To my Parents

Thank you, o' so much.

For you have taught me so many things.

You have taught me to read, drive, ride a bike.

But there are things deeper than that.

You, my parents, have taught me the things that matter most in life.

You have taught me that feelings are ok.

That it is ok to cry and to love.

Parents, you have taught me hard work and perseverance,

strength, and discipline.

You have taught me honor without pride,

service with love, courage without fear.

O' my parents. You have taught me so much,

so much that I can't repay.

But I try, by loving you, the family, life and the world.

I know it doesn't make my debt to you up,

But you still love and care for me.

So thank you so very much.

This poem is about: 
My family


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