How Many More?

How many more poems?

How many more tombs?

How many more thoughts?

How many more wombs?


How long could this sentence possibly last? How long have you known me, but not known my past? A past full of pain and a past full of tears, my own personal hell that lasted 8 years. Yet I spoke not a word while I suffered alone a stranger at school and trapped in my home. I could not escape though I longed to be free my heart was as hollow and as dead as a tree. But I suppose happiness just wasn’t for me I could not afford the sweet luxury, but I want more for you than the life that I had I promise I’ll be a much better dad. I’ll teach you to read and to ride on a bike I’ll teach you love over hatred and spite. The world can be more than what he showed to me I promise some day when you’re older you’ll see. 


This poem is about: 
My family


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