To Stella and Harry

I hear a sound of little tiny feet

although said foot is not yet set
these decisions I've yet to regret

the clock tics forward unrelenting in speed
the people grow furious driven with need

slumber turns men into fools and women into slaves
want and need become one when everyone craves

lovely and pure unrelenting affection
feeling is given in lethal injection

terror and hysteria, misguided and misunderstood
in a world always failure, never thought that you could

this dust on your shoes yearns to be thrown
speak so little your voice is no more than a moan

dry and cracked lips kiss your forehead to slumber
your mother is old so she starts to look younger

water becomes no better than sand
all of this time so much unplanned

but wait I see tiny toes that seem to float away
with youthful wings you won't want to stay

I feel little hands so soft guide me through
so strong and sweet no question he knows what to do

I hear the sound of little tiny feet
and with her smile, my heart gave another beat.

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