We've seen it all.

The best and the worst.

We are the kids of a split family.

We watch as parents batter their character.

Gossiping about each other.

Confusion waves through the child's brain?

Where's daddy?

questions ramble through their thoughts.

Why arent they together?

Why are they mean?

I miss the history.

Our families past.

You, him, and I together by the fire place.

We are all so comfortable.

We were all so happy.

But life no longer is a joy ride.

We have to stagger for coins to pay for our trips.

We beg and plead for mercy as we switch lives

we notice the changes.

We see your friends

we feel the same pain.

No longer are we comfortable.

No longer are we happy.

We are just here on earth

 and we are breathing.


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