If I could ask

If I could do one thing in my life
That my heart desires to ask
What truth lies
What made him do that task
Even though he knew that we would get to know the truth somehow
Which would make him look low

I would ask what were the circumstances that he made her his wife
Was he so much in tension that he drowned himself in that fucking wine
He said he wasn't afraid of anything
Then what made his heart fling
Oh frustrated brain , a drink after drink after drinks
Not only remembering but also thinking about it makes my heart sink
Yes it did ,
It did like the rain falls in the soil and spreads spontaneously
And it did in my body
If I could ask these questions, I would ask why
But knowing that, it's all in past
Thinking about it , I wonder how much my happiness would last
So I sigh with a aghast

This poem is about: 
My family




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