A Heart of Lightning

this life I live breaks my heart a little more each day
the maladies and tragedies consume my dreams
and wear away all my strength
sorrow is my constant companion as
the moments' crawl, seconds feel endless 
days feel like an eternity, and as for years
they seem infinite, and yet when they pass
memories of them feel like they were gone in an instant
but I fight on, hiding my feelings with humor
and a smile masking the tears just underneath

how can anyone really understand?
pain is relative after all and unless you've experience it
you can't fathom a persons struggle, so why do you judge?
the fall from your high horse, your soap box, your stage
your pulpit, your existence, and your outrage
down here to my prison, my reality 
is a long and dark. It won't discriminate
because you believe your somehow superior

this could be you someday; life is a journey
and a cruel game, someday when you've forgotten me
you could take my place, you have 
no idea what experience will bring
so what right do you have to give me advice?
what makes you think you are so wise?
what makes you think you can face my life?
what makes you think you can handle my strife?

look thru my eyes, see what I’ve seen 
and I give you a week before you too long for lifes' end

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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