A Sleepless Night.

Again, An another sleepless night passed,Again,A chain reaction of thoughts occurred,Yet Again,YOU crossed,Again, I forced,Again,I missed,Again,Yet Again,Constant I feel, Room of emptinessThis pain, This rage,This sorrow, This bitterness  Wondering, here I am Using things to distractBut, nothing helpsThese Grievances, These twist and turns,These scars, These Steppingstones Passing these days through hell I see, Sooner or later, I will get rid off them,As life goes on, As Hope remains As I fight, As I write This is me, The same MEA perfect reflection of old timesNow, I understood this in my path A path I took,I walked Meet many beautiful people I left few behind, Few left meBut the few who remains are the ones I need I miss you, wanted to wrap you in my arm’s Feel the warmth of your gentle touchKisses on your soft lipsWishing you sweet dreams But, Yet AgainI feel these sleepless nights

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