Topic #3 Cookies



Cookies are my favorite stuff

But making them can be really rough.

You mix the flour, and make the dough;

It takes an hour, which goes... so... slow.


The chocolate chips are added then,

Keep pouring ‘til you remember when…

I filled the bowl, chips went so high

My mother asked "Why? Why!? Why!!?"


I told her that the chips are good!

She answered that "You probably should…

Follow the steps found in the book.

It would be a good idea if you’d look".


I said "ok!", and continued on cooking.

The oven ready, I placed them in

And went to play; was a sin,


‘Cause when the lights and sirens came,

There was only me to blame.

The smoke had completely filled the house.

I felt so bad, as tiny as a mouse.




That was then, and this is now,

So if you listen, I’ll tell you how...

I open the book and find the page

To make some cookies that’ll be the rage.


I measure the dry,

And measure the drips,

But every time…

I count the chips!




Topic assignment by Anakha-Marie (12 years old)

September 2014

in Roy, Utah



This poem is about: 
My family


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