I Call Her "Mother"

She carried me within her for nine long months

Of sleepless nights and uncomfortable days.

With all longsuffering she lived week by week,

Though the pains and discomforts would not go away.


The weeks went by and turned into months,

My arrival was finally drawing near.

Soon I’d be leaving the safety of her womb,

And enter a world of heartaches and fears…


A world of violence, injustice, and dangers;

A world of tears, of lies and pain;

Void of the safety I greatly needed,

Yet a beautiful place just the same...


Because within it existed a world

That no one else but she could give;

A world of her love, her care, her protection,

Where, because of her presence, I wanted to live.


At last the day came for us to meet;

That was the day I first glimpsed her face—

The face that would be the dearest of them all,

And would make me feel at home in this strange new place.


Day after day she cared for my needs;

With soft hushed tones she would sing me to sleep.

When I felt alone, she tenderly soothed me,

And watched over me with a love, strong and deep.


The weeks and months flew quickly by,

And our bond grew stronger the bigger I became.

It wasn’t long ‘til I had figured out

That, for me, “Mama” would be her name.


Time kept fluttering its non-stopping wings;

I soon began to learn how to crawl.

Just a little longer until, holding her hand,

I’d take my first step, wobbly and small.


And as I grew she would patch up the wounds

On my knees, my legs, and hands.

But today she mends the wounds in my heart,

And patches my world as only she can.


Throughout the years she’s faithfully been there

To advise, comfort, and understand.

And at times when things have seemed too hard,

She has patiently urged me to try again.


Those days when sadness was etched on my face,

She knew how to make it all be okay.

She’d dry my tears and encourage me on,

When things went wrong or friends turned away.


The feeling of security I find in her;

The contentment I’ve found in her embrace,

I know I’ll not find anywhere else;

It’s something that nothing can ever replace.


No words can tell, no poem can express

How dearly and deeply she’ll always be loved—

My greatest friend, the best of guardians;

A beautiful blessing from above.


God knew that we would need a friend,

A teacher, a counselor, and a guide…

A fountain of sweetness and support;

Who’d understand us and stay by our side.


He knew we’d need patience, unconditional love,

Someone to comfort us when we’re afraid.

So into one person He introduced all these things,

And the wonderful woman called “mother” was made.


How many children there are today

Who don’t know the comfort of a mother’s voice!

Who have been denied her goodnight kiss,

And her advice on the wisest choice.


How many don’t know what it’s like to have someone

To love them and warn them of dangers unknown;

To hold them close or bandage their wounds,

And be there to welcome them when they come home.


For how grand and glorious a mansion may be;

How finely adorned with crystal and gold!

But without a mother to make it a home,

The feeling there is oh so empty and cold.


So I thank her for making our house a home;

I thank her for always being there;

For her welcoming smile and open arms,

Her unfailing love, devotion, and care.


And if someone some day were to come and ask me

‘Bout the dearest woman I’ve ever met,

I’d say ours was a meeting my mind can’t remember,

But the meeting my heart will never forget.


I’d answer that she’s a gift from God;

I’d explain she’s a woman like no other.

I’d say her name’s found beside “guardian” and “friend”,

But for short I just call her “Mother”.


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