the family sat around a table
filling every chair
every chair but one
there was one empty chair

he sat by the phone
wanting to talk
but the phone didn't ring
it wouldn't ring

she walked into the room
the bed unmade, unused
it was empty
the bed was empty

things here and there
full of memoties
always memories
memories of the past

an empty chair
a quiet phone
an unused bed
tresured memories

time goes by
sobbing ends
but always there are tears
always quiet tears

the quiet tears of memory
slipping down a face
slowly, quietly slipping
looking at the empty place

the chair gets put away
he no longer waits for a call
the room shut
things put away

life goes on
day and night
things become normal
as the world goes on

yet always and forever
a tear will slowly fall
a mother, a friend
or the Savior of us all


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