Essence of Love

The essence of love

has a funny aroma to it.

It sticks to the air in which it is breathed out

and it is sucked back in the lungs.

The essence of love

has a gripping smell. 

One that settles into your skin and is absorbed

into your very soul. 

The essence of love

is one of power and movement. 

One that guides you through the ways

of life and through the ways of surviving.

But the essence of love is not forgiving.

Once you have breathed it in and experienced its experience

Tasted its taste,

Felt its feelings

It does not let go. 

It forgets no one that passes through it.

With its all-seeing eye it looks into your heart

and determines what can hurt the most. 

It does not care for your troubles

It does not care for your passing appointments

It does not care where you are in life. 

It is the ultimate hammer of cold unforgiveness,

every check must be paid. 

But then, there it is- true love. 

True love, one that burns slow and long

True love, one that remembers, but forgives.

True love, one that sets ablaze a great fire to keep you warm

True love, one that waits on eternity.

Although love presents a menacing mask,

this truest of loves is the person that keeps you safe.

The one that keeps your heart pumping

And the one that keeps you moving through each day. 

No other love can produce this.

Not lustful love, not envious love, not firecracker love

But true love. 

And true love, is the most beautiful gift that God gave to simple man. 

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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