What is LOVE?

My parents are LOVE. They argue, they fuss and downright disagree with each other, often. LOVE is not seeing eye to eye. They like different movies but every once in awhile they find one together. LOVE is not always wanting to share and yet it is sharing everything. What I️ know is people who LOVE each other will disappoint you over and over again. They will leave you feeling hopeless and even helpless. LOVE disappoints. It falls short. It cries and it screams. LOVE is scared and sacred. LOVE is painful yet it brings such joy. LOVE has many boundaries and yet none at all. LOVE doesn’t care about size or color. It doesn’t care about being smart. LOVE sees you in the worse of times and yet it can find only the good in you. LOVE is unpredictable yet, constant. It leads us down the path of uncertainty yet it teaches us to take chances. LOVE defeats while conquering all. LOVE gets tired over and over and over again. Yet it continues to grow in each of us relentlessly. LOVE is what brought me here. I believe it is what binds us. It lives thru each of us and is the force that pushes us forward.

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My family
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