The feeling that you have when your families dislocated,
and that special feeling of family, you wanted recreated.
You want your parents to get back together,
but when you ask your parents, they say that they'll never.
You then were the only student with a broken family in school,
and everyone looked down on you, for breaking the majority rule.
Now the situation has grown, and the names keep coming,
if I ran, id be running from nothing.
You can't run from the stuff in your head,
so you started to listen and take in what they said.
I wished I had a friend that understood how it feels,
to go to school looking happy, but at home she conceals.
All of her sadness, and the hate that she holds deeply,
which shouldn't of happened, but she let things in weakly.
One day was wicked, and the next was the worst,
that second day was the day God got cursed.
I said F-U, why'd you do this to me?
I can only take so much, to a certain degree.
I know you have performed miracles, so I'll just ask one thing,
I want my parents back together, into full swing!
A couple years later, they both got married again,
but now I'm kindof glad that they ended it back then.
They seem happier now, for me and themselves,
and I'm glad that I'm happy for them as well.
God, I am sorry for cursing at you years ago,
it was my parents decision, not yours, for that I now know.


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