Keep Going


United Kingdom

Its not safe out there.

For you or me.

Its not safe out there. In the streets.

People feeding their addiction. Others beg to be something..
That they are not.

Meanwhile. Somebody died just last week.
Another brutally injured, last night. While I read before my sleep.

Whats going on? So many changes.
Keep my prayers to up above.

I connect with the Lord.
I pray we someday fix it all up.

I keep going!
Although enough is not enough!

You keep smoking.
Please don't.
Its not the way its supposed to go!

Either way be pleasee be grateful that you made your way back home.
With a plate to the side. Just for you.
"I'm so starved.". You gobble up.
"Mmm, that was bang on. Thank you mom."

The last of four. Her youngest son.

Or maybe..
You are the only one.
You might be the only one

Don't forget that life is tough.

But we make it what we want.

We make decisions. And make things up.
We do something wrong. We deal with it.

Our consequences fix us up.

Just stay safe and please stay wise.
You are very clever deep inside.
Use your instinct. Marry a wife.
Both of you enjoy your lives.

Teach your children all the thingss you want to with a smile.
Share that same smile with your wife. Appreciate the twinkle in her eye.
That you love.
Theres nothing more you love than to hold the one you love.

Don't give up.
Remember everyday what makes you tough.
And Keep Going.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



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