no body, no crime

holding hands, touching lips, keeping no secrets

or so She thought


there was another that kept His heart warm

another one that could

make Him laugh

make Him flash that cheeky smirk


they met by total chance

She knew that only fate,

taking form in a brown-eyed girl,

could tear Them apart


some girl that was once the other woman

took Her out the picture

of Her own marriage

of Her own family


He had already moved on

She was reaching for Him once more

it was of no use

She was of no use




following His father’s footsteps

He got who He wanted


65 years does not come without infidelity

no one can escape it

neither did he


combat combined with loneliness

does not do any good to a person


in a foreign country, there are

new things to see

new connections to make


he wondered,

“Are they built different like I’ve heard?”


there’s only one way to find out

she’s back home in New York

she surely won’t


regret comes 5o years later

she knows now,

she’s stronger than he ever could be


she forgives

everything is once again okay



then grandchildren:

Good things may come out of a terrible mistake.



secrets and sins leave an indelible mark

onto those they surround.







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