My First Job

I no longer need my mom’s help

Phone bill and food all paid off by myself

Ordering at least three pairs of shoes

My mom now doesn’t have a single clue


I set my alarm to wake up on time

Stay up until 12, I don’t need a bedtime

Eating out with friends almost everyday

And deciding which day is better, Friday or Saturday?


I’ll spend my paycheck in a day or two

Green has tinted my point of view

My wants become needs and I think I have power

But I’ll feel alone and I’ll cry for three hours


Money in the pockets of my purchased blue jeans

I look over to the mirror and ask, is this what money does to a teen?

Then I hear a familiar voice calling, one that pulls me closer

I make my way to the kitchen, and then I see her


My mother asks warmly, “Do you want to stay for some dinner?”

Many choices of restaurants, heck I’m the breadwinner

I can feel the money weighing down my pocket

Green is greedy and greatly toxic


The one who gave me life has left a seat open

My eyes watered and I knew what has been broken

A relationship that is irreplaceable and much forgotten

Growing up too fast made me lost and rotten


My mother who likes to make chicken and rice

She gives me hugs, and I learned that love has no price


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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