The Giving Mother

The Definition of perfection,

  And yet I get to call you my own,

You're just so filled with affection,

  I think I might explode!


I call you my Mother,

  A word meaning so much more,

For me there'll never be another,

  And that's what I'm hoping for.


I don't know really anything,

  But I know how much I love you,

And when something feels like its missing,

  I know it'll always be you too.


How much you've taught me,

  How much I've grown,

But even when I'm twenty,

  Our love will continue to glow.


Thank you for all you do,

  For all the love we share,

It gives me more than a clue,

  That the world isn't truly unfair.




This poem is about: 
My family


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