16 Years


Looking at the stars

Thinking about the place I go every day,

The place I call home

But it doesn’t feel that way.


Home feels like bad dream

For my home is like a cave of a dragon

Full of people constantly yelling

But this week has been different,

Oddly quiet.


Living in my home is hard

I was never really afraid of the boogeyman,

Or the monsters under my bed,

I was scared of the thing that walks the halls at night

The dragon who sleeps in my home.


I had to go back to that dreaded prison

But tonight was even worse

He came out of the house

With eyes bloodshot,

And no words.


He just left and I wondered why,

I walked in and everything was silent

I never see him sad only angry and mean

I didn’t know how to feel.


The woman who is supposed to care for me

Just sat there

As usual.


“What happened” I’d ask,

She responded

Like I had expected

She said nothing

Not even the usual

“Shut the f**k up”


I was in my room when he came back,

Lots of fighting and tears.


It’s as if the dragon realized something

He wanted to die and I didn’t know how to feel

Should I feel sad for a man who has only done bad to me

Made me scared all the time.


When she left I wasn’t mad

She had no choice,

It was to slay the dragon or let it take her


He found out about the other guy

Around three in the morning

God how he cried.


Three girls my two sisters and I

Awake and frightened

He was going to kill them

For if he couldn’t have her no one could

What do I do

What do I do

What do I do

I thought.


Sure I was crying but how do I feel about this

Am I supposed to comfort a man like him?

What do I say? What do I do?

The police came and took him away.


I went to visit and he seems okay,

He acts like nothing ever happened

Like he never hurt me the way he did

And no one ever knew,


The dragon's breath and wrath I will always be afraid of

But I believe he will get better.


This poem is about: 
My family


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