,
She deserves all the world has to offer. How dare I not give back to the woman that gave me life. No matter the situation she was there for me.
What a deception I see,
Hi mister  how did you enter my room  my room says girls only at the door so thats why he goes through the window how was your day his cold breath asks . my day was beautiful it snowed , 
I blame you I blame you for the whiskey not burning more I blame you for the weed not making me forget And for the cuts not bleeding enough I blame you for the good days and the bad days
Mom is amazing Mom is everything to me I love her to death
“Stir yourself! Awake! Arise! Blissful slumbers, fall away! Cast old Nocturne from your eyes, ‘Tis the brink of glorious Day!”   This is what my Mother speaks,
Hold your children. If you are going to be shitty at least be consistent. The truth is important (but sometime you need to wait until someone asks).
There is nothing sadder-- not even the loss of a cherished item, not even the mewing of an abandoned kitten,
The Most Beautiful Day of My Life. 
Introducing Supermom,
Stomp stomp slam Screaming and yelling Why do you put up with this? Hes mad at you because he spent your money Foods on me Rents on me Two hours later hes perfect Could never do anything wrong
Missing her day by day, Only wanting her to hug me again. Though it's been almost 5 years,
Dear Mom,     Hi.     Wow. This is Hard.
Stretching your own skin. Laying on your side. Turning pages on an ebook. Reading about the baby. Reading your way into motherhood. Passing by the years go by. Wondering where innocence has gone.
The two magenta lines do not lie: one look to scan the color, another glance to determine its meaning. Arm shaking in fear and eyes jangling in the sockets, searching for the unnamed.  
If I asked you if you loved mewould you mean every word you spoke.If I asked you if you thought of me- your distant child-would I find that special momentwhen you thought of me so dearly.
Someone I admire Would be my mother With her dark brown hair She is never without a care Her eyes so hazel and bright She is my shining light She’s always around To help me when I’m down
I watched you drink. Flood your life's regrets away with alcohol as if when you wake up in the morning, you wouldn't be able to remember them all. I watched you cry. Long, helpless nights, as if your eyes have cried so many rivers before.
Thank you... For standing by me through thick and thin For not giving up on me when I didn't win For your patience when I kept pushing you away For caring when I said I didn't need you anyway
  Riding for miles, Your perfect smiles,   Silent conversations, Innocent flirtations,   The hot, sunny days, They passed me in a daze,   Mindless texts, Not knowing what comes next,  
Sometimes we disagree, But that’s okay. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re always there, You’ve helped me grow, And you always know what to say,
  My friends call me mom. Jokingly, not in bad content.  I keep my friends out of trouble:  "go to work instead of going to that party", "Have you done your homework yet?"  
mother, mommy, mom, mama so many different nameseach unique special dreadful lovingher kids look up to herbut they face her terrible wrathall the time they endure
More than a mentor and protector Out for your future happiness Maybe just a little bit crazy Mom, Mama, Mother, Mommy, These are the titles  Given to the most noble women On earth
  It was more than a sacrifice Do not really know what it was But when my mom first held me in her arms It felt like the world was no longer dangerous I had the world at my feet.  
Though from you I was not born Very little do you scorn Though normally well deserved I need not be reassured Off your unconditional love, So that when push comes to shove You will never leave my heart
sincerely, mom You're one in a million and a complete secret Through me, you are their life Bringing me peace and love, I know fate exists I'm carried through knowing you're out there
Why must happiness be so hard but grief and hatred so great? Why must we learn or except our fate I feel like crying, I feel like dyeing
This unspeakable thoughts Diligence anger Are these anomalies? I feel listless towards this unknown feelings
  For many people life is to have a past, and future. For me, life is the moment, the present.Life is not a game to play with, nor a simple tenet.
Once a girl with curly brown hair showed her mom her very first poem she tapped her head and told her it was great and hung it on the fridge for all to see That same girl 10 years later
My mom is an amazing person.  In spite of her difficult childhood and many obstacles she persevered to achieve her goal of being a teacher.  She is hard working, strong, and she volunteers to help the community.  She is currently pursuing her mast
She Thought She Could Learn Calculus in Twenty Minutes Without Knowing X
You're not good enough, That's what mommy always said, Whenever I got a B instead of an A, That is, after screaming at me for being such a failure. She said this when my first boyfriend broke up with me,
An image   by Ima Ríos   I have an image on my mind. A memory. A memento. A picture that is yours. Yours and mine. Its about you, me and our love.  
Back twitch Her head flinched oh what can it be My mom who used to be so strong who can’t take care of me Hair matted no make-up on
Her eyes are brown, dimmed with misuse -bloodshot, another sign of the abuse.A small light ignites as she hands me an old journal;pride of the past dubs her almost maternal.
If i could erase from this world everything that reminded me of you, God would have to take everything back and start from scratch. For the mark you left on my life is so immense, so intricate...
Peace I thought I found on solid ground, yet in my heart I am not sound.  My name entails and tells a tale Of a sorrowful one, journey without fail.   Deidre - she spoke, upon my birth
Her eyes show unconditional love, she's assertive but she gives great hugs. She's short, but she can still reach the stove. She's an excellent cook. She buys us things, like books.
  i want to look into Your eyes and not wonder  what horrible things you’re thinking about me i want to not have to worry that Your smile is one of obscurity i want to be able to be me
dusk reigns nowyour back turnedagainst the setting lightand the sun,the exhausted sunfilters through every strandof your fading hair
MOM, So many wonderful words describe you, And they all are full of love, So here is a poem to celebrate you, With some help from above,
Mama, I know when You look into my eyesYou see him.When my hand reached Over to hold yoursI knew why you never held them tight.My hands were aLittle replica of his.When my little hands
Keep pushing me away That's what you do best Hurt the ones you love And forget about the rest
Dearly Beloved You don’t know what you got until it’s gone Something you used to say all the time It’s funny, but a little sad, how true that really is
5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Peek a boo! I laughed so hard I could barely breathe Peek a boo, I don’t know why it’s so funny but I can’t help but laugh
What is a thousand dollars if I can't kiss the scars off my mother's feet replenish the color of her sunken cheeks stuff her stomach when she refuses to eat subtract years from her age
She'll never see me walk down the aisle, She'll never see me have a child. She'll never see me cry, She'll never get the chance to sya goodbye. She'll never feel my hurt, She'll never see my sister marry.....
She made me cry. She left a scar. She hurt me every way possible.   She didn't mean to. She didn't mean not to. She still did.
I was to young to  deal. Started not to feel. Never took the time to heal. Somehow it didn't feel real.   I was to young to see. Thought it was apart of being me.
Mom didn't know about Giants and Raiders, Thought they were fairy tale invaders.  She never saw a football game, knew nothing of Dallas Cowboy fame.  A TV set quickly changed her life, introduced her to football strife.  "Them Cowboys" was now "he
One day I found Poetry needed no rhymes So unlike, when the piano clunked, when my sobs sogged keys, when my fingers clumsily blundered, The keys I was taught to play Displeasing Mother’s ears
I see your tears everyday and just want to hold you tight,I hear you when you cry in your pillow every single night,I watch you go to work and whisper I love you in your ear,
I was born of poetry The daughter of Metaphor and Simile God fashioned Each valve, each vein, each artery as a string in my fabric--poetic artistry. Weaving through my body leading to my heart
You shed a tear and she is there, Holding you in her arms, against her warm body. She is the loudest one to clap in the crowd as you perform. And the one who supports you through tough times.  
Like a best friend, Poetry is there. It is always open, And it is always fair.   Like a mother, Poetry is there. It will always accept you, No matter what you dare.  
The Jocelynn Effect What is life but a journey, A journey that can teach much. Who knows where it will take you, Far away, or close to home.
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Imagine losing your voice, To most it doesnt seem like a big deal, But it effects my life in every choice,  Down to where I get my meal.   The track star that loses their leg, 
the family sat around a table filling every chair every chair but one there was one empty chair he sat by the phone wanting to talk but the phone didn't ring it wouldn't ring
You did so much for me; I don't know where to start I'm glad you are my mom, I love you a lot You mean so much to me I don't know what to say But I know I'll tell you this everyday
(poems go here) I feel it... Kick Kick kick Inside of me Your apart of me Sweet child of mine, please forgive Forgive me for having to bring you into this world For only having love to give you
If only you knew the way I feel inside. If only you knew all the nights that I’ve cried. I still remember the morning Liz cried and you held her, you ignored my cries, yet comforted a total stranger…
A poem for mother’s around the world, who spread their love, and wisdom as priceless as pearls. They cook, they clean, when we’re not there. Who knows Superwoman, bat woman, Wonder woman combined. A mother has to be super in all to have the time.
You've always been there through good and bad When I'm happy, sad, or even mad Even when I feel like things won't get better You're always there to hold me together
My Mother seems so far away from me, On that beautiful white shore across the sea. Yet I remember love’s soft glow upon her face, And the feel of her touch and tender embrace.
I was born with ash-filled lungs, and Mama kept some cigs in her panties. She made me a plain dress once— said it matched my face. I never could understand, why every whisper in town waft her name.
As I kicked the tiny, gray pebble in the street, walking home from the park, all I could think about was the fact that I needed to get home right away.
Never forget who you are Thats what my mother told me That advice took me far Unfortunately that couldn't be.
mm this is sweet, amazing to eat and a total treat! I wonder what it could be? its yellow but its not my pee. Its long and hard this is tricky, but its got a peel wippi! can it be an eel? no.. definetaly not steel..
Carved cheekbones rise below sunken eyes and pain. Leather skin pale enough for veins to run like lines on a map, lead to a swollen neck wounded by a scar like the Congo weaving into a descent.
Mother may I take a piece of your heart And carry it with me as I stumble through life? And Mother I’m sorry to have to say, When did that pretty smile fade?
The past was unbearable Had you by my side to make life a little bit easier to live Held my hand to help me cross the street Taught me to walk My first words were mommy So what now?
Dear Mom, I know it hasn't been easy, but it has been fun Of all people, I've definately given you quite the run You have been there everyday, and I do not have enough words to say I love you so very very much
I bet you don’t know the man he has become With all the lies spreading form his lungs What was branches are now roots We are but rotting fruits
She is as fluent as a gust in winds, She smells of roses with petals of red, She is definite with ev’ry rescind, She loves with a wide and extended tread.
Mind in pieces; never in peace She can only breathe Silence is a virtue Since inside her mind There are screams Avalanches fall like dominoes She is the only one who knows
The door slams and my heart hurts The inexplicable feeling of dread that permeates through my body as I hear another door shut The sound is a trigger; the sound sends me back into countless times before
I'm running. Flying. Heart beating, feet pounding. Not from something, but to. It holds its arms to catch me, and I run into them. The warmth of the embrace frees me. The love in that smile feeds me.
The shadow that covered me
Dear Mom Remember that you love me And please don't try to change me But I have something to say That may shift How you see
Mother once told me That everything was ok That there was another day For me to believe And feel relieved But nothing was ok.
I don’t go to church anymore, there’s no sleep for the restless. I spend my days with a crooked wishbone, the meat still sticking to it, and our shed smells like the gasoline that burned out of me years ago.
when i was little you did your best 2 shelter me it was a blessing & a curse later on the real world had to street better me you were always there for me the times that i grew
I bet you don't even notice That your criticisms really hurt Please try to screen The awful things that you blurt.
Mama I want to thank you for bringing me in this world Even though you wanted a girl I'm still your little snookums But Im about to go to college and i'm going to make you proud
A congratulations Long over due But you're disapproving. I never saw this coming, And then it hit me.
I was eating my pancakes Aunt Jemima’s Buttermilk and Liquid Maple Sugar
Somehow your eyes of apathy never see. How can you stand on the outskirts of this agony And point, laughing, at the bleeding- Shining bright and smelling of pain before your face? How can you forget that I’m here when
There is not a day that goes by When I don’t remember that this is for my mom Going to class For my mom Studying . . . For my mom Because there is no doubt that she wouldn’t do it for me
I miss you The you who cared The you who was kind to us I miss the past
You are the paparazzi before dances You are the artist behind my work You are my personal shopper You are my chef and my chauffer
Click clack. Click clack. Click clack. As I am running down the hall, Splat! My mom’s red high heels have failed me again. They are just too big for my little feet. Maybe when I am older my mom says. I don’t want to wait.
You are always there when I need a hand You always care and under stand, When I feel no else understands you do. You are right beside me Even when I try to push you away, To show you that I can stand on my own.
It is because of you That I am lost it is because of you that I Have been found It is the fire that you Gave to me That heats my hot air Balloon I am floating in midair
I am always there for my friends, But is anyone there for me? No, Can I go out on weekends? Yes, But I will be alone, Or with my love, But that is not so bad, Do my friends even think of me?
Dearest mother of mine, The way you look is divine. A mother like you only comes once in a life time, But sometimes you’re sour like a piece of lime. Being with you is never a waste of time,
There are millions of fish in the sea, But God chose you just for me. I wrote this poem to let you know, That without you I could not grow.
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No one had strength or courage. Walking on in the oven like desert. Living with fear frighten by the thought of getting caught. I have just one question to ask. Was it worth the sacrifice?
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