Kisses of Dew

Fri, 04/17/2015 - 02:56 -- azsxw1

The sky lays low tonight

like a blanket of a flag on a deceased man

eagles fly no more

and the world we once knew

is covered by a blanket

of dew

But that dew isn't water

it's the tears of the soldier

lost in battle

before his final call to freedom

It's the mother losing her child

after a battle to cancer

and a son reaching for his mother

battle with god

The dew Isn't tears

but the blood of the soldier

falling to the grass

Kissing each blade

crimson with pride for his country,

comrades, and kin

much like a bullet to his chest

before he laid to rest

it's the poison in the Child's

veins suffocating his lungs

The last noise sounding

drip, drip, drip

from the I.V. stuck to his chest

removing the love, the life, and the leaves

on the trees he'll never climb

it's the mother's heart ripping

piece by piece as her life

built day by day

week by week

Year by year

Is gone

her day

is gone.

the blanket of dew sits upon her

like the weight of a thousand skies

calling out for what may lay

beyond the stars

beyond the scars

beyond any logic that would say other wise

but the more she cries

the more she lies

the more light dies

still hoping somehow

this God that she believed in will roll back time

this God  will give her one more day to smile

this God will bring back the sun that she loved

and with the Sun and it's light comes the father

they would lay in a blanket not of dew 

but a blanket that would renew

a blanket away from hurt

and pain

and leave the angles to refrain

one more chorus of Hallelujah

to the God she thought she knew

she calls again

The son calls below

he places dew on the lawn

to remind her of the twinkle

they gave each look to each other

he shines through the stars

to remind her how free and

how warm a home he has found

and he smiles in her mind

The father sees her below 

and blow kisses though the wind

each passing by like the careless whispers

they said each night

he sings her songs that lend

harmony to the wind chimes

he got her each of her 12 wedding Anniversaries

each chime unique in its own way

just like he make her feel each day

and he smiles in her mind

but the more she calls to God

the farther from her mind she is

farther from the two closest things to God she knew

and she kisses the dew

praying for a God she once knew

but like the angles in her family

have flown away too.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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