My Oxygen

When missing I scurry,

when crying I worry.


The only thing I desire,

something worth more than an empire.

The one and only one who gave birth to me.

The one who I call Mommy.

Even though daddy betrayed me.

Not once but twice.

Hitting the spot with something more than mere ice.


But there was still light.

Coming from the inside.


Noticing the night becoming bright,

always telling me that it’s all right.


Becoming my white knight,

Forever keeping me in sight.  

Convincing me with your daylight delight.


You’re significant.

more than any other certificate.

No mate will fulfill my plate.

compared to your silver plate,

anyone else is just a cheapskate.


Seeing you plead and bleed in order to succeed.

In the society of the poor and weak.

Useless me…


Unable to do nothing but weep.

Waiting for the impossible dream.


I know. I know. I really do know.

What the others think of me,

What my family still think of me.

And regardless to that I know that you still care for me.


I am not amazingly smart

Nor am I amazingly perfect.

And because of that I tore apart.

Continuously thinking to the point of restart.

Depression, anxiety, obesity, and so many.

Facing the thought of death right beside me.

Seeing the suffering and pain occurring.


But the negative thoughts did no good.

Neither was it ever understood.

Even through that you were still good.

Teaching me the right ways of solving womanhood.


That is why this time,

I decided to shine.

To try and try for the award outside.

Maybe to impress you at least one time.

Showing that I am not as useless as I was like every time.


If you were to be dying,

I would be crying.

Without you I can’t be living…


doing nothing but fading.


So wait for me til I get my one thing.

To prove my everything.

By then you won’t be ashamed of my anything.


But when leaving,

be screaming.

Let me know when to hurry.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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