Gods Lighthouse

Superheros have capes

Power of immortals

Strength of the ribs,

Protecting a torso

Humans have hands

Used like rubber

Hard and misused

But secures like a lover

Thats why I love her

She may not be wonderwoman

But shes a woman,

Of many wonders

She'd melt white coated water

Buy ice cream,

And turn December to Summer

Superheros arent human

But they are mortal,

By weaknesses of our morals

To save a life

Id call my mother

To be the referral

Thats why I love her

With two knuckleheaded boys

She never stopped

Or settled down

Heros dont have capes

Instead they live in your house,

Super they can be

Even in ways of chouse,

My mother 

A living testimony, 

Of Gods lighthouse

This poem is about: 
My family
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