From blacking out on tipsy nights,

To never feeling quite alright.

It took some time to actually realize,

What's been happening before my eyes.


Why am I sleeping in every night?

Still feeling tired, even in daylight.

Then it hit me, out of the blue.

That's when I first discovered you.


Day by day, you came with me,

To work, back home, vacation at sea. 

You loved to kick and play so rough,

You hated it when I didn't eat enough.


Always starved, yet full of weight.

That didn't stop you from growing to date.

We were hand in hand until you were due,

And on 7/11, one became two. 


Every time I look at you,

I push my limits to improve.

Just know that you always inspire,

As you fulfill my life's desire.


This poem is about: 
My family


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