on a time when i was dumb

on a time when i was different

2016 summe5

i found out who i was

when they endorsed pride month

i stole something

ti wrote something

only comfortable in my own skin and

only able to live in my own skin
from bisexual and mary

to pansexual and alex

for my sister lost to a spring smelling, winter melting forest

for my friends lost to a tree without skin

pan comes from the latin word for all

everyone all no one

resorting to being a thief rather than a knight

when my mom barged in on a time of my own

i couldn't hide

only have pride

they dragged me out of someone i knew

or thought i knew

i told my friends lost to the empty tree and cried scared for my life

mom forgot interested now in something new

dragged along perpetuated by questions on a ride home

accused of seeking attention

accused of not being me

silencing myself

crying silently home

crying myself to sleep

their tactics did not work

dragged for too long

i have lost myself to long car rides, new curtains, and suffocating silence.


This poem is about: 
My family


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