Was walking down the hall
It was just the other day
Caught a whiff of something there
What it was, I couldn’t say
But when I held my breath in
And didn’t take another 
I felt the smell inside me
And somehow I felt my mother
I floated from the hall
To a place I used to know
She was there right next to me
The same, yet with a halo
I rushed into her arms
Mama, mom, I cried
Gave her the deepest hug
To make up for ones I had denied 
“Mom, I’m so glad I got another chance
To tell you I love you
The things I said before 
They really weren’t true
Now that you’re back
I'll cherish this time
I won’t be ashamed of hugs
I’ll give them every time.
I only regret I didn’t give more
You only last so long."
But mama didn’t hear me,
She was already gone.
I was back in the hall
It had only been a dream
I smell the smell: her perfume
From happier days, it seems
Although too late, I realize
I’ll do it all to go back
All the chances I’d let slip
Make my heart crack
I thought she’d be here forever
But one moment and she’s gone
I should’ve showed her when I could’ve
That I’ve loved her all along.


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