Dear Mommy

Dear Mommy,


It's the third Mother's Day without you

I miss your beautiful smile, and your laugh


I could count 1000 things I miss about you

and it wouldn't count for half


you taught me how to love myself

in ways I never could


you were sick and people used it against you

you were misunderstood


I hope I've made you proud, finally beat my addiction

and I even am a mother now too


its been so hard doing it all without you,

but I know you're right by my side everytime I hear my baby coo


since you've been gone the light left my world

your kindness and love is what kept me sane


i wish more than anything life had treated you fair

i just cant make sense of it in my brain


My list of regrets is longer than the distance between our souls

But nothing I'm more asahmed of than my memories fading


I promise you Mama I'll remember everything as I get better,

it'll just take some waiting.......


*to be finished soon*



This poem is about: 
My family


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