Dark Paradise


United States
41° 45' 52.7652" N, 72° 36' 29.1096" W

Deep breathes, tie the sock harder around your bicep 

Tears running down my frozen face

Lips red and big, bottom lip quivering 

She stabs me with this cold needle

ice in my veins. heat in my heart, venomn in my soul

Run! Run! Run!

My ankel's twist and turn as I run behind my shadow

Chasing dreams

I close my eyes, and sigh as I hide in a alley my head banging agains the brick wall

raw needle marks show on my arm, my heart has no beat.

My face has no name

Dark paradise, the paradise of darkness.

the momma to my addiction

Herion begins to kiss my face, shoving her tongue down my throat so that she can capture my heart

shaking me with fear and might She wakes me up

My eyes pop open but I don't speak yet, her eyes are wet and her face is tired

Hair as brittle as straw, and her body skin and bones

"Get up! Get up!" She yells with black tar in her lungs and disease in her spirit

"No! you got what I need I need this life, I need the medicine"

I snatch the needle from behind her and stick myself with no warning

Yelling like a caged animal, laying down on the cat pissed covered couch my back arches as high to God as I will ever be. The needle falls out of my limp hand and rolls feet away from me.

I close my eyes, tears of blood bold and devine kiss my snow white cheeks

No one is in here

who touched me? A soul hovering over me telling me everything is fine

but I want to die

there's no way I can stay, I don't want to wake up

Looking at the needle I feel the rush, I feel the touching, I feel the sense of need. 

No one compares to you, please wait on the other side for me.

The soul comes back, her touch cold and hard.

"I've been raised from the dead"

I resist those words in fear, this can't be the one who left me in this world all alone.

Living on the dark side of the American dream, no golden paved streets

I finally found you 

Lids heavy, innocence lost

She touches my face one last time and drips her venomn into my open mouth kissing me hard.

She is my mom, she is my dream, she is my love, she is the streets.

Dark paradise, paradise of darkness.



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