Damn, What A Fam

"Damn, what a fam,"

I say to myself

As I admire our picture on the shelf


Ask anyone of us

We'll tell you that we're the best

We will gladly put our "family honor" to the test


I’m the oldest grandchild on both sides of my family

The Guinea Pig, so they say

The first grandchild to move away


I don’t want to leave

But it must be done

I have to be the person I want to become


My family loves me

They give me immense support

They know my writing isn’t just a sport


I mean, it's my choice to go four states away

And I know the drive is nearly half a day


But all I can think about are the people I will miss...


You see, my grandpa has a pool

And Oma always answers the phone

I've got 26 intermediate relatives on my mom's side alone


I look exactly like my mother

She is the epitome of what I aspire

And with her help, I know I can soar even higher


Dad's got a sister

She the best aunt and Godmother

And her two sons a practically my little brothers


Our l household of four increased to five

When Papa moved in

And I don't know how we ever got by without him


My aunts like to fuss over me

Always asking why I don’t have a boyfriend

But it's probably because I’m too obsessed with books and boy bands


But I worry a lot for my future husband

He may think it’s my dad he has to worry about

But it’ll be my uncles that’ll try to drive him out


I’ve got 13 cousin on my mom’s side, 8 girls and 5 boys

Us girls have got those boys way outnumbered

We really know how to bring on the thunder


My little sister is a nuisance

And she is really fun to pester,

But I don’t know what I would do without her


My dad is my rock,

And I love his “squishy hugs”

Even though he always teases me about my fear of bugs


The big and the small, the young and the old

We’re all Italians and know for being bold


The food, the wine, the laughs, the cries

Truly, my family is one of a kind


We can weather a storm of any size

Even though sometimes we have a tendency to dramatize


Yeah, some might think that this is silly


But I love my family to death

And I’ll fight for them and with them until my very last breath


Through thick and thin, the ups and downs,


Without them I'd be completely lost

And I would do anything for them, no matter the cost



This poem is about: 
My family


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