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Im only 19, its YOU that I need.
Why did you leave? 
Why couldnt you stay? 
I'm hurting because I wont see your face everyday.
I'm hurting because you arent by my side. I'm crying because I cant stop seeing your beautiful smile in my eyes.
Not only were you a mother, but you were an angel in disguise. 
You taught me how to be a Lady,
You taugt me how to appreciate everything, big and small. 
You taught me how to love my sister, even when she used go get away with things & blame it on me, and I would get in trouble. & take the fall. 
You taught me to love myself & be myself. 
From the lessons learned, the memories we shared, and the time we spent, I can never fully put in words or express how great of a mother you were & how much you truly meant. 
I'm blessed to look exactly like you, so I will never forget how beautiful you were. 
You're the example of what the late Maya Angelou would consider a, Phenomenal Women.
You will always be here in my heart, 
and I'm pleased to know you got a brand new start. 
Not here on earth, but up in heaven. 
This is not a goodbye,
This is a new beginning. 
For all of you who have your mom, appreciate, love, honor, and respect her before she's gone. 
I love you mom, 
I miss you dearly, 
but I will never forget how much you meant to me. 
I know you're looking down at me from above, and I will do my best to continue to spread your genuine love. 
and as you would say, "dueces"! Which means, see you later. 
- zhanelaree 
RIP Mom, June 6th, 2014.
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