Hold Onto Me

Keep holding on and never let go,

“Welcome home,” I whisper

She cooes lightly, waving her fists in the air.

Time slows, encasing us in our own little world.

But it quickly resumes as she begins to sob,

Flailing those same chubby arms into my chest.


I bend down, wiping up the splattered squash on the floor.

My frown recedes and is replaced with a small smirk

She is sitting in her highchair, fingers coated in chunks

Gurgling without a care in the world, and I adore her for that.

Her smile informs me that it will always light up my own.


Her fingers scribble fiercely on the lined page,

Trying their best to capture every letter perfectly.

The words are stringed together in light waves,

It reminds me of how my own ancient hands,

Make the same movements, fluid and free.


The small, poodle bounds toward us,

Finding his place on the settee.

Her palms cup his face as she kisses his nose.

She strokes him gently in her lap,

“I love you, Charlie,” She whispers into his fur,

“Forever and always,”

Which is what I brazenly think about her.


Her fingers curl into a delicate wave

As she walks toward her dream.

I watch her leave my loving touch, with heartache.

The day has come where she has let go,

I just wish she could’ve held onto me for a little longer.

This poem is about: 
My family


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