There's Something About Mary

All I see are memories of your silohoutte

I remember the day you left

Like it was yesterday

You said you couldn't resist her

And Ma and I 

Couldn't overlook the fact that

Everytime you came home

She could taste her

I could smell her

See the lipstick stains and

Red eyes 

See you could overlook the lies

But you couldn't overlook the tears that you cried when you left us

See you've changed 

And Ma and I became change

Back pocket pennies rarely needed

See ma said there's no point speaking 

But daddy 

Remember when you loved mommy?

When my hands were your biggest joy to hold

When her lips were the onlly tip you would meet with?


I guess you can look back and forget the past

Guess all you care about is tapp'in on that


I bet she's a dime isn't she 

Just another slime dad

Look at me!

Too high on her love dad


Can't believe you let a one time thing ruin everything

And in your vows you said you would never fall again


You must of had a bad trip

Cause now you're always lit

And hope shorty got the cake

Cause mom said she's not down for another

Wake and Bake

And I hope you know you should never trust a hoe

I bet you thought she was your one and only

But the other day I saw the corner boys

Licking lips

and looking at her like she was money

She could never replace your family

And yes my remarks are deragatory

Are you listening now that I insulted

Your pride and glory?

She's worhtless 

She's just another nic

Don't fall for her brown skin

Her aromas are poisened 

She'll do you dirty

Take your money 

And leave you thirsty

I bet you miss how mom's love quenched you now

Don't you

But mom's love no longer ignites the fire in you

Dad I know she hurt you

Burned you but you'll never be the same

You say she takes away but she only brings the pain

I guess that's what happens 

When you fall in love with Mary Jane

And everyday you look more and more

Like the damsel in distress

See you could never be her Spiderman

Because save the villian


Guess you got tangled up in your own web of lies

So puff puff the pain away

Take another hit so you can reminsce on my life you've missed

You were too high to see me below you

But maybe if you  blew away the smoke 

You could see clear that ma and I

Were always here

But how do you clean the slate that did you dirty

And you know ma hated bugs so

Why you loved a roach

We should've came first 

You had us seated in coach

But regardless Dad if we just forget it all

You know I still love you

And Ma said she will and forever does

But that if it came down to it

It's Mary Jane  or it's us

This poem is about: 
My family


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