Dear Momma,

To the woman who gave me my first breath

The one who carried my weight

The one who loved me without even seeing me

There's a knot in my throat when I try to tell you

What I felt went wrong

What I felt you did not do enough of

Why I had felt resentment toward many of our shared memories

If I had to describe our relationship

We'd be a thorned rose

Beautiful yet painful

You care for us

You both cover our heads from the rain, intense heat, and the cold snow

You fill up the emptiness in our lives, and or stomachs

But at some point we fell apart

I stood on the side watching

I heard what you said

I heard what he said

I heard what my sister had said

I never voiced how I felt

I wanted to yell, "Stop!"

"Don't talk to each other like that,"

But what would I know?

How could I speak?

Our garden had become wilted

The light from our memories darkened

We have all been pricke by the thorns we wear

I reached trying to pick these thorns out

Although I bled, I didn't forget you love us

We spit toxicity in our words

But what words we truly remember,

Are when we speak in blissful silence

The words we may not hear often, are what we mean

That's why although we wilt

You and dad water us, shield us,

And give us the warmth and light from the sun

We are a garden turned upside down

But we grow and continue to because of your love and care

The words I never say but I want you to know

Thank you

I love you


You daughter



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My family
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