Why must I lose everything I own?

Why must I lose all I have loved

All that I desire, all that I’ve known?

Time is Relentless, dauntless.

Like a fleeting moment, like a speck of dust

In a quick heartbeat, in a fleeting breath

Loss descends like darkness

Like the deep calm of death.

but love Declares a war on loss, on the inevitable,

asserts its arrogance, love shines its sword.

Such valiance is what makes one stand

Without fear or dilemma, unguarded

Challenging death’s aggressive blows.

Yet again and again, life’s designs must fail.

Yet there is a need so great, a longing so strong

Time’s lesson unheeded, all defeats ignored

Love asserts its arrogance, love shines its sword.

“You’re not real , death, you do not exist”

Life asserts proudly, as death smirks on

Pride stands firm, love marches ahead

Knowing unknowingly…. that all will be gone.

that the Tears evaporate.

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