Mother Bird

For the time has come,

I am to leave the nest that once

was created by Mother Bird.


Ready to take on the world

And unaware of what is to come.

I know nothing.


Even my love for travel

could not prepare me for this

New adventure.


I am to study my one true love.



I am to use this passion to help

The world evolve into a better

Version of itself.


I am to travel the world,

Seeking health, happiness,

And cure for the sick and hopeless.


To seek a brighter day

for those lost in the dark.

I am their light in shining armour.


I am to love and smile

For the opportunities in my path.

For the gift of intelligence in my brain.

For the gift of kindness in my heart.


And I am to be grateful

Because I know I would

Be flightless without

Mother Bird’s nurtured nest.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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