With Love, From Your Daughter

I remember your brave face through all the pain

The day you told me, I tried to remain sane.


After that news I cracked

I felt like a car hit with sudden impact


Somehow you had such strong will

Through the drugs, chemo, and pill.


While something ate you inside,

It didn’t faze you; even at your bedside.


That one evil thing was a wildfire; 

An active multiplier.


I found out it was metastatic;

Something emphatic, traumatic, erratic.


People joke about cancer like its no big deal

Like it’s a walk in the park or a branch on a reel


Sometimes cancer cannot be cured

Nothing can be assured


I understand you're free now,

But the pain of watching you go would still plow. - (personification)


You were so strong,

And you fought for so long


Three years later.

And never would be on a ventilator.


I was on my knees

Begging "god please"


You had all of the agony

Transferred to me so calmly.


I know you're proud though.

Up in the sky, aglow, in your own bungalow. 


To my mom, who has been missing for 1,228 days:

I know you continue to amaze


To my mom, my best friend,

I hope you get this message I send.


I hate that you're gone.

But mostly, I hate that I couldn't hold on.

This poem is about: 
My family
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