Dear Mom

Dear mom,

I am here to say I'm sorry.

I am sorry I'm not the little girl you wanted me to be.

I'm sorry that I'm hurting you.

I'm sorry you have to deal with me.

I'm sorry for not giving it my best.

I'm sorry for being a failure.

I'm sorry for being different from what you wanted me to be.

I'm sorry for ruining your dreams.

I'm sorry that I can't succeed.

I'm sorry that I am sick.

I'm sorry for telling you I have depression.

I'm sorry that God made you put up with me.

I'm sorry that I was born.

 Love you mom.

But I can't help but be different than my siblings.


Mom I'm sorry that you're slowly dying from everything I have done.

I want you to be proud of me.

You always tell me you feel like I hate you.

I don't hate you mom,

I need you but you ignore me.

Mom, I can't help but still try my best for you.

Mom, I'm doing this for you.

I gave up most of my dreams for you.

But I won't be like you.

Mom it's too hard.

Mom I want to also experience life my own way.

I'm not only you're little girl but also you're little boy

You used to tell me don't let anyone hurt you.

I am getting hurt but I do it for you.

I love you mom.

I'm always doing so much for you.

Mom, I know I never have time for you,

But I try to make up all the mistakes and trouble I caused you.

Yet you still don't see that I love you.

I am trapped here in the dark, still waiting.

I'm sorry for all I have done.

You aren't the only one who is exhausted.

I fight my demons and still work hard.

I love you, mom.

Please be proud of me.

That's what I really want to hear from you.



Your child

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My family


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