Ms. Mother Nature

Consider the possibility that

Mother Nature could verbally convey what needs be.

Instructing us to split far from society

Furthermore, to take our own way

Directing us at all times

She would furnish you with exhortation

Treat you with the highest appreciation

Her teachings would move you

To create the most delightful melodies

Draw grand artistic creations

Your principle objective is to make Miss Nature

As she took you in astray

Abandoning her in the future would be your greatest trepidation

Be that as it may, with her profound respect

You will be recognized

At the point when the day wants the both of you to part

Your heart will have dropped a thousand miles deep

Trying to process what had just happened

With the tears moving down your cheeks

You will recollect the fun you had

The disclosures you made

The mysteries you shared

The endowments that you gave to each other

The voyages you took together

As her lips turn blue

You then understand that your main goal Is to proceed with the quest

With her insight submerged in your brain

It is extremely unlikely you can't make due all alone

Tigers are only puppies to you now

The incident of your gatekeeper

Constrains you to see

The splendid side of each situation

The repercussion wasn't that you couldn't keep up the serenity and success that you had with mother

They were bolted, concealed in disguise

In the back of your psyche

You had the key in your pocket all along

All you needed to do was compass in and open the entryway

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