Today I looked into the

Today I looked into the mirror my reflection couldn't be clearer

I saw the girl from the past teary eyed and oh so sad

messy hair like I just don't care dark circles hoping for a miracle

trying not to act hysterical I know I have to wipe away these tears fast

And conqure my fears

my daughter needs her momma back

it's not about me anymore being a mom means staying strong

no matter what goes wrong so for her I won't let this crazy life hold me back 

I'll decide to look in the mirror and tell myself to get it together 

I'll say no to depression and overcome it again and again

I'll have faith that God will guide me and give me peace

I'll pray until I feel ok and I'll count my blessing instead of my mistakes

I'll make it through another day 
-Kristal Sapien




This poem is about: 
My family


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