Because I love you

Because I love you….

I will allow you into my heart,

I will share my secrets with you,

Because I know they are safe with you.

I will cry in front of you..

And with you..

Because I know I’ll end up laughing or in your arms.

Because I love you I will always ask you how you are doing.

I will leave you notes reminding you that you are loved,

I will hug you


Kiss you

But only if you want me to.


Because I love you

I will respect your boundaries,

Your space

And your lines.

When you are ready

Together we can color outside of them.


Because I love you I let you

Touch my heart.

Love me with your eyes,

Love me with your hands,

Love me with your ears.

Your perfect, witty, listening ears.



Such power..

Such meaning..

What an elusive word

For how strong of a sentiment it evokes.

Love transcends




Love is a note on the kitchen counter reminding you “you are loved.”

Love is listening without judgement

Love is shared opinions

Love is acceptance.

Love is hope.

Love is strength

And weakness.


Love is knowing that you will



Be alone.

Love is having a hand to hold.

Love is sharing a meal with someone.

Love is knowing you are cared for regardless of distance,

Love is security.

Love is in a hug, a look, a note, a reminder.

A take care,

A get home safe.



Is a found within, in friends, family, strangers..

Love is especially found in laughter and memories.

Love is knowing that there are billions of people on planet


And you are grateful to have encountered this person.


Love is trust, respect, forgiveness, loyalty..

Love is not bruises, manipulation, abandonment and loneliness.

Love is togetherness, whole perfect, forgivness

Love is also knowing when to say goodbye.

Love is looking back and cherishing the perfect memories but being content with who is now by your side.

Love is not regretful or forgetful.

Love is the language of the universe. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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