what my family means to me

My family means the world to me.

It's somewhat like a big huge tree.

Our love grows roots further than the eye can see.

What my family feels like to me.

It feels like 100 pillows surrounding me as protected as can be.

What my family sounds like to me.

It sounds like a house full of chimpanzees.

Like lots of fun and full of crazy.

My family is whole now, make me really happy to finally have a loving daddy.

What my family means to me it's big a mommy brothers, sisters and me.

My family means never ending hugs, more than enough kisses.

My family means the world to me.


I would like to note that I wrote this when I was in 3rd grade it has been 5 years

alot has changes my mom and ex-stepdad are now divored I am going my roy

and im pansexual. My mom isn's very understanding but its who

I am my family istn has whole as it uses to but were adding more the the

family and i found people that really understand me not fully but i atleast have a

shoulder to cry on. Im sorry if im over sharing i just needed to get that

off my chest. I hope you like my poem.

This poem is about: 
My family


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