Dear Mom,


Through all my obnoxious quirks
You deal with me.


College visits, time and time again

Driving afar seeing mountains as wide as college tuition


Applying to colleges from Rutgers to Duke;

You always want the best for me.


Am I able to conduct my own research projects?

Will you be close enough to visit?


Rowing crew;

Achieving top marks.


Believing in all the sales pitches that all colleges throw at me.

Questioning what they have to offer, as your concerned.


I want the best education,

But you want more.


I see things differently,

You have more experience and wisdom.


We disagree and bicker.


You want nothing but the best

And I couldn’t agree more.


You love me,

But I love you even more.


Love your son,


Joseph Mattiucci


This poem is about: 
My family
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