your pale white skin peppered with maroon dots,

their brown blue tones stand out against the alabaster flesh.

a tangled mess of loose red curls pours over your shoulders,

and your enthusiasm mimics this waterfall.

the way you babble about all that is good in the world,

and the way your hazel eyes glow with comfort and decency.

Yet, we never bother to notice.

Instead we kill.

spitballs of vile atrocities are hurled in your direction.

meaningless words rooted in the pain of this world.

You never run from the fire.

from the cruel words of angry children,

from the cold hands and hearts of unloving fathers.

instead of anger, you choose love.

the fiery ginger with a heart of faith.

you find the good in the word when the sun dips below the horizon,

and you awe in the beauty of the world, a bright eyed child.

no words can describe your love.

like a tree rooted in the core of life,

you have found the meaning of all that is alive.

your arms cradle the dreams of the precious,

protecting them from the hate of the world

your bold branches stretched wide in an attempt to hold up the stars.


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