Unconditional is Breakable

How did she get him?

How did her get her?

Why do we have to be related

Live under what they call a roof

But what she called arms

The arms of her father and used to be her mother

Mother gave in a long time ago

She had them from the beginning but ended early

She let the pain fall on her and others

Almost had a flash flood because she gave up on her

She saw her daughter, called her a monster

Said ‘how can people..’ ‘Who will ever love…’

To that daughter, and let the father cover

7 with what was meant for 3

People say time can heal all wounds

But nobody can heal a stolen heart

When unconditional love is shown to be breakable

Your heart breaks and disappears

Time can’t create a replacement

But forgiving can help you while forgetting helps them

A father is what this daughter looks up to

A mother is what this daughter is scared of

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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