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I hate the way you talk to me I hate the way you cut your hair I hate the way you make me feel when you're around I hate the way you smile and the way you lie Seeing you makes me want to hate myself
A lot of people had come and gone. Even those we confined on. Regardless betrayal. It's absolutely true that, even a family can never be together forever,
a broken pencil my thoughts wander through the halls of wonder trying to make  beauty from mess my thoughts they struggle to put everything in place
Do more for others than you do for yourself, If only I knew this when I was so young, Would God love me more? Would I be further ahead? Could life have been kinder? And as I grew older and wiser,
Calls countries make  Are made by their people  Calls countries receive  Are received by the people Yearning for a country transfixed or transformed
Wherever my neighbor goes, people stare.They can't look away because of his neck and pink hair.When he goes out in public, people constantly point and laugh.It's because of his hair and because he has the neck of a giraffe.
Broken promises, tolerance, Mixed emotions, stirring anger, Passionate love driven by force... Love- taken by force!
Now It's Clear That Some Heads... Need To See That I GET IT... !!! That ARROGANCE And EGO Can DISCREDIT..... Your Claims To Be IMPRESSIVE... In Art That You're... Representing...
As The Saying Goes... ... “ MANY Are Called, But Few Are Chosen ! “ ...
Now I’m A Hip Hop Guy But DON'T Rock Mics’... !!! Cos ‘When It Comes To My Rhymes I PREFER To... ROCK MINDS... !!! Because What I Write Reflects On This Life... NOT Trying To Flow Tight Or Playing The TOUGH Guy... !!!
Now I’m NOT Trying To Be Funny... But My Artistry Is CLEARLY NOT For DUMMIES... !!! The Types Who Think That Life Is JUST LOVELY... Because They Have Money... !!! So Have NO LINK To The One That’s UGLY... !!!
Now Some Heads Are MISTAKEN When It Comes To The Statement ... That I Just Cannot Take It ... Can’t Take WHAT... ?!!!?
There’s ALWAYS MUCH To CONSIDER When It Comes To FAMOUS Figures... Who Are QUICKER To Pull Triggers Than The Best Olympic Sprinters... !!! Cos' There Are Always ... BIGGER PICTURES... Where There’s ALWAYS Someone QUICKER...
Man... Can I Get A Witness... ?!? Cos It Seems That Some People... Just Do Not Know How To Mind Their Business... !!! As If They Can See Through The Eye of MY Needle... Needle As In My Resorting To Sin...
It’s Really CRAZY How We Communicate Now... ?!? From Behind A Mask To Simply Ask... A Question About A Daily Task And That’s Just The Start... !!! From DIFFERENT ROOMS We Now Claim To ZOOM... ?!?
It Seems That MANY Place WEALTH... On A HIGHER Shelf Than Their Personal Health... ? So I Guess They Can’t Tell That This May Not Serve Well... ?!? ESPECIALLY Now That Corona’s Around... !!!
Just DO What YOU SAY Instead of Making Claims... That Prove You’re As Honest As A Perjurer’s NONSENSE... !!! ............... I’m Saying Just... STOP IT... !!!!! ALL This Knowledge You’re Dropping Like Gin In Tonic...
So What’s With The LOOKS People Give These Days... !?! As If You’ll Get SHOOK And Then Walk Away... !!! Because of The Gaze Many Choose To Display... As If Their FACE Has Bullets To Spray... ?!?
Well Now It Seems That There Is NO DOUBT... !!! That Humanity Is Being DROWNED... !!! By Government Clowns And New Tech Sounds... !!! That Have Folks Running Round With Rather LARGE Frowns... !!!
Limit THIS Limit THAT... !!! When We Should Now Really Just... LIMIT ALL OF THAT... !!! Because It’s Basically Chat That’s Distorting Our Track... Don’t Say What You Think If You Are... “ Gender Phobic “... !?!
When It Comes To Responses... I Rise ABOVE Nonsense That Most Heads Be Dropping... !!! Because I Now Find That TOO Many Minds... Have Become Inclined To Think That They’re Right Pretty Much ALL The Time... ?!?
Now I Come From That... “ GOLDEN ERA "... !!! Where Agendas Had NO TERROR... !!! When Girlies Went For Fellas... !!! And When Wine Was Kept In Cellars... WITHOUT Visions of Marcellus... !!!!
In These Days And Times It Seems That Minds Are Inclined... To Plead IGNORANCE When It Comes To The Plans of These Government Clans... So Are Dipping Their Heads That’s Right... IN THE SAND... !!!
So Will Humanity EVER REALLY COME TOGETHER... ?!? When Racism Factors In EVERY Chapter of Human Matter... !!! When Pale Skin Clans Don’t Like Those With Tans... And Those With Tans Have Problems With Blacks... ?!?
They’re Out For THEMSELVES... !!! They’re Out For THEMSELVES... !!! You Can Tell If You Properly Give Them A... Smell... !!! And Because of Anomalies In What They SELL...
Now If YOU Could SNAP Your Fingers... ? And Make Change That Would LINGER... !!! What Changes Would You Make... ? To Make This World A BETTER Place... !?! Would You Create ONE Race...
Ya Know I Used To Use Dots... Or What's Called Ellipses To Connect My Scriptures... But Now Use Squiggles To Connect The Lyrics That I Sit And Scribble... So I DO Connect Dots With Rhymes I Jot...
Now The Choices You Make Can DECIDE Your Fate... !!! But It Seems That Some Voices Believe There Are Factors... OUTSIDE of Our Choices That Also DO MATTER In Things That Then Happen...
Okay These Days... It’s Now CLEAR To Me That A Lot of Ladies... MUST BE Followers of These Racist Teams.... Because It AIN'T Borrowers Who Get Their Pussies... !!! Now By This I Mean That It’s The Colour GREEN... !!!
So This Line Was Expressed By... ANOTHER Poet... !!! Who Calls Himself SUICIDE SUSPECT... !!! So Now It’s Subject Is One I’m Gonna INSPECT Within This Here Poem... !!! Because EXACTLY Which One Is It... ?!?
Ya Know The World Is FINE It's Humanity's LOSS... When We Decide To Behave Like DOGS... ?!? The World's WAY BEYOND............................. .. PAYING The Cost For Humanity's WRONGS...
Now My Mind’s The Type To Think of Rhymes... That Are Built To Find The TRUTH About Life And Our Human Kind... So REALITY Inspires My Mind To FIRE... And SPARK Thoughts That Deal In REALITY Meals... !!!
Okay It’s Fair To Suggest That My Poems... Cast Out A Very BIG NET... !!! That Causes UPSET To IGNORANT Men... As Well As YES... Women... !!! But DON'T BLAME ME If The CAP Fits YOUR Head... !!!
It’s AMAZING To Me How People Be.... !!?!! When People Complain They Start To Act Strange... As If It’s ILLEGAL... To Complain About Strain And Societal PAIN... As If It’s NOT OKAY To Talk About The Way We Live Today... ?!?
I’m NOT Simple Like Simon... !!! I’m A Complex Disciple... of Great Rhyme Recitals... And SIMPLY GREAT WRITERS...
Some People Have Said That My Poetry Is On The EDGE... !!! Well I Have To Say That I DON'T Concur... !!!! My Usage of Words Is... " On The Virge "... !!! So Here's A Few To Give You Proof...
Now I’m A LYRICAL GUERRILLA Who’s A VERY DEEP THINKER... !!! So Am NOT Some SHITTER Like That Paedo’ Gary Glitter... !!! Or The Type Who Beds SISTERS Because What Kind of Heart...
Ya Know... Some RIDICULOUS Things Are Said To Link... ?!? Like Plain With Jane Or Sunshine With Rain... Or That Exceptional Brains Work With Cocaine... ?!? Which Gets Me To Thinking That When It Comes To Women...
Ya Know The Poetry Circuit’s SURE GOT Some... EGOS... !!! Or Maybe Some Poets Shuv’ COC’ UP Their Nose... !?! DAMN That ISN’T Your AVERAGE PROSE... !!!!! Oops I’m NOT Britney...
Ya Know I Think It’s Fair To Say... That PUPPETS Reign The World TODAY... !!! From Heads of State To Those Making CLAIMS... That They COMMAND The Stage... With WORDPLAY ARRAYS Befitting of... “ A SAGE “... !?!
Now It’s CLEARLY NOT GREAT For People To RAPE... !!! But It Seems Nowadays That People Get RAPED... In VARIOUS Ways ALL OVER The Place... !!!!! From Those On The Stage To Those Getting LAID...
It’s Clearly Good To Be Precise When It Comes To Your LIFE... So I Try Be PRECISE When I Write My Rhymes... About These Times Where It Seems That LIES... Are Constantly Supplied And Being Driven Into Minds... !!!
Well It’s Quite CLEAR That... ... “ The Inside Track “... Is Where You Find BIG CASH... !!!
So Now Government Measures Are Placing PRESSURES... And INCREASING STRESSES... Because of Infections of Corona SPREADING... !!! These Measures Have PRESSURED... The Minds of Heads Vetted As NEEDING PROTECTION... !!!
Now Being... “TIMID”... AIN’T A Flavour I Choose To Savour... Because That’s What I’ve Seen... In A LOT of Peeps' Who Are Born In Barbados... They’re Timid Alright But NOT When It Comes To Their Using Stunts...
Now I’m ALLERGIC To NUTS... By This I Mean ... PEANUTS ... !!! But The Nuts I'm Speaking of In THIS Poems GUT... !!! .......... DON’T Reach My Stomach ......... !!!
Rejection and Judgment... Man Aren't They Sumthin'... ?!? Judges of Art Who APPARENTLY... Are... Oh SO SMART... !!! Those Whose Critique... Seems To ME To Be Part of Cliques...
What Is It These Days With Peoples Ways... ?!? Cos' It’s CLEAR Nowadays That To Get Yourself Fame... You’ll Need The SUPPORT of The... “ LIKE Brigade “... !!! Because Light Has Been WITHDRAWN From How Stardom Is BORN...
Well Well Well..... It’s CLEAR The HARDEST SELL... Is Where REALITY Dwells... !!! But It Does Seem That Media Teams... Choose To Sell REALITY When It Brings TRAGEDIES... !!!
Now I Think That I Should Mention... That Tensions Have STRENGTHENED In These CRAZY Times... !!! Because of The PRESSURES of … Modern Life... !!! Masks Now In Sight Daytime And Night...?!?
Ya Know I Just CANNOT Do It... Refuse To Now USE IT... !!! Wordplay and Good Music With Spoken Word Movements... Because I’ve Been STRUCK By An Arrow of... " Cupid’s "... !!!
It’s A BATTLE To Survive For MANY In Life... !!!!! From The Day We Arrive As Young Infant Child... To A Time LONG BEFORE............ Where Sperm Battle In HOARDS So That We Can Be Born... !!!
Ya Know CERTAIN Dudes Have Told Me... “ That I’m Rude ! “... Well Now If This Is TRUE My Response To You FOOLS...
So... CLARITY of Mind Is Now Getting HARD To Find ... Within Our Human Kind Because of These Strange Times... !?! Where We Are Losing Lives Because of Virus Vibes... !?!
Now I’m NOT A Bloke Who's One Whose... “ Woke “... Because To Me It’s A JOKE... To Be Making CLAIMS In The World TODAY... ?!? As If ONE WORD Or The Things That You Quote Means That You’re OKAY...
Waiting Waiting... Always WAITING.... !!! After A While Becomes FRUSTRATING... !!!!! Like Waiting For A Train That’s Gonna Make You LATE... !!! Because It’s Been............. DELAYED...
Okay Whether Pagan or Not … ? April Fools’ Day Has A PERMANENT Slot … !!! The First of The Month Being …. “ That Date “ …. But When It Comes To … “ FOOLS “ … Nowadays I’m Saying … “ April Who “... ?!?
Now When It Comes To Writing... ...... “ Poetic Scripts “......
Now There’s A Time To DO IT... !!! And A Time To... SHOO IT... !!!!!!!! If Your Thoughts Aren’t Fluid... And You’re Being STUPID... !!! Like... Speaking Out of Turn When You’re Talk’s ABSURD...
So Through Human Existence... There’s Been Much RESISTANCE To INDEPENDENT Thinking... And Now That..... Corona’s KILLING... !!! Resistance Is Sinking Just Like Those Kids Shrinking...
So It Seems To Be TRUE... !!! Lies Move QUICKER Than The Truth... !!! From Boardrooms To Media Newsrooms... And Of Course They Move Through... “Secretive Crews”...
That’s RIGHT The Truth HURTS... !!! When It’s Served To JERKS Through Words And Verse.... That DON’T Observe LYING And Taking WRONG TURNS... !!!!! That Preserve FALSEHOODS That SHOULD BE......... Removed........ !!!!!!
Now I’m OFF THE ROCKS NOT... On The Rocks... !!!!! Cos We NEED TO Put A STOP... To ALL THIS ... “ Look what I’ve got ! “... Diamonds For TYRANTS And Gold For LOST SOULS... !!!!!
So Having Read In The News That A Linesman Has Used... What Some Have Viewed... As RACIST Talk That Made Players Walk... Off The Field of Play In A Champions League Game... I Have To Say That The Same Ol’ Same...
So Just Like My Namesake In... “ The Great Escape “... I’m The King of The COOLER Kinda Like... " Rick The Ruler ".... A TRUE School Type Mover TOP NOTCH Rhyme Producer... !!!
Now It Has Been Said By Other Poets... That MY Poems OFFEND Some Heads... !!! Well That’s Because I EXPRESS What I TRULY FEEL... !!!! So Don’t Write Words For... MASS APPEAL... !!!!!
So Let Me Quickly Advise That This Set of Rhymes... Has Repetitive Lines For Those Who Don’t Like... ......... Reading Verse of This Type ............ !!! So How Many More Times Will Humans Act Surprised...
This Ain’t... “ Away In A Manger “... !!!!!! There REALLY Is... DANGER... When You’re NOT A TRUTH SAYER... !!!! ... "Wait a sec there playa’ !“...
Ya Know It's HARD To... " Come Correct "... !!! WHEN Your Descent Is What Causes OFFENCE... To These IGNORANT Heads... !?! BIGOTED, YES As Well As ARROGANT... !!!
My Purpose Is BIGGER... !!!!! Than To Earn BIG Figures... For Using Rhyme Scripture... That's WEAKER Than... Tigger... !!!!! It's Purpose Like Fixtures Holds FIRM and Delivers...
There CLEARLY Are... " TWO Pools " ... !!! The One Where Artists FUEL Creations That Are COOL... !!! And The ENTERTAINMENT School Where Art Now Gets ABUSED... !!!! These Days THESE... " Entertainers "...
I've Had This Said A NUMBER of Times … !!! When It Comes To Lines In ….. " My Poems " ….. "Virgil Man, Your poetry is, just too long !" Well Here's A SHOCK Cos' This One's NOT … !!!!! Attention Spans Have CLEARLY DROpped … !!!
Ya Know People Like ME Are A..... RARITY...... !!!!! Because UNLIKE Most Peeps'... We Believe In STRAIGHT SPEECH... That Deals In TRUTH And HONESTY..... !!!!! And Creatively We Embrace REALITY...
It’s CLEAR That These Words Are Now Words of TRUTH... !!! People Need To Learn To Take The... Rough With The Smooth... From Poetic Crews To TV News..... Everything In This World Is CLEARLY NOT ALL GOOD... !!!
So... Which One Are You Really From ? By This I Mean... “ Where “... Do You Think That You BELONG... ?!!!? In A Home of WEALTHY Heirs... Or A Home That's Seen As STRONG... !!!
Now I Know Most Heads Who Choose To Express... Through Raps and Poems LOVE To CHAT A Whole Bunch of MESS... !!!!! Guns, Whoring And Violence, Frivolity... And PURE NONSENSE... !?!
I Was Told Yesterday..... That CERTAIN Things WILL NEVER Change... !!!!! Well I Guess That Is TRUE From CERTAIN Points of View... Like Saying Girls Will Get LOOSE For These OLD WEALTHY Dudes... !!!
Now I'm A Man of Words But Am NO EXPERT... !!!!! On The Matters of The World Or How They Work.... I Just Use Verse To Show What I've Learned From What I've Observed...
*_NOT EVERYONE_* _Everyone can stay not in your life, most especially fake people would find every reason to let go._ *While the real will seek all chances to stay go.* _No friends, cherish the family._ #c9_fm
So... Why Do So MANY CHASE What People Call... FAME... ??? To Have Their Face Become A... “ Household Name “... !?! Or To Earn That Pay That Makes Others Say... ... "I wish I could be like them one day !"
Now I’m A Critical Thinker So REFUSE To Wear Blinkers... When It Comes To Things That NEED ANALYSING... !!! Well To ME They Do But It’s Clear That Most Choose... To Just... ACCEPT What Government Heads...
Ya Know ... It’s On The Rise ... ANGRY Vibes ... !!! Because of The Crimes of Modern Times ...
Ya Know It Seems To Be TRUE... !?! When It Comes To THE TRUTH.... And How You Use Artistic Grooves... Less Is MORE Nowadays For Sure... !!! I've Been Told These Words By VARIOUS Herds....
So... Which One Are You... ??? When It Comes To What You Do...
So Most People Now Know That When It Comes To Rap Flows... That EXQUISITE TIMING Is Needed When Rhyming... To Have People Liking The Rhymes You’re Reciting... !!!
Ya Know It's REALLY A Challenge To Stay Focused And Balanced.... When It Comes To Life Matters That Fracture And BATTER ... Your Life Til It SHATTERS And Corrupts The Data That FILLS Your Life's Chapters...
Ya Know It's REALLY A Challenge To Stay Focused And Balanced.... When It Comes To Life Matters That Fracture and BATTER... Your Life Til It SHATTERS And Corrupts The Data That FILLS Your Life's Chapters...
Is It The Mind That Triggers ... " Pointing The Finger " ... Because If It Is The Way You Think .......... Is WEAKER Than The ... WEAKEST Link ... !!!!!! That Line's Quite SICK I'm Glad I Used It .... !!!!!
So It’s Pretty CLEAR That I Am A LYRICAL Guy ... !!! Because My Rhyme Style DEFINES ... !!! Poetic Designs That Are BRIGHT Light SUNSHINE ... Or The ... SHARPEST of Minds ... !!!
Now It Seems That Some Heads... Are UNABLE To GET Why I Write My Poems.... ?!? Well Because There Are Reasons I Let My Thoughts Season... Verses of Rhyme Through Scripture I Write...
Heat and terror in a crowd As prone to spreading as a local disease of the mind Or a regionally misconstrued concept in society
Well Now It’s Pretty Clear That The Truth Is Steered... AWAY From Ears And Peoples Eyes... !!! When It Comes To OUR LIVES... !!! Because It’s LIES That Are Fed To Minds... !!!
Now Folks.... My Phone’s SMART Tech REJECTED My First Text... !!! In A Way That Really Caused My Head To STRESS... !!! So I Guess That It Was Meant For ME To Now Get VEX...
So It Seems These Days That A Complex Is On Display... Where Being Superior Is The Type of Criteria... That Is Being Claimed By... Various Names... And Groups Running Loose In How They Exude...
Okay... So The Matrix Flicks Were Said To Depict... A Lot of Things About How We Live... From Things Scientific To What We Choose To Enlist... To Keep Our Lives Enriched With... POSITIVE Things... !!!
Nowadays When I Write My Tension Lessens... Which Helps Me Find Some Peace of Mind... Enabling Me To AVOID... Depression... !!!!!! My Writing Style Keeps On Progressing... Thus When I Write I Do LESS Stressing...
So What Does Revolution.... ? In TRUTH... Mean To You... ? Fighting The System Or Being A Villain... Whose Mission Is Fuelled By CASTRO Type Views... ??? Now There Was A Dude Whose Visions Were Viewed...
My DEFIANCE of Compliance Is A Poetic Science... !!! So REJECTS TYRANTS Who Seem To Be Reliant... On Embracing VIOLENCE Instead of Environments... Where PEACE And SILENCE Deal In KINDNESS... !!!
Is it ... Coincidental ... ? That SELL Is A Word That Rhymes With HELL ... !?! Or ... Consequential ... With Joining Herds Who Forever Dwell ... Down Below Cos' Their Price Was Low ....
So The Song Is WELL KNOWN... The One That Bob Wrote... Where These Builders Refuse To Use Head Corner Stones... They Now PREFER To Choose... The Stones That They Can USE Like A Pair of Work Boots... !!!
So Who’s The HARDEST And Who’s The Smartest... ?!? And Who HITS Those TARGETS Where Profit Margins Get Careers STARTED... ?!? WITHOUT Having To BARGAIN Like A WINGLESS Starling... !!!
Now You’d Best BELIEVE That I’m... ON POINT... !!! When I Choose To Anoint My Notepad With Speed... With Speech That Deals In..... HONESTY..... !!!
What is this from another time? Shall it be his, or shall it be mine? I do so wish for its perfect skin, its brief height with high raised chin.
Now I Have Had It Said That I’m Pretty INTENSE... !!! Which I Guess Is Because My Thinking Is STRONG... !!! As Is My Poetry Because My Verse Deals In HARSH REALITIES... Rather Than Fallacies And Foolish FANTASIES... !!!!!!
Well It Seems That These Days... That FAKES And SNAKES Are ALL OVER THE PLACE... !?! From Those With Names Now Claiming... FAME... To Those Who Partake In The Political Frame...
A PLACE We lived in a society where false is welcomed. And Where people flee from the real.
I Think Nowadays It's Fair To Say... You NEED To REALLY... ... " Know Your Place "... !!!!!
So Now It Seems FAIR To Say... That People These Days... ... REALLY DO AMAZE... !!! From Their VIOLENT Displays... To The Things That Some Say... To How They Then Behave... !?!
I’m REALLY Hoping That I HAVEN’T Past My Prime... !!! Because My Minds STILL PRIMED To Write These Rhymes... About ... Our Lives... About ... Why We Smile And Why We Die... !!!! About THOSE THIGHS...
You Know Sometimes Within This Life... You Have Those Nights That DO SURPRISE... !!! Now I've Shown That I... Am INDEED A Dark Knight of A Different Type ... !!!
Now They STRESS That In Chess.... It's ESSENTIAL For You To Make The Right Move... !!!
It’s An Undoubted Fact... That Sometimes It’s Like That... !!! The Thing You Love Doing... Doesn’t Always Bring Cash... !!! For Those Who Make Music... Or Those Who Write Tracks...
It's...... ... " The Writer In Me "... Who Writes Poetry …….
So In These Days And Times.... That Are CLEARLY UNSTABLE... !?! ... " Are YOU REALLY ABLE... ?!? "
Now When It Comes To What People DESERVE... There Are LOTS of Words That Should Be OBSERVED... !!! Because MANY Are Called But Are Part of The HERDS... Whose Lives Are Reserved To Get Their Just Deserts... !!!
Ya Know Peoples’ Behaviour’s... Getting... Stranger And STRANGER... !!!
Like Most People I Try To Show GOOD Judgement... !!! But It's Easier Said Than Done For Sure... !!!
Well It’s Clear That We’re Letting... A WHOLE LOAD of CRETINS... !!!
Now When It Comes To Conversations... And Making Sure That Talk Runs FLUID... It Seems That Some People... NEED To... “ Learn How To Do It “... !!!
Are men from Mars, women from Venus? A woman aims to improve a man But a man only wants acceptance A man for motivation must feel needed But a woman too must feel cherished
DAMN These... Liars And LIARS... !!! Aren’t These Folks TIRED... ?!? of ALL of Their Lies, Deceit And YES Crimes... !!! Cos’ It’s A CRIME To DENY The Truth From The Minds...
So What Are You... BORN WITH... ?!? Cos’ I’m Born With A GIFT To Write Lyrical Twists... That Exhibit How I Think About The Ways That We Live... So When It Comes To Chicks They Can Be... EXPLICIT... !!!!!!
I DON’T INDULGE In Black Ways Or INDULGE In... White Ways... I Just TRY TO Maintain Doing Things The RIGHT Way... !!! But Let Me Make PLAIN What It Is That I’m Saying... !!! What's RIGHT FOR ME Is RIGHT FOR... ME... !!!!!
The CROWDS... WOW The CROWDS... !!! So QUICKLY After A GLOBAL LOCKDOWN... ?!? Because of A Virus That SHUT The World Down... But Instead of Silence... We’ve Had Crowds Running Round...
Now It’s NOT About Making... PREDICTIONS... !!! It’s About Airing Opinions Within The Things I’ve Written... Because NOBODY Can PREDICT What The Future Will Bring... !!!
Now It's Clear That I’m A... Creative Dude... But I REFUSE To Choose To Let WILD Talk Loose... !!! I Choose To Use Wordplay That’s Shrewd... When It Comes To News That Fuels Our World View...
So Is it... Uni Or College... ? That Gives Someone KNOWLEDGE.... ? Or Is It Just A... FACADE... ? To Teach People NONSENSE... !!!!!!!!!!
Well Lookie’ LOOK LOOK... !!! ... ALL That It TOOK... Was The World To Get SHOOK... Like Some Mobb Deep Crooks...
Folks It Is A ... " Fine Line " ... !!! That CLEARLY DEFINES ... The Road That I Walk With Words That I Rhyme ... Cos' Words That I Talk May See Me In Court ... !!! WITHOUT Sean Or ... " Just Cause " ... !!!
Sometimes It’s True... It’s REALLY HARD To Get Through... !!!
Never stop learning because in learning there Abides teaching and likewise in teaching, learning dwells. both the lecturers and schoolers has somewhat to teach the
Now This Piece of Wordplay’s Gonna Speak On Frames... But Has NOTHING To Do With A... Snooker Game... !!! Or Where Pictures Are Placed To Make Them Look GREAT... !!!
Ya Know...... These Days I’m MORE Discerning.... When Studying My Learnings... of How Some Minds Be Working...
Sacrilegious sacrifices Fathomless greivances Bruised bodies Screaming hate Whispering love Truthful lies Opaque transparency Preyful predator Bloody survivor Innocent guilt
It’s CLEAR That Government Tactics Are Now Causing DAMAGE... !!! To Employment And Lives That Are Now COLLAPSING... !!! Due To Tactics UNWISE That Are Now Causing PANIC... !!!
Now I’m A Man Whose Mental... …………… TAPS ………… !!! Into Spoken Words And Poetic Verse... About This World And How It Turns... So My Tap Runs And RUNS And RUNS... !!!
You Know ... " The Saga Begins "... Is A Lyrical Trip Rapped By RAKIM... !!! A TRUE Lyrical King... But The Saga I Depict is FAR From... Heroic... !!!
So When It Comes To Poems... My Styles Are... FRESH... !!! When It Comes To Subjects... Like How We Humans BLEND... And CREATE... Children... !!!
Ya Know... I REALLY AIN’T About THAT... !!! Running Chat That’s CRAP To PLEASE These Clans... of CANCELLING Gangs Who Behave Like The KLAN of Ku Klux MANS... !!!
Now Lemme' Deal With This QUICK This ISN'T A Diss... !!! But If Iron Sharpens IRON... ?!? Then I'm The RHYMING ... IRON Mike Tyson ... !!!!! ORIGINAL Like... Dyson... CLASHING Cos' I'm TITAN... !!!
It’s Just So CRAZY... !!! That Just Before I Started Writing This Peace... I Was Playing A Tune That Gave Me PROOF... That These Words Are TRUE... !!! Some People CHOOSE...
So Who’s REALLY CLEAN In Our Societies... ?!? When It’s Clear Now That Money Is MOSTLY... DIRTY... !!!! Now By This I Mean That It’s Made By Teams... Who Are Prone To Deceive And Are Mostly WEALTHY... !!!
So Today I Heard Rhymes... By The Man DEFARI That Just BLEW My Mind... !!! Because of The Vibe of His Rhyme Design... Because He Spoke About WHY...?!? In These Days And Times...
So Is It... " Your Dream "... To Become MAINSTREAM... ?!?
Ya Know I Exercise CONTROL... When Dealing Wid’ Ho’s And IGNORANT Bros’... !!!!! In FACT I Mean NIGS’ Who Are FULL of... LIP... !!! When It Comes To Things That Burn Like... CIGS’...
You See... MANY Have Tried … !!! And MANY Have LIED … !!! And MANY By My Pen … Are … Lyrically FRIED... !!!! Burned To... ASHES … !!! Grabbed And SMASHED KID … !!!
Bob Marley Made A Track That Done Explain THE FACTS... !!! About THOSE Wearing CAPS Where IGNORANCE Makes STANDS … !!!!! Secrets, Weakness, BLATANT, HATRED, RABID Vapid Heads YES, VACANT … !!!
So For Whom Will The BELL REALLY TOLL … ?!? Online TROLLS Whose Comments Go Up Peoples' Nose …. !?!
Yup... I'm Used To Them Now.. !!! People Acting FOUL … !!! Cos' of Things That Come Out of My LOGICAL Mouth … !!! LOGICAL Thoughts That Seem To Wage WAR … ?!? In The Minds Now Inclined To … Live In DENIAL … !?!
So... Corona Movements And Now Education... Are Creating A World of CRAZY CONFUSION... !?! COVER Your Face ALL Over The Place... !!! But When You Eat Food And Take Food From Your Plate...
Yesterday Was A Day When Things Went SMOOTH... !!! Made Some Early Moves Cos' I Had Bills To Pay... First Off Hit The Bank NO... NOT like That... !!! Had To Get Some Cheques And Then I Have To Say...
Ya Know Over The Years I’ve Had A LOT Heads Say... That The Words That They Hear In My Wordplay Arrays... Are Things That Display A... LOT of RAGE... !!!
MAN I'm SICK of All The CLAIMS … People Make Nowadays … !!! ... " CLAIMING They THIS ! "... ... " CLAIMING They THAT ! "...
It REALLY Is An AMAZING Thing... !!! To See How QUICK Some People SWITCH When PRESSURE Liks’... !!! And NOT The Type of Pressure That Brings... BAD Weather... !!!
Ya Know On My Travels I Now Sit in Sandals... In Rittenhouse Park In … Central Philly … But It's FAR From................ Chilly ... !!!
Ya' Know When I Was Young … There Was A TV Show That Was Quite Fun … Because It Took The Ride Through Famous Peoples' Lives … The Show Was Called ... " This Is Your Life " ...
Well It Seems Nowadays THAT..." Black Lives Matter "..... ? Well I'd Say THE HUMAN Factor... Is What We SHOULD RECAPTURE... !!!!!!!! IN FACT What I Mean Is... "Capture"... !!!
Beware of The HAIR YEAH... BEWARE of The HAIR … !!! DON'T You Dare STARE In Case My Hair... Decides To SCARE And ATTACK Your Lair … !!!!!!!!!!! Yeah It May Get DREAD And... LOCK Like Feds' " … !!!
ALL ABOARD... ALL ABOARD... !!! But Hey This ISN'T A Train Or Some Game To Be PLAYED... Or Some Kind of Cruise Ship Because This Here Is Calling... You ........................ BANDWAGON Kids ...................... !!!
What’s With What Comes Out of These... NEW AGE Clowns... !?! ALWAYS Talking About OTHER Peoples’ Grounds... ?!? In Some VAIN Attempt To AFFECT... The Drag Down... !!!
These Days It Seems That MANY... Are Showing... They're NOT Ready... To PASS The TEST of Managing STRESS... !!! Like The STRESS of Work That CLEARLY HURTS... The Minds of Those Who MONEY CONTROLS... !!!
Ya Know I’d Rather See... " CALM "... Than ... ALL THIS ALARM ... !!!! MORE Welcoming Arms... LESS Guns In Young Palms... The Use of Napalm... Has Left MANY HARMED... !!!
MAN These HOSTILE Environments REALLY NEED RETIREMENT... !!! From WINDRUSH’ Scandals To... Black Lives Battles... These Environments RATTLE And HERD Like... CATTLE...
Ya Know I ... Write About LESSONS In Most of My Rhymes... The Lessons In Life That Can OPEN Your Eyes... !!! And Sometimes.... SURPRISE ... !!!!!!!!
Now My Name’s NOT Shaggy... But It’s Clearly NOT ME Who Will EVER Be... A Star Like Those Who Hold BIG Shows... Where Droves And Droves of People Go... !!!
Bob Said These Words So... " OVER - Stand "... !!! ... "You can't tell the woman, from the man ?" ... And NOW These Words Are RARELY Heard... Because The TRUTH Is Now IN VIEW...
So James Baldwin’s Words Would Appear To Be FACT... If You’re Creative And Black And Are Down With The Alphabet Gender Pack... !!! You’ll Get FAST Tracked Into... Earning Cash...
Now Construction Is A Word When Applied To... " Verse "... That NEEDS PROPULSION For Your Words To Be Heard... !!! To Construct Or BUILD DEMANDS REAL SKILL... !!! If You're Trying To ENLIGHT Through The Words You Write...
Some Think That I'm... " BRAVE "... !!! To Say The Things I Say About The Ways We Are... "ENSLAVED"... By Those Who LIVE By Getting Rich... OFF People Who SLAVE EVERY SINGLE DAY... !!!
Now I'm An UNTOUCHABLE... !!! UNLIKE.... Cliff Huxtable... !!! Or YES I Mean... " Bill "... !!! I'm UNTOUCHABLY... ILL... When It Comes To My Will... !!!
These Days It’s TRUE And CLEARLY In View... That A Whole Lot of People Have Changing Moods That AREN’T ALL GOOD... !!! Because of PRESSURES That Are Now Due To This... " Corona Flu "...
Okay The Vibe To Write... Is Now A Part of My Life... It’s Just A BEAUTIFUL Thing... !!!
Excuses Excuses... So MANY EXCUSES... !!! For The Type of Looseness That Has Embraced NOOSES... !?!
What Is It With These... “ Know It Alls “... ?!? They Seem To THINK That They’re CHOSEN... When They... HAVEN'T Been CALLED... ?!? They Really Make Me SICK... With... ALL Their TALK... !!!
I ... Fight For What's RIGHT... And DEFY These VILLAINOUS... ...... Government Types...... !!!
You May Be Good With LAND... ? But That DOESN’T Mean... That You’re Good With MAN... Or INDEED... WOMAN... !!! Or INDEED Of Course... With... Your Children... !!!
Ya Know I'd Rather Be... UNIQUE... !!! Than Join These... PHONEY Cliques... !!!
Well Now It’s Pretty Clear And... OBVIOUS... That PEOPLE LIKE THEM Really Cause PROBLEMS... !!! Right From The Top Down... Political Clowns... Whose Talk Should Be ... DROWNED ... !!!
So... Fa' Real Fa' REAL... What Is The Deal With... " Keeping It REAL "... !?! It's Just An EXPRESSION That Has NO Test Pressing... of Things Some Be STRESSING It's Message Be Sending... !!!!!
Ya Know I Pride Myself in Being... WAY ABOVE The... " Average "... The... " Average Joe "... With... " Average Flows "... The... " Average Bloke "... Who SNIFFS That Coc'... !!!
Ya Know... It’s A Beautiful Mind... That Provides Clever Rhymes... About Life And Mankind... That Are Wise And Refined...
Ya Know I Hear A LOT OF NOISE... From... IGNORANT BOYS... !!! About Their Toys And ALL Their Ploys... That Make Them THIS... !!! And Make Them...THAT... !!!
From Schools To Bedrooms To Business Boardrooms... As Well As These People In Government Crews... MANIPULATION... Is A Thing That Is USED... To... Maintain Control of Submissive Folks... !!!!
Ya Know The Human Race... Seems To Move These Days In Ways That DISPLAY... A LACK of Respect For Coming CORRECT... ?!? From Corporate Sects To The Streets Where Feds'... KEEP KILLING Men To STOP Violence... ?!?
These Days It Seems... That They’re A Force With PURPOSE...... !!!!!! This New Breed of Human VERMIN... !!! Which Is Why I’m Now An Anti-People Person... !!!!
Now I’m NOT From The School ... of ... Protecting Ya Neck ... !!! Because What I Now Do ... Is ... RESPECT My Text ... !!! And The Things I Express ...
YES ... I Declare WAR ... !!!!! On Those Whose Cause Is YAPPING Jaws ... !!! YAPPING This And... YAPPING That ... !?!
So I’m A... High Calibre Weapon... !!! Who Writes Lyrical Lessons Constructed To STRENGTHEN... Our Need To Pay ATTENTION To... Social REGRESSION... !!!
I'm A... " Man On A Mission "... ... WITHOUT A Conviction... !!!!!!!!!!
Can You Feel ... " My Vibe " ... Because Mine's About Connecting Lives ... Through ... Use of Rhyme ... !!!
I Believe In... " Karma "... And Wear NO ARMOUR... !!! So REALLY Don't Want To SEE NO DRAMA... !!!!! I'm NO Osama... BUSH Whacker Or Blair... !!!!!
THIS Piece of Poetry Is To... My Mans'... !!!!!! Whether... GOOD or BAD... !!! RESPECT To BADMan... NOT For Being BAD... !!!
So NOW There’s A SURGE... of... UNSETTLED Nerves... !!! Because Corona’s NEW Curve... Is INCREASING INFECTIONS... In... CERTAIN Directions... !!!
Ya Know I’m Getting SICK of THEM... Heads Who... “ Pretend “... To Be Your ...... “ Friend “...... I’ve Said It Before And I’ll Say It AGAIN... !!!
Noticing every trivial thing in my way Appreciating the beauty of every other day Not letting any moment go to astray Not knowing if its March, April or May That is how I'll spend the end of my days
Now The ... " Potion Of Emotion " ... Can Cause Quite A Commotion ... !!! And NO Folks I’m NOT JOKING ... !!! From People Out There Voting ... To Things That Some Be Quoting ... !!!
So It Seems As Though... It’s COOL Right Now To FILL Assholes... !!!?!!! But NOT In The Way That Things NOW GO... !!!!!
In A Time Where Zones... Across The Globe Are... “CLOSED”... !!! To AVOID Being... Bro ken... !!! I Think That It’s Wise To Keep Our Minds OPEN... !!!
So What's The... " DEAL "... With Those Who Use Drugs To Make Their Lives Run... ??? By This I Mean... How Do DRUGS Make Lives For THUGS... ?!? And BUILD THEIR... " KINGDOMS "... !?!
Ya Know These Days... " What I'm Seeing "... Is... WAY Beyond Believing...... ?!? BURNED DOWN Ceilings... Cos' of Government Dealings... Now Leaving People GRIEVING... !!!!
Ya Know I Like A GOOD Show ... When It's Done ... WELL ... !!!!! From Concerts To Dramas ... To Flicks That Hit HARDER ... Than ... ABUSIVE Partners ... !!!!
INDEED It's True ... !!! CERTAIN FOLKS Are ... " Cool " ... Well Schooled And IN TUNE ... With Making SMART Moves ... !!!!! While CERTAIN FOLKS CLEARLY ... Like ... ACTING The FOOL ... !?!
I Bear NO RELATION To... IGNORANT Nations... !!! Cos' My Mental GESTATION Seeks UNIFICATION... !!!
Okay I Know This Seems... OBVIOUS To Say... But You CAN'T Like EVERYTHING At The End of The Day... !!! But Let Me EXPLAIN What it Is That I'm Saying... !!!
Ya Know I Choose To Do Things... PROPERLY... Instead of Making A MOCKERY By Representing SLOPPILY... !!!!! SHOCKINGLY ... I Find Most Minds Are Now Inclined... To Think Like Shrinks When It Comes To THINGS...
Okay So This Verse Speaks... Upon ... " Biblical Themes " ... Because Words Like These... Now Really Don’t Seem To Have Too Much Worth...!?! Because The Meek ARE NOT Inheriting The Earth... !!!
It Was The Rock Who Said It BEST... !!! But I'll Interpret What He Said... .... "It doesn't matter what you think, of lyrics that I kick ! .... I'm just being artistic, so, stop being a prick !"
So What’s Happened To The CHATTER... ? About... Black Lives Matter... ?!? DON'T They Matter NOW ... That Coronas Around... ?!?
Now YOU MUST Know The Saying ... ... "Opinions and Assholes, are one and the same !" ... EVERYONE's Got One Even If They Are ... LAME ... !!!!!
So... Moving On …………….. It’s Time To Go Beyond Corona Virus Songs... Because Now I’m Inspired... By Where I Belong In This World of Wrongs...
Mister Compromise Is A STRANGE Old Guy ... ?!? Cos' He's Prone And Known ... To Compromise His Life So That He Can ... SHINE ... !!! And Be The Type Who BUYS A Nice ... " Trophy Wife " ... !!!
My Fellow Writers... PLEASE... ... Hear Out My PLEA... !!!!!!!! Everything You Now Write Doesn’t Have To Be... Designed In Line With Corona Themes... !!!
Ya Know... ... THOSE Who CONTROL... KEEP Playing... DUD Notes... !!! From Musical Movements To Social Improvements... THOSE Who CONTROL KEEP Dealing In LOOSENESS... !!!!!
It Seems That We’ve Now Found An Issue That... " SURROUNDS "... !!! The Question I Have‘s ... " So What’s Fake Now ? "...
These Days I'm ... SICK of People ... !!! Saying That ... "They've CHANGED !?!" …
Now If THESE WORDS Are TRUE... ??? And The NEEDS of The MANY... OUTWEIGH The Needs of The Few...
I've Been HERE... I've Been THERE... I've Even Been... SCARED... !!! But The Places I've Been... Go BEYOND... Truth or Dare... !!!!!
I'm A Man Who Gets... " HIGH "... WITHOUT Coc' Lines Like Stephen Fry... !!!!!!! Cos' My HIGHS Come ALIVE... When I... Sit and Write... !!! I Get HIGH OFF The Herbs... That INSPIRE My Words And Use of Verse...
You taught me to fly without the wings You made me grow with all the springs You created a little world just for me When I was scared to let the world see   You cradled all my cries
I Really Think ... That What’s Happening ... Can Bring Good Things... !!! Like MORE Thinking And LESS HATING... !!! Because In These Days Why Would You Embrace... Ideas of Race Hate When You Are Forced To...
Ya Know I'm A Man of CONVICTION ... Whose NOT Been In PRISON... !!!!! Because I Condition My Body And Mind ... To AVOID.................... FOOLISH Fights... !!!!! That CLEARLY AREN'T Wise... !!!!!
So How Much of Our Brains Do People USE... Today... ? I REALLY Wonder Now When Hearing The Sounds... That Come From Some Mouths... ?!?
Ya Know I'm Beginning To Think The Truth Is ... A LOT of Folks Are ... STUPID ... !!! You Can Tell By The Way They're Moving ... And Who They Choose To ... Move With ...
Ya Know These Days I'm Getting ... BETTER ... When It Comes To Using Letters ... !!! Letters From The Alphabet That I NOW Select ... To Wage VENDETTAS On IGNORANT Fellas Through My Poems ...
These Days I Hear... Opinions... From Lots of Adult CHILDREN... !?! About How Their Lives... Have A UNIQUE Definition... !!!
So We’re In A New Curve Within This World ... Social Distance Observed By People In Herds ... of Cattle Now Rattled By ... " Corona Battles " ...
Ya Know I’m Sick of Them Talking Yeah Talking Bout’ WARRING … !!! When Wars They Be Courting Are Weak Like … “ Steve Hawking “ … !!!!!
So Who Do You … “ TRUST “ … ?!? Do You Trust YOU To Make SMART Moves ... And Pick WISELY In Who You Choose To Be WIFEY' ... ?!?
Ya Know I Appreciate The Fact … That Sometimes... Being Black … Can Lead To Attacks And That’s JUST THAT … !!! Some From Whites And Other Skin Types … And Some From... Blacks … ?!?
when I was thirteen years old, I discovered the power of words. not just in the philosophical sense, not just in academic settings. no, I discovered how deeply words can cut, deeper than the sharpest knife
rain when I was a kid meant cancelled recess, rainy day projects a chance to stomp in puddles, the time to wear your pink raincoat the older I got, the more I began to fear it
Ya’ Know My Poetry Shows … That I’m … “ Taking Notes “ … Yes … “ Mental Notes “ … !!! Notes of Quotes … Quotes From Those Whose Rhetoric Shows …
Ya Know I Read Today On A News Webpage … That Samuel Jack Was Mistaken For Laurence Fishburne' MAN … ?!!!? Well It Seems As Though This White Media Bloke … Thinks Samuels’ Role In Django … HOLDS …
PLEASE .... FORGIVE Me If I Curse To Quench My Thirst ... To Poetically Let My Speech Run FREE ..............................
Do You Ever Have … " Those Meetings " … That Somehow Leave You Feeling … That Something of … DEEP MEANING … Was REVEALED Within That Meeting … ?!?
Some People Are EVIL ... !!! Some People Are Nice ... Some People Believe ... In The Lies They Contrive ... Black People White People Yes ALL TYPES of People ... !!!
So …. What's In A Word ? Well A Word Like ... F**K ... Can Possibly Mean You've Run Out of Luck ... !!!
Man … "You Cannot Be SERIOUS !" ... You AIN'T … " John Mc….." ... !!!!! And That's A FACT … Why You Trying To Play BAD … ? When You AIN'T … " Mike Jack " … !!!?!!!
We scorn violence, yet indulge in violent means. We look for peace in all the wrong places. We walk on clouds, call them thorns. We are lucky yet we starve. Starve for more, whether it be something we have already. We walk among the rest of the wo
So Fellas What's The Price You're Prepared To Pay … To Spread Her Thighs And Get That … LAY … !!?!!
These Words Are Ones On Which To ... " CHEW " ... .... "Be careful what you do ! Be careful what you do ! .... If cops are in view, and you're being pursued !"
So ... Who Do You See … ? When You Look In … " Your Mirror " … ??? Someone COMPLETE Or Someone Whose Glimmer … Isn't Quite As Bright As You Might Like … ?!?
Now Depression INDEED Can Lead To TENSION ..... !!!!! But What In TRUTH's ... REALLY Depressing .... ??? Life And ALL It's ... " Lessons " ... ???
These Days It Seems ... " EXPOSURE And SHAME " ... Seem To Be The Themes By Which Most Now Play … Playing The Game of Lying Away … !!! About Who They Are In Their World of FARCE … !!!!!
I Used To Play … " Cricket " So I Know About Boundaries Grounds And Wickets … !!! Don't Catch The Ball Beyond Boundary Lines … !!! Cos' It'll Be Your Downfall If You Step Outside …
Ya Know ... Big Virge Words... Are Built To Merge With ... " The Purge "... As In The Flick That TRULY IS ... SICK... !!! But Here's The Trick... This Flick Has Some TWISTS That May Well PREDICT ...
I've Landed In Philly But it AIN'T Been ... " Jiggy " ... !!! The Same Ol' Same Because of My RACE ... ?!? NO Time To Embrace ... A Different Coloured Face ... UNLESS You've Got CHAINS That Affect How You Behave ... !!!
So I Was Told The Other Day ... That ... CERTAIN Things I Had To Say ... REALLY Were NOT ... " NECESSARY " ... !!!!!
George Lammings' Definition Inspired THIS INSCRIPTION ... Which Delves Into Descriptions of SLIME Within Our Vision ... !!!
Ya Know ... It REALLY is True ... ! A LOT of People AIN'T Cool ... !!! And Be Trying Their BEST To Bring You STRESS ... !!!! Some It Seems Are ENVIOUS Thieves ... Who Be PLOTTING Schemes And DEVIOUS Deeds ... !!!
Crash, bang, pop! Midnight gridlock. Red lights all around. Horns blaring with the sound of a thousand trumpets. I sit, wait, and appreciate.   Perspective changes problems into opportunities.
So What Is The Position of The ... " Human Condition " ... ???
My Soul Wishes To Sin ... And Embrace This At A Whim .... A Wish To Kill ALL THINGS ... !!! Kill The Human Race ... !!! And All of It's FALSE Grace ...
So What Does LOVE REALLY Mean To You .... ??? Your Lovers' Touch Or The Things They DO .... ??? That Make You FEEL Your Love Is REAL ... ?!?
These Days It Seems Weapons Are Seen ... NOT JUST On Screens But Now In Streets ... Murders Here ... Murders There ... !!! These Days It's CLEAR They FILL Nightmares ... !!!!!
Some People NEED To ... " CHILL " ... Because I'm Getting SICK Or Better Still Quite ILL ... !!! Because Some Seem To Think My Lyrics HIT Like BRICKS ... !!!!!!!!
These Days It's CLEAR That Mind Control Is On A Roll ... !!! Because LOST Souls Now Live In ... "FEAR" ... !!!!! FEAR of THIS And FEAR of THAT ... !!! FEAR of Thinking They've Been TRAPPED ... !!!
YES ... Something For THEM ... !!! Those In The Audience Whose Acts Are ... " Pretense " ... PRETENDING Their ... " Friends " ... When They Really STAND AGAINST ... The Ways Some EXPRESS Through Raps And Poems ...
Ya Know .... There HAS TO BE A ... BETTER Way ... !!! There HAS TO BE A ... BETTER Way ... !!! There HAS TO BE A ..... BETTER WAY ... !!!!!
Ya Know You'd Be SURPRISED ... !!! By What You FIND Resides Inside Some Peoples' Minds ... !!!! In Some It's CLEAR Their Thought Waves Steer ... To Fallacies Hypocrisy Thoughts of GREED or Cash Money ....
So What Does It Take To Be A Corporate GREAT ... ??? Do You Need To Be A Snake Who's ALWAYS On The Make ... ? Or Be Like TRUMP And Have Apprentices Run ... Through Hoops And ... JUMP ... !?!
Yeah THAT'S RIGHT I'M NOT YOUR BITCH ... !!!!!!!!!! Say What You Like But DON'T EVER THINK ... !!!
It's Time To MOBILISE Those Who USE THEIR Minds ... !!! For MORE THAN A Prize Or Bling That Shines ... Those NOT inclined To Live By LIES Or Hide Behind Their PRIDE FILLED Lives ...
What You CHOOSE Can DAMAGE You ... !!!!! So Choose WISELY And Make SMART Moves ... !!! Before You Find Yourself In A BIND ... That Leaves You TRAPPED With NO Backpack ... !!!
It's Hard TO FIND Some ... " Peace of Mind " ... !!! When What Surrounds Makes You Feel Down ... !!! MANY Now Try ... Good Old Coc' Lines ... !!! To Ease Their Minds In PRESSURED Times ... !!!
there are so many people in this world so many ideas so many thoughts. it is a miracle that we can exsist at all.   there are so few people who rise about the rest above the noise and chaos.
Death came to them and said "Look at me children" And they refused to look So they were reaped with the harvest   Death came to them and said "Look at me children" And they looked upon him
I Was With A Female Friend ... When Our Conversation Led ... To ... Condescending Sinners ... !!! Who Are CLEARLY ... Walking Sphincters ... !!!!!
staring out into a glitttering night shimmering by the lights of the city i begin to think i think each light is a life a life that God loves and wants to be touched
One thought starts a dream, One smile sooths the soul, One good deed starts a flame One word can change a heart.   To the dreamer who's dream- Has expanded my nation, To the dreamer who's dream-
They shed their blood, sweat, and tears. Doubt wasn't a stranger, but they still faced their fears. People who have made something from little nothings That have gone before me, confidently spreading their wings.
Do You Ever Wonder ... ? Why So Many Men Hurt Their Human Brothers ... ?!? Or As Time UNFURLS What's With These Girls ... Who Rush To Have Children They Don't Want To Mother ... !?!
These Days I'm AMAZED In .... " SO MANY WAYS " ... !!! People Seem To Think That Things Are OKAY ... ?!? A Law Passed Today Has Left Me ... AMAZED ... !!!
These Days It's REALLY HARD To Find .... People Who USE The ... " Power of The Mind" ... !!! So MANY Walk Blind And MISS The Signs ... !?! Because They're STUCK Behind Coc’ Lines ... !!!
I'd Rather Feed Brains Than ... " ENTERTAIN " .... !!!!! How Many Who Do ... Now Use Cocaine ... ?!? I'm Saying ... I'm SAYING ... !!! These People Maintain ... That Doing Cocaine Helps raiSE Their Game ... !!!
I Move In The DARK Like ... Deep Sea Sharks ... Therefore My Bite's WORSE Than My Bark ... !!! Why HATE Because My Skin Tone's DARK ... ?!?
Ya Know ….. This Is A Question That Leaves Me Confused … ??? The Question Is THIS ... " What Can YOU DO " … ?!?
Why Do We Struggle And Create TROUBLE ... !!! Because Most People Are Happy ... " In Their Bubble " ... !?!
Acquaintances and Friends ... This Nonsense NEVER Ends ... !!!! Who WITHIN Your Crew ... Will Be There Til' The End ... ??? Who Are Those Who You Can TRUST ... ??? Who Will Make You Want To CUSS ... !?! ...
I Guess I Am THAT GUY ... Who'll Get The EVIL EYE ... For Being WHO I AM ... And NOT Giving A DAMN ... !!!!! A DAMN About What You Think ... When I Use My Mouth ...
"My" People   quest for belongingness getting blind under the shield of sunglasses   i really became blind i did everything i did whatever   imitation of a sentence
So WHO Do You ... " Trust " ... ??? And Who Are Your Mates ... ??? Cos' People These Days ... MOSTLY Are Two Faced ... !!! They Talk With You ... Like Everything's COOL ...
What ... In This Life ... ? Is It Right To ... " Expect " ... ? Well One Thing FOR SURE ... One Day YOU'LL BE DEAD ... !!! Morbid I KNOW ... !!! But We've ALL Got To Go ...
Do You Believe In ... ? Freedom of Speech ... ? Freedom of Thought ... ? And Freedom To Teach ... ? Or ..... ? Freedom To Do ... The Things That You Please ... ?!?
You Know I Need To Pick Bones ... In These Damned ... "Comfort Zones" ... !!! Do You Think Yours Will SAVE You ... ? ... If You're ... ON YOUR OWN ... !!?!!
People Are Funny ... !?! They Now Make Me Laugh ... You Talk ... They Don't Listen ... ?!? MP's Keep ... "Restricting" ... IGNORANCE In People .... Has Now Become SICKENING ... !!!
Fake or True ... ??? Which One Are You ... ? Are You Simply A FAKE ... Who's Just On The Make ... ? Or ... Are You EVEN WORSE ... ? A Snake On The Make ... !?!
What is with ...... All This ATTITUDE ... ?!? It Seems The In Thing ... To Simply Be RUDE ... !?! People In The World ... Are Now So Crude .... !!!!!!!
Redundancy Is ... A Horrible Thing ... !!! But ... Who Are The Ones ... ? That Most FEEL THE STING ... ?!? THOSE Who CONTROL .... The Employment ... " Bullring " ... ?!?
So ..... What makes these stupid blacks think that crime and selling crack will get them out the ghetto ? What makes these fools think that ?!? And ......
I often watch trees, because I actually like them I may love them really, but regardless I find them fascinating: Standing upright like power poles or bent over like blades of grass in wind  
Is it ..." Politically Incorrect " ... ? For Me To Suggest .................................................... Our Lives Are CONTROLLED By A ... "Secret Sect" ... ?!? Is It ... " Politically Incorrect " ... ?
I want to tell you,  believe me,  I really do.   But I can't bring myself to.    You see, it hurts you when you know.  So I hide it from you,  from everyone.   
Blossoming remorseSage scented liesBlank minds begging to be divorced from themselvesDiscouraged by the aroma of the room.
My, my, who do we have here? such crude presence, shameless attitude, ugh, that coat is an abomination!
Sometimes I wish I had scars to adorn my skin The adventures The lessons The journeys They must have walked through To earn the scars they have   My skin is pure Without mar
Typically the least regarded resource, Used with no hesitation or remorse. Things that are important go the wayside, People swept away by the streaming tide.  
Bus people really have a lot of time to think.. Weary, they are always on the brink of knowing what's it's all about. Bumping, heaving,  sleeve-to-sleeving their way to work. Yearning to be back in bed, learning they are spiritually dead.. And all
I Stand. The fires burn me and I stand. The people scorn me, and I stand. Darkness hunts me, and I stand.  
Your flame-seared name... It burns... When I learned of you, Dear Flame, The games you play, The hearts you slay, When I found this out All thoughts of you Just went away
Another passing word, 
Looking back now There are many events  I wish I could change. People I trusted, People I loved, People I hated.   Oh how foolishly yound I used to be.
Little WordsCreate the birdWho flew so highHe touched the sky.And when he tumbledTo the sandNo one heardDespite the birdWho got back upAnd tried again.
One for airplanes, heights, ladders, and jumping headfirst  into lakes. Two for condescending,menacing, phony, fakes. Three for waiters, teenagers, blondes and the elderly.
I want to speak one more Language That everybody can easily speak Same as our food and the beverage If not, it means, we are weak  
Do you know how frustrating it is, To be criss-crossed, Overturned, Outnumbered, By men who don’t see my worth?
the greatest crime in the human timeline is that we killed each other enough to think it’s fine for a baby girl to hold a gun, count to nine
Her lips were red like she had been drinking all the poisonousness of this world or the blood of dead roses. Her eyes had a color of regret maybe because she had been thinking and wondering the deepest rooms of her soul,
Bitter and hot, the coffee slides down her throat. Soft, tired eyes stare at nothing. A distant intimacy envelops her.   A mother scrubs at a stain on a shirt.
Люди восхитительны в толпе приятных апельсиновых веснушек вокруг всех будничных пасмурных тушек ты найдешь свое сияние
A Big Blue World Full of Dreams Shimmers Before Me. A Wish
I dye my hair. I play guitar. I create art. But, hey! I'm more than just a semi-realistic stereotype! I'm part of a choral group.  I go to church every Sunday. I love the library.
To you I say this one simple thing, What kinds of people do you see? The man in the food stand by the road, The woman who takes care of toads,
My dreams are so big It’s hurt small minded people They can’t wrap their minds are my big dreams So instead
We humans, we stand united. We humans, we stand so strong. But some rights we are denied and We're told we do not belong.  
To the girl in my fifth period health class whose boyfriend told her she is not allowed to have guy friends.  
The creaturesThey singThe creaturesThey danceThe creaturesThey ringThe creaturesThey glance
Dear faceless words, You've given me so much.  Your voice changes with what you say,  An echo of your many names. As a wandering traveler, you taught me to see beauty.
They are the ones They pick us up when we fall down They have the shadows which guide us They have the strong shoulders that carry us They have the bright minds that inspire us When we need something,
Sixteen years have pasted and I’ve seen the world for what it is, From the boroughs of Western Pennsylvania, to the heart of New York, To the white sand of Daytona and the diversity of Cincinnati.  
Relying on God's Grace and Mercy to Grant us more than we deserve, we take advantage by our mismanagement. It takes only a few precious seconds to do something ordinary, that inturn does extraordinary things in someone else's life.
Fallen leaves and autumn trees A chilly November dawn When dreams won't take flight and wintry whispers wake A man sits alone  
What comes before the calming stormThan chaos, unfiltered, unfettered, noiseDay by day, night after unrelenting nightI am only clear unto myselfFor the ones, them and theyCan not understand, or is it won't?
Conversation with strangers   Young man with eyes so green, with stories on your sleeves Was it love and pain, Or the thrill of freedom   Dear unknown Reserved,
Conversation with strangers   Young man with eyes so green, with stories on your sleeves Was it love and pain, Or the thrill of freedom   Dear unknown Reserved,
to my Sun   Thou supply all need, My riches because of you The harvest of my fruit Forever.  
leave no trace hear the chest rise and fall the laugh echoing underneath the soles of feet camouflaging as pulses and hiding as dust
silence is golden, says everyone yet they never are. silence is a space of quiet,  air that is not full. silence is a person,  who is honored yet never speaks. silence is a powerful wind
                The Black (pt. 2) In seventeen years All the roots have settled The roots are strong, They breathe. In seventeen years Our sun has curated Created Our plentiful harvests
                The Black (pt. 1) I am not sure what I was expecting Here; We have this- This potential And those who chip away at it With their gold encrusted pick axes
We are not our brother’s Keeper but that does not make us his Executioner. What right have we to take other’s lives from them, like a thief in the night?
The earth spins in a constant rotation That no one really can feel  You used to be my axis though I was a boring record With speech impediments   You took residence inside my heart  
I gave you somethingyou probably shouldn’t of receivedI’m weary eyedthinking about how you seemed to lead charming sweet smiledemeanor honest and truthfulwhy did my heart have to be so couthful?
Things have to get better. The way we treat people and how we care for each other. We need to stop judging people for who they are or what they look like. We need to be able to walk A mile in someone else's shoes.
Changing yourself, just to better yourself, just to destroy yourself in the end. Now, your strugging to find the beginning. But, where did you begin?
The weeping willow An interesting fellow. Is she really sad?   Her drooping branches Can hide contempt and sorrow Only known to her.   And i never know If the weeping willow tree
when he walks into the room, there is no room, only people there are no people, only faces and names only voices and thoughts his nonexistent pen glides across the convolutions of his brain
Because you “love” me. I’m left wanting more? With where we stand, You’re still “never sure.”  Because I love you, I ask for “too much” I make myself your wings. You,
Love is fighting Love is arguments and tears Love is uncertainty Love is doubting and fears Love is disagreement Love is pain
What is freedom, really? Is it a group of people in suits, A mob of people saying, "Back to our roots!" Is it a tangible thing that people can hold? The definition of freedom is quite out of reach.
I don't like people, But sometimes you meet some sweet ones. Some wonderful people. Maybe they said "hello" The way they do. Or maybe they just showed you love. They make the world
Broken Fixers.   This life isn't broken. It was never a working thing. The people didn't know. They cry
Right and wrong is no longer definedBy a divided line Morality no longer exists in the human mindTruth has been overcome by compromise and lies
The LORD's Word Creates ocean waves They surf right through my brain The love of the Father Is what keeps me brave If you're interested and bothered To know my inner flame Then Salvation
Humanity is lost and afraidAs I sit here todayI see our world enragedOur soldiers are far awayPolicemen are dying and going to their gravesI look up at the stars and I hear a voice within my heart say
The Princess and the Peace By Sophia de Castro   Once upon a time, There was a princess Who dreamt of the day she would sleep peacefully, Unbothered by the peas underneath her mattress.  
And there were stars in her eyes That glimmered like the waves of the ocean Until one by one people came and snuffed a light out Leaving her eyes as dark as a black hole Instead of as bright as the sun 
Many people want to live the fast life That desire crumbles when they have to confront judgement's knife There is no need to live in strife Just don't go searching for the fast life
It bothers me that there's empty trash cans And trash covered streets People sleeping on warm beds with clean sheets When other people are trying to fall asleep With no pillow on cold hard concrete
The night drags on. It pulls itself from nowhere till dawn. And we all snuggle in our beds, eight hours to make it through our jobs. Girls leach off the men, and the men abuse the woman.
jihadjihadis     what was it?who are they?   Not a bunch of crazywar-fuelledblack-clothedextremists.  
Unable to speak out with all the screaming People trying to be noticed in this vast and unforgiving world Filled with negative energy and unbearable violence
Twenty one point three. Twenty one point three million. Twenty one point three million refugees Half of which aren’t even eighteen, Forced from home simply because,
The world spun as I drove into the sunrise. Past the the piercing dot of orange light, Ants drove around in their cars going nowhere Doing nothing for no one. I watched the sun rise over the ants on the right.
We the people the steeple of our country, that we hold so dear, do salute and sing to this tune even though we do not hear the pleas of  the land and its ancestors, the corruption we bring has been allowed to fester.
NUMBERS   Dedicated to the people around the world who I really want to help. …but I can’t quite just yet.  
America.It is known asThe land of the great.But as days go byIt brims with more and more hate.
People are temporary and when they go away it's scary it's like a part of you dying but half of you is still trying to get back with them, get back to them you're alone in the dark crying
Remember when the sky was blue? When there were no planes nor motors too. The days of travel dragged on and on,  often taking lives like falling flies.   But as time moved on, the hardships were gone.
How long will it take you to realize you are fake? Don't you see, people are leaving you alone, doesn't your heart ache? I thought we were friends, but you are just a nasty snake.
I wrote a poem to choke my sorrow. Like a blot of gauze to staunch the blood flow. Drops of blood drop and drip between my toes, from wound that punctured lung like jagged bone,
We live in a society where defiance of authority is insubordinate. Where the human race individualism comes correlative. To perform an action that the people see as unethical, Yet we struggle in a world that is identical.
I am sad but never mad no one knows why I dont get how people can smile when they see people cry
You seemed to be lost, can you tell me who you are?Your face is familiar, maybe I've seen you without all the scars.That tattoo on your neck, what does it say? “All lives matter” yeah maybe one day.You're a man I can see, can you tell me how…You w
dreams. path. future. past i find these things don't always last  pain. promise. people. places  surrounded by unfamiler faces  another world, oh God's heaven  different eyes, didn't feel i could win 
There are people who love youPeople who hate youPeople who wish they were youBut you’re youThey want to be like BeyoncéOr swag it out like my friend JovanteBut nobody is as great as youBeing you
Did you know people have pain they never show.Everyone has a story hidden in their hearts.Some are hurt; others broken and that's not the worst part.The worst part is you never noticed thisor maybe it was just missed in this consuming abyss we cal
Surrounded by so many faces,a sea of people,Each one unique and different from the other.Each with his/her own storyA unique pastA unique futureBut each has had their fair share of struggles,
Is the head of the spear to blame for the stab?  is the shaft of the arrow not hollow; but full of dread?  Is the sword of a warrior not as blood thirsty as it's master?  is the stone the fault of the sling or the caster?  a battle axe, though anc
If only time could rewind I could take back the words That made me look absurd And utterly out of my mind  
There are cracks in the sidewalk that represent my life;A broken home;A broken family;Needing something to mold to.I've become the flower sprouting throughThat people tend to walk upon.
I couldn’t tell you what I thought at the beginning of this year Every word people said were just words that… Bounced off my ear   I graduated high school with a 4.0 Easy for me, everyone expected me to
In the beginning I always considered myself to be like Sherlock Holmes Logical, a little impractical, stubborn, and Alone. Not by anything other than choice of course. But alone nonetheless  
Oh how the winds have changed all wind blows with the curviture of the earth but not all whip and burst in the same directions   Some winds dash throgh the trees and encourage leaves to dance
We were texting like we always did. He joked around with me like a kid. We were very close friends,
This year I was filled with fearFor the future of our countryFor all the people who go hungryFor those who feel unloved Or ever feel that they aren't enough.This year I learned to guard my tongueI felt so naive and so young.This year it seemedMany
One person stomps another wanders planning there trip accross the map another wiping tears from a lover one experiencing thier best days another at their worst  that person is your neighbor
My body is a metal cage, a stage name— I call it ME. Maybe I should call it THE THING TO BE CONTROLLED. My body is a safety net, the one that I like falling into Most of the time.
There are celebrities who people idolize.They may not know it but it's wrong in God's eyes.Jehovah God is the only one who deserves to be idolized.This may anger some people and some may be sur
To her people were art. Their body, their face Their mind, their thoughts Their secrets, their souls.
People will always be people. no matter how many layers of rose glass we put between us and them, they will always be people.
Too many people don't believe in The Almighty God anymore.They don't believe in him, God is somebody who they ignore.So many of today's people are non-religious, they believe that God isn't real.
The perception of life as we understand it is incorrect. The true purpose of our existence is to produce and reproduce. The extent of our mere being is not to obliterate our environment but to enhance it. 
Look at the girl who carries such grace no one can critique. Look at the boy who falls for her, regardless of how bleak or meek she is.  Now look at the child who kicks the bucket, but then at the one who builds a castle with it.
Close your eyes. Imagine for a moment you wake up because someone is screaming; Imagine that he or she is begging for help; Imagine how the tears fill up your eyes, When you realize that there's nothing you can do.
Seeing people laugh  Making people smile  These are just some things  That make it all worthwhile    What's the point of life?  The point of life is this:  Giving real effort towards 
This is for a people Who drink from half empty cups Are afraid to love a bigger thing For the fear of messing up And this is for a people Who's souls go which a ways And their happiness goes up and down
A question rises out of the dark, Spoken quickly, it darts like a spark   Into the ears of waiting minds   And behind closed eyes the question lies: "For what purpose each day do you rise?"  
You said you'd always be there  but now you don't even care.    I have no no idea who you've become  and it's not just me you walked away from.    It's yourself you gave away 
Hey, girl, Latika, girl Here's a box for you! But don't you worry, Mr. Stein, There's one for you too!   Liu from my math class, This box will do you well. And take this here, Syeeda....
 NOTE: The original looks like the image     Peach  Yawning, the light of a passing day dips the horizon in an apricot die  
I have an illness. I have an illness you cannot see. I have an illness you cannot see that is terminal. I forgive.   I forgive you when you warn me. I should have been more grateful.
I have no one No one has me I am all alone Stuck in a tree The leaves are changing The birds are singing In comes new weather That fall is bringing I have no one No one has me
Beautiful faces,don’t leave beautiful tracesas dying culturesand nude sculptureshave in Rome. We have subcultures of the like:Scene, MOD, Emo, Hipsters,trendsetters that write newsletters
We the (conniving & coy) We the (sullen & somber) We the heartaches the heartbreaks. Quell the earths quakes with equivalent exchange of natural disasters-
It isn’t a masterpiece Though, at times, It can move even Shakespeare, This written language of ours. The art of the mind, Is much sharper a blade Than that of the tongue. I find myself a poet,
This day in age, it always seems The world is bursting at its seams. Brothers dying, Mothers crying, The most bloodshed that heaven's seen. Rapes and bombings everyday..
MARINE I have a soldier lost at sea Drifting away as his mind would be I await this soldier Who I adore Upon the rising shore. Wishing for a storm to bring him back to shore
Gather your friends And everyone you know Bring some food Along with some drinks, too Spread the love
I felt as if the world stopped and shattered. I felt a pang of regret and sadness. I didn't regret being here with you or telling you that I care about you. I regret the way it happened.
Removal of passion was the last resort, the last plan of action. hoping to patch up the wound she left when she tore apart your heart and left it there to remain broken. Lost in the world, you swore you'd never trust someone again.
Oh God.  How did I get here  The world has grown to big I've only grown in fear    This morning. I swear it was this morning. I woke in my mothers' arms    I was so big then.
Silence We live in a world of noise never silent. Even when you want it the most, it is never there. We could be deaf, but we can always hear ouselves. Without noise
Everything we do is so fast And so fragile We don't consider that everything is temporary We plunge ourselves headfirst into everything we do We throw ourselves into out into the world Body first
We all get offeneded This is due to wounds that were never fully mended There is no such place on Earth where something cannot hurt us So why do we continue to fuss My heart longs for those who are hurt
To learnabout variousspirit-tingling thingsaround your own worldthrough the eyes of othersis vital.
Humas are strange. many are sane but at some point they can all be deranged. Humans are strange.  
There's something deep about this love. Deep goes the love that flows from our Father's heart. How far does it go? We don't know, but yet we do know. Because a man died and rose from the grave.
Boom, Boom, Boom. The beat ensares me, blood pumping, my mind, my body breaks free from the cursed ropes of a binding society. In here, they can't know, In here, I go with the flow,
There's nothing you can do without people Without people, you have no phone Without people, you have no reason to use your phone Without people, you don't watch television
One thing.One thought.One idea. I am not a poetBut I know whatI really need. People. I need to believeThat each of my actionsImpacts people. People.
As humans we all need some sort of company Whether its from a stranger, family, or a friend We all live on the same planet Working together each and everyday Helping each other the best we can
If you have ever Walked down a street, You are sure to remember That many people you meet. Not faces, per se, But people still. "Only some will do important things," they say,
Look around  Left Right What happened to my sunlight? The rays of growth  I feel alone Cuz in this world people don't exist, right? I loved the way my lover touched me
Humans are creatures of communication and of isolation. Like a mixture or light and darkness, a perfect shade of grey. Other people give us purpose and thoughts, without one or the other, we perish.
Let me try to explain, this is not what I mean: 
What can't I live without? Some may say a tiny little screen that acts as a suitcase for our lives
the day everyone leaves my side is the day I die inside with no one left could I survive on my own?        
 Hi   I'm here to tell you a story A story about me Or you Or him Or her Or those two over there Or the ones walking behind me    Hi   I'm here to tell you that We are alike I'm here to tell you that blood flows through my veins Sharp objects can
                A human being, sentient and breathing, cannot truly live without seeing.                 If eyes are windows to the soul, then all you know comes through your pupils.                 But count the eyes first.
A burden becomes a bond With four neglected words, but “Can I help you ma’am/sir” Were lost in this fast paced world We don’t take the time to ask because
How are you my dear? They always ask, don’t they? Day after day the strangers inquire, Though not a single one aspires To actually shun
People, people, people, we need people We need others to push us to improve Without them our good character is removed
Ever selfish gulls are rising in arcs,Knowing the waves and moreIn their squabble. Watching waves isn't watching water. They fight like the gulls. Restless and cooking,They're one, long groan.
The taste of despair slowly passing through my lips as I swallowed. Into the dark alley people joke and smoke blowing air onto my shoulders. Where are you from you don't belong here written a long the walls.
Materialism  A word descriptive of our current society A generation that's become submissive to this culture. Numb to everyone else's feeling or thoughts yet
Someone died here Maybe moss grows on their bones They are forgotten Blood spilled into the soil Echoes the only thing that remains   They are long dead Maybe moss grows on their bones
knowing when to stand down being aware of when to shut up allowing ideas to form without speaking them all will pay off in the end
There will be world peace but only when Jesus Christ returns.We will be resurrected whether we are buried in the ground or are ashes in urns.Everybody will be friendly to each other, racism will be a thing of the past.
Catching the snowflakes as they fall The taste of winter cold and clear  Staring at the frosty swirls etched upon the windows adoringly The heavy blue clouds entrap the sky in their folds Winter has descended   
I. In All Likeliness   The overweight mid-forties man, In the blue button up and beige cardigan, Pacing between the arrivals board and baggage claim,
When Jesus resurrects us in the future, we will live in paradise.There will be no sickness and no deaths, it will be very nice.Everybody will be best friends, we will all get along.
We die because Adam and Eve sinned.That is why our lives come to an end.Sin is what makes people grow old and frail.Sadly, we die because Adam and Eve failed.
Jehovah God becomes angry when people lie.It isn't always easy to tell the truth but we must try.I've lied to people in the past, sadly that's true.But in the future that's something I'll try not to do.
Jehovah God likes it when we thank one another.It brings him a lot of joy when we thank others.When somebody does something kind for us, we should say thank you.
Yeah, let it be they say But nah, what’s the point of it? When life isn’t rife with objectives   You got to hand it to them, what’s life without discipline?
Years has is it become Seeing eye to eye But very words Gave thrills and shrills To both, separated By approx. of 618.6 km And taking a 8 hour long travel Reaching by 7 in the morn  
Before one of theKorean’s sang his songs of fameWith his friend being greenTo the galaxy around And even before a job of a fruitBecame famous with its i'sWith which it cooks itself even now
It is amazing How one thing Can trigger multiple Memories A scent A place A song  A person An object AAnd what happens To those memories When we get older 
She sits at home all day people call her lame little do they know, she has a job a job that deals with razorblades
She sits at home all day people call her lame little do they know, she has a job a job that deals with razorblades
Life is a gift we should not take,Love from the heart we should not break.Memories, there are so many,And people we know, well, I know plenty.Our purpose here, I do believe,Is to give our gifts, not to recieve.
It was you But it was I It was us together we were unstoppable Black and white Then life It was just a dream Blue and clear Reject and hurt I cried a river For it was a dream
                                             When I became a Man
I’m Standing right in front of you 
WE are humans WE are loving WE are forgiving  WE are judging
 Blue eyes look at me,  My dark skin is defined by the dirt and sweat of  cotton fields, My skin has been beaten, bruised and burned The darker I am the more I'm tortured, The blue eyes are evil,
Dear No One,
In the end, they're all blurs. Passing through the streets, some stopping to say words at me Fewer seeking the words that I can give to them. Unsure. Each next one more insecure than the one preceeding.
I find myself suffocated under this mask The list is streaming, people-pleasing an endless task. Wishing I could break it off, but oh how vulernable I would be If only I could see, the world as it is.  
Jehovah is wonderful and he deserves everybodys trust.But we're not essential to his existence, he doesn't need us.He doesn't need us but he does want us because he's full of love.
I was put on this earth to be somebody  not to please anything
Am I the child that begs? The child that wants more, Because I'm hungry but not for food? Am I the child that crawls? The child on hands and knees, Because I can't take a step but can walk?
It is hard, but what isnt At the same time it is so fragile and soft Why must a gift be so corrupt and sad We are human with emotions Except sometimes emotions get in the way
Feelings are a matter of perspective. We can dwell on them, allow the waves to crash over our lives in crescendos of pain, euphoria, anger, and fear.
he hands of Time seem at rest, but with a simple, steady beat they move toward an eternity unknown to the world.  
I think you all know this, To God we do belong, To him we depend, Let him be your friend, For he is always there for you.
There's this girl I know, she made my life change.  My friend introduced us one day. Despite looking bad, She must've thought I was rad. We started slow, as friends, not moving fast.
God will never forsake people but many have forsaken him.We need God now more than ever because things are so grim.Many have chosen to forsake God and live such sinful ways.
I love the people. Even if,             I don't think they need it.             I don't think they want it.             I don't think they know it.             I don't think it even helps.
Life is the sum of experiences, That we encounter as we go through every day and every second. Life is awesome. So awesome, that people on earth can’t believe what we see.
People will believe things that they choose to believe Most don't see the reality behind what their eyes show them Then again, we can't change the way they are When in fact, this is how we believe what people really do
All of our lives intertwined; so connected but so distant.
In your colossal columns of sand and grit are buried, forgotten under barrels of fresh paint, Kaleidoscopes of vision and neon colors. fast. Bumper-to-bumper on 95.
Jesus left Heaven to be one of us and God allowed his only son to go.Jesus died so that people will not be sent to the Lake of Fire below.Jesus performed miracles.He was truly remarkable.
The world is a place full of people they are everywhere, covering every inch of the earth
Love blooms like pretty eyelashesunsuspecting fly landsvicious Venus snaps her preyrips him to shredssucks him dryheartlessa carnivorous plant! .
Peel off my layersas we flip through feelingslike perusing some brain file.You're so indiscriminatewith your oh-so-inconsequentialattitude seething mythical fury.When real love flees
In cold varietal fashionWith stone-faced disregardShe sashays the runway of hungry eyesWith a made up heartAnd painted faceExposed to all in frilly laceThe cover under where she'll hide
There was a fundamental disconnectas he thrust out his hand to shakemine and missed three feet wide.One eye looked off left and the otherseemed to stare right through me.
Liquid bodiesfluid mindswhy not heartsthat freely pour?They congeallike Jell-O on ice—for a timethen calcifyin reticent mineralitycompounding the granite wall
So many thingsI'd never doare done and that is allthese many thingsI hate I've doneare done—I can't recall;But if I couldgo back in timeundo what I have wrought,would it still
Fossil fashions,The relics of yesterday,I dig through my drawers.TV, radio, papers, people,A thousand words a second,A downpour floods my garden.The sun shines on all,
In the darkness you can see not a soul see not a soul but your own so there you are alone with familiar stranger feeling like you're in danger surrounded by who knows what the mystery weighs way too much
Rain, Rain Some say you're pain. You can destroy a community to which there is no immunity.
I saw you lying prostrate in your bed of bones and crumbs
People always wonder why the greatest & most loved people leave us. We are all flowers in a beautiful a garden. Some of us more beautiful than others, whether it be because of our actions, or simply our hearts of gold.
My Shrink is on Xanax 
No one has time, But there's always time To complain. No one sees, But they do. No one cares In this world We once called home. I only know What I've been told,
A love day filled with joy and laughter. Went to the cinema after. A breeze of beauty passed me by. Acknowledgement and denial, My normal self but still a cosmic pawn. Choices are given, options limited.
I am a wanderer I allow myself to explore the outer reaches of my mind and world
I am a wanderer I allow myself to explore the outer reaches of my mind and world
Two cultures can get me twisted, The white community is always listed, When filling out my race,
1 mississippi, 2 mississippi, 3 mississippi, 4 mississippi, 5 mississippi. I just wasted 5 seconds of my life. 6 mississippi, 7 mississippi, 8 mississippi, 9 mississippi, 10 mississippi.
The man behind the photo is unknown his true nature are within the pixles of a picture his facial expression like the cover of a book
There you are again And here come the tears I try to defend myself But it never works   There you are again Why are you mad? You broke it off You hurt me too  
It is 4:43 am, & nothing feels rightI am tossing and turning, 
It is the way each gear ran perfectly, The way the ticks lined up. It was how the metal clashed with me, It couldn’t get enough. Let’s fall, Let’s rise, Then stall, Then surprise.
  You have one heart, love as much as you can. You have one brain, always be willing to learn. You have one soul, be peaceful. You have two lungs, appericate every breath you take.
  A relationship with another human being is such an amzing thing
I don't wear makeup  I don't dress to impress  And I have no filter, so it's been said Maybe I should buy one but I don't don't have the time Cause it takes forever to come up with a rhyme  
Where the air flows fresh and crisp And life radiates shades of green And orange and red and colors That run deeper than the scars Of the Earth; Where the grasp of man halts, Giving way to nature,
Everytime you start a story with once upon a time It has to end with "and they all lived happily ever after" Sounding in a rhyme Ending with laughter My story doesn't
I am of flesh I breath sin I keep to myself what lies within   But do express And I'll give you notice When storms draw near I feel their closeness   Love one love all
Where I’m From
Green sap oozing from great gashes  in trees into paper, furniture, and houses all for human needs like the great stashes of black oil oozing.... into lakes, rivers, and streams
There is no human “norm” Black ink writing forget-me-not notes on your skin, You’ll hear future melodies Where people dance euphorically exhausted Dousing pale cheeks with spirit heated
It starts off small, feeling rising
I know tonight we had a fight
Ive started seeing the universe in everything. And that is why when i am in nature i am full of joy. because i know that everyone has a bit of blue sky in them  and even when the dawn approaches,
Tati who has wings like a blanket and asks who loves him who is wind and a rock and a shoulder who is a trailblazer and an alarm clock whose hair is like the breath of a kite,
What is money without those you love Everyone wants grip allow me to be the glove You wonder why the stars get coked up While there are people struggling to get coated up
Feed a pigeon,Breed a rat.A survivor is born.One for one.
  Her morning turned worse And inside every detail would seem to radiate change Like oiled chrome paint with unexpected comfort The driver glimpsed ahead, Steering down, the expanding ride,
Heart And Hustle I can do it.
Baby, I've been thinking about us lately, The way I smile when I'm in your arms, How you make me feel safe and at home, I just wanted to let you know, I love you, and I don't want to live without you, so lets forget about tomorrow, Lets forget abo
We are a messed up generation We hurt the ones that love us the most and love the people that couldn't give two shits about us Time has warped my view as to what the word "love" really means Some of us confuse it 
Do you remember the first time we met You showed me Love that I'll never forget As time went by me and you got real close
I have been told "Where there is a will, there is a way" When I grow old I want to see Christ walk my way   I have been blessed with many gifts Somehow I want to use them
My motto is-
Throughout my years, I've been broken down and I've been built up. I've loved and I've lost. I've changed others and I have changed. I've drank and I've smoked. I've cried
Looking through my perilous soul I see nothing but a toll Is this me I see in this photo Or just a way to fit in with a motto Nothing ever seems the same With filters getting all the fame
I am a pile of leaves waiting to be affected by the winds of time; Scared of what the future holds. I lay here calm and collected,  my emotions trapped inside; Bursting at the seems, my sanity is wavering.  
                                                Husky throats,
Everyone thinks they know me but really do they
You call me selfish when I try to be selfless.
Want to hold your hand, It's right there for me to grab, I feel close to you, I'd hate to see you go, don't.     
Life is like a camera,
You thought you knew my name But all that time all you saw an image Looking down and up "Yo!!! mame..."   Don't insult me I thought why don't you be like them gentlemen... I can't stand you!!!
Strangers that had a past. Enemies that had a bond. Two seperateminds, two seperate hearts. Trying Failing Hurting The force grows stronger But it never touches. Civil War of the heart.
I was fifteen before I realized that no one could ever love me as much as I loved me And a revelation of poetic, creative, fertile ideas were released inside of me
To strive and hold is what matters most The love we have sometimes hard to control We can fight and argue all day long But in the end we know whom we belong  
Life isn't what I thought, It's full of mystery... Too fast and short, too bad too good, Different people different manners, Too hot too cold, too lively too dull,
Laughing Smileing Shy Sad Scared Angry
Family… The definition of it: is a group of persons who came from the same ancestor Sadly though no one wants a family anymore From the generation that has now been born
love is nothing to pease war is death to us all between god an angels the war is small to us love is all peace inposible war always untll we are dmned etween devils and god we're left for dust
Break away from everything. Are you aware of whom you are? Remember when you were little and you knew Exactly what you wanted in life?  
I pop Xanax like it's candy, Because the doctors told me to keep it handy.  
Silently angry of an arguab
As we walk on this world Full of anger and hate Nos vemos nosotros getting dirty of it De lejos venimos to look for a dream Un sueño, that makes us forget what really exists
Yesterday I thought I was dead My pen was gone My brush had disappeared My brain was lost The clouds were gray And the sky was black The rivers were full of blood
When I first laid eyes on your goregous caramel skin, round brown eyes, and cheeky smile I nearly fainted And so did my parents I could not keep this love a secret I would not have it
Do you think she knows? The way she moves, Giggling-groveling-grooving She cares too much of who approves.   Do you think she knows? How she makes the world turn, Living-loving-leaping,
You wear a mask like me. We can both see it, But neither of us have the courage to say it. You always go above and beyond for me:    You sacrificed your time       To relieve my pain
I’m not who you think me to be; I’m not a sweet innocent girl, waiting or searching for love. I’m not a delicate little flower, waiting to bloom.  
The feeling of depression bogs you down, all the negatives are collapsing over and over again. No one is there, and no one can help, No one knows you, and you are all alone.
People decided to shun So he turned to the 
I told my family the other day.
2000 chances were handed out in hopes that they would never be used  the number on the cards and people waiting for just one call to come in confused   2000 pieces of hope were believed in
People make this world go 'round. 
They say if you see someone you used to care a lot about
Have you noticed that the clouds move fast when there's no wind did you know that they move slow when thunder breaks upon
When we bleed it's crimson red when we cry our tears are clear we say words that have been said
Its been said money makes the world go round, what does marry do?  what is once lost will one day be found. is that true? what goes up, will come back down?   does anyone have a single clue?
Beyond the shadowy, pitch-black night, A new morning's beacon begins to ignite, Now dawns a day in which you will see, The people's will has set them free.   For all I want to give this nation,
                                                                                                RESPECT Respect is earned It shouldn’t be taken for granted It is shown to anyone who deserves it Respect is earned
She smiles so deeply that it leaves imprints on her cheeks. Her laugh brings joy to others that are far beyond her reach.
I always wanted to be different, to have those pretty words roll over my tongue and fit in the cacophony of sounds i didn't want to sit by myself at the lunchroom, wanted a crowd of admirers  I wanted recognition
The tree laughs Children play below On a hot summer day so slow The tree is shade And the tree likes offering aid The tree smiles A couple look deeply into each other's souls
Tea on a Sunday  evening Two young girls  hide behind their words their illustrations small talk eludes dark realities too afraid to address the monster in the closet
  Negative thoughts Leading to Emotional distraught Making appearances that only seemed to be of neglect Heartbroken to realize that people will never see you prosper Your hard work neglected
There is a beauty in everything There is a beauty in simplicity In the simplicity of a smile That shines as bright as the sun that warms every inch of my body In the simplicity of laughter
Who do I write for you ask? Will I ever be heard? I write hoping someone will listen. Someone…anyone.   I write for the women who have been exiled by their friends,
The battle rages The war goes on. Some fight to kill, Some have a code.
Welcome to show one and all
Take them off! Take them off! Show us who you really are! Let us see Thy true face Thy true fears And thy true hates   There's a nod from a performer A smirk from a magician
Be yourself they say  its ok your no different from the rest  But as soon as you choose to step out the closet Its like your all a mess You cant be different if you have a mindeset  of everybody else
makeup is a breakup  and makeup is a lie
I always hear the words from men and women, they say to me that i'm not who they thought I'd be, should this offend me or should I just let it be, let them believe that I can be who they see of me,
They gave into cars And now they hardly walk They gave into TVs And now they hardly exercise
I've got you in my bare hands. Yet it's as if I am at your command. It's no wonder you have a reputation for being so witty. You know my secrets and at times they're for you to keep.
I see my world through my eyes, We're all given life but everyone dies. You might be blue and i could be pink, But that diference should'nt influence how we think. We could hear something and swear its the truth.
How much  glorification, can one
 person endure
 before becoming
 the person everyone
 wants them to be, instead of the person
The Making of a Leader A leader.....who is leader? Many are they in sight, Many that I see, But one stands out, not because of her skills it seems But for her deficiences.
I like to scream I like to shout I like to faithfully cast those negative thoughts out I think big I imagine wild I'll go the distance for my travel crave mile-to-mile But once indroduced to another mind
You can love me. You can hate me. It doesn't matter what you think of me, becuause I am me. You will not change me,. I am bold, bright, a star amoungst stars.
Why is it that I dream under this black sky again Why do i feel as though i cannot see My heart aches  But i still dont know  What to say to you I close my eyes again Today i must say it
 What do you see? Those people With deep colored skin, And coarse kinky hair,
Why must we hide Why must we apologize Why must we be criticized For who we are inside   I see no reason to lie People are monsters Hating those who just want   To love  
Trust me, you don’t want to know The thought that just flew through my head A game of quid pro quo with the status quo This cache of nostalgia makes my dread drop dead I keep craving for resolution
Sometimes we are bling Even when the things we look for Are so easy to find Refusing to stop and think
I’ve heard America’s laughter and see smiles on their face I’ve heard America’s words to others, a disgrace I’ve felt Americas sorrow and anger from their mothers I’ve seen America’s racism and how one can act toward others I’ve witnessed America
I see people. They walk past quickly Quickly forgotten. They are all the same But me, I wish to be different. I want to stand apart from the crowd Not in it. I see people.
The problem with society  Is everyone wants to famous  Nobody  cares how Nobody knows why Nobody cares just how they get there We all want those fancy hollywood houses Showing them off on MTV
Most of the time We try to look at someone else's eye's Try to understand through their covered lies But what we do not realize Viens throb from shameless drugs that mezmorize When their mama cries
I am who I am.  This I cannot change I try to fit the molds of other people  I want to please others, But when I try,  I am unhappy.    He says I should be a doctor.  A doctor. 
Heavy expectation, brings on mental exacerbation, searching for demonstrations, to lead this tired wayward nation,   Brought on by many cases, of tasteful vs. tasteless,
The way they live, eat, and dress It's sad to look, for you do not care I like to look because I truly care Do you ever think of those people? I do.   Watching them steal or beg for a dollar or two.
Worthless Numbers
The family next door just bought a vase. Venetian glass, they tell us. Very fancy. Took a lot of money and effort to get here.   It looks beautiful, sitting silently on the table.
  You’re not socially awkward Nor are you any sort of awkward But, what’s awkward is When you say that you are When you know damn well you are not. 
Beauty in individuality, Everyone seems to think with the same brain, Singularity is a rarity, Gather us and tie us with the same chain.   People wish to seek social acceptance,
Why can’t we just throw it all away? Just let the hate lie and not let it consume us; Why we have to fight each other. We are all the same inside.  
What Makes Me Tick   The sound of scratching, On a chalkboard. Using a pen and not putting the cap back on;
Engulfed in the darkness within me as it bleeds out,
He said, 'I pity that old woman, ' but ran away when she asked for help.
I always wanted to bethat girl;too brilliant to resisttoo pretty to dis,that girl that stops trafficwalking down the street.That's the pretty girl, I wanted to be
It isn't just 26 letters put together
Social Media     Facebook -   Making a page that will deliberately describe what I want to say.
Stories told as a child, Of the dead walking a while. Today a girl walks on the bus, Surrounded by people, yet so alone. Mouth gaped open, eyes glued Missing the sky that’s shinning blue.
My skin is whiter than the snow that kisses the peaks of the mountains My roots are more knarled than the roots of an aged willow My hair, my eyes, my mouth None of them are ordinary.  
People are people Some are annoying, some are cool Some are girls, and some are boys
Numerous giants stand straight and tall While ignorant mortals to and fro run The sun will soon hide its glorious light From a city that is much too busy Yet superficial stars will still glow
Love is pain, Love is sadness. Love is misery, Love is beautiful.   Death is destructive, Death is tormenting. Death is feared, Death is beautiful.   People are horrid,
Broken people,Lost and delirious.Where to go from here?Their empty, colorless eyes look at me,Begging for relief.For sympathy.I am continually saddened by their state,
The eyes of the dead.
Question. Pain. Life. Mystery.
On one day A man was born Unique in Spirit But in body was none He was never timid or ever shy An Honest man that never told a lie But in one second his mana was swept
To me everything means something from the words you say to the way you act.
Thoughts zing here and there But I don't know exactly where I ponder life and all that matters What if everything shatters I see life change all around You can see it in the trees and on the ground
Around it we feel like we are part of something greater. Around it we proclaim our ideas and express them for the world to judge if they are good enough,
Heart Poundng Red Blood Inhales, Exhales
The world today is filled with hardship and poverty,                  filled with people struggling just to get by.                                 from the United States to Europe, poverty is everywhere.
Why do we fight?
People do not see what is in front of them
I've learned how to speak and to stand on my own two feet
Personally I believe
HumansVile BeingsOnes who judgeBased on face and featuresRather than actions and words
Of course, ears tend to lean to sweet summer gleam; of gossip as gold as honey. And tongues tend to slip, words through the lip; of tasteless thoughts and money. Eyes tend to wander, too low at the neck,
Life of a bully oh how it must be to have people cower all over your feet Storming and raging, even the skies are afraid of who ever would come across you and your rage  
The fllwing poem is two Elizabethan sonnets placed back-to-back.     Evolution favors those most adept. It favors those with knowledge to move on. So while the giraffes with the short necks slept,
People are like clouds. So hopeful to see the world, and what is has to offer. But after time, you get broken down. You get whisped away into a million pieces. No one remembers you
This girl, she lives a normal life everyday, she wakes up, gets ready and goes to school. She is physically there but not mentally or emotionally.
Oh I'm lost in the world Lost in a world called life Running  around trapped Trapped in the world Oh I'm lost in the world Trapped in the mind Trapped in time Craving Clarity..
If everyone were kinder
The waste is not made clear, the shame never seen. The darkness covers all things, yet we believe we're clean. "I am shameless," we pridefully say, Then hide our feelings by the end of the day.
  Welcome, to the world in which we live. Every one of us is looked down upon, Antagonized, Rendered as a menace to society.
Sitting at a table with strangers, complaining, complaining, and more complaining: "Holy hell, can these people never be pleased?"  That thought ran through my head as I was chewing up the terryaki chicken.
humanity:world peace! humanity:fight fire with fire.   parents:be yourself! parents:stop being who you are.   humans:love thy neighbor! humans:god hates fags.  
The "R" word If I could change one thing in this world, It would be how people use "retard"
They often don't think before they speak, Some words are strong,  While others are weak.  Some people are different, Some are strange. But those who are selfish, They must change.
The youth have a caring wisdom we discard, The vast expanse of their world stretched out So beautiful, young minds yet to be marred With the reality of ego, money, and clout.
If Time passes like the wind is it really that Important? If people die every day do their lives even mean a thing? Why are we even here if we will just pass away someday? Why are we existing
Frustration is an act that no man should endure To sit and think  To wait and worry
People are just people who are people regardless of their color, I just found this out.   They have their likes and dislikes disinterests and passions.   Some are simple
I feel as if I'm a block of chalk who nobody sees Why can't I be seen? Because so many personalities stand out way more pronounce than me I am merely a shadow in their presences
Sweet scents swirled in the night all for naught no one could smell it; The brilliant red, radiant petals
When looking into your eyes The brown flecked storm of hurt and goodbyes Bores into you while a cement truck paves a new road for you to venture on by When looking in your eyes The pupil goes wide
Sometimes you have to laugh At the lack of things to smile about
 You can see me within   All too easily Like peeking through a window.   I hope there’s a glare,
Wind screaming, trees rustling, birds wallowing. The world indulged in this darkness.  road signs staggering, black clouds consuming, grey shadows overpowering. Absorbed in habitual patterns. Wake up. Go to work. Come home. Watch television.
Once I had a friend Once I changed locations She had made the preparations of my departure from there to here I didn’t think much of it she was so worried of our end
you can play the part.
Every thought is documented, across the globe, throughout the day. Personal life—an open book; online for the whole world to see, and prey.   The drama, the agony, the hoots, and the tears;
  The Sun sets every noon at twelve o’clock in June. Square shell feathers chirping in their square straw nests, Hung in the middle of a tree, Whose grown in line like army rows, missing leaves.  
The bombardment of booms that echoed the groundsSt
Tomato cheeks, Sparking hair, disarrayed cloth, empty chair, young cold, filing lines, full chair, similar voice, no face, one blue sky, pairs of shoes,
i love jake  hes so beautiful  he wants to touch me  his words make me feel good  i let jake touch  he said everythings going to be ok  i listend  jake made me feel good 
As one piece of iron sharpens another, we need to keep each other sharp. We need to encourage each other. An enemy might be able to defeat one of us, but not when the two of us stand back-to-back to defend each other.
Who are we? What are we? Where did we come from? When we got here? How? Questions Americans need to ask themselves. Before we say the word IMMIGRANT to anyone,
Student, teacher, successful, failure.
Would you just suck it up already? The complaining, the whining, the pouting, the absolute insanity. You don't know how good you've got it. You're ignorant to those who suffer.
People come in and out of our lives everyday
It was a peaceful little town, said the tall grass fields.  Always full of life, said the pear trees. People would stop by to say hi, said the stone steps.
Life is hard, life is tough, it knocks you down, sucks you dry, even when you had enough you can't hide, running will make it even more rough, stand strong, will it out, no matter how hard,
In a swarm of scattered souls Lie traveling whispers in our ears And yet the decent one stands alone over there   And even from afar the whispers were clear Whispers shouldn’t be that loud
The way we see ourselves is a very powerful thing. It not only builds or breaks the fortress around us it allows others to step into our realms and puncture our castles. It displays vulnerability and hides destruction.
Wisdom emanates from the simplest of conscious beings,
BLACK By David Harris   So many times I’ve heard, “You don’t act black”, And to this day I still don’t understand, How does one act a color? Do I be decrepit, ugly, or dark?
The birth of our nation, with colors red, blue and white We will never forget, people willing to fight Tyranny heald the people in chains But heroes were born, fighting in snow or rain
Some are tall some are small some walk and some crawl some are white some are yellow some say buddy others say fellow But the worst thing of all my people
people today think they know what respect truly is, when they don't even respect the opinions of others.
Humans are drugs to me. Tucked together in a cabinet out of neccessity. I'm a fool, popping person after person. Each package labelled with the empty promise of progression.
Innevitability: we all must go to school.
The thought of liking someone
Puffy eyes; sleep deprived.
I am here.
You are a plague, a sickniss, a damn fever that won't go away.
Out in public You can get looks For the way You blow your smoke Not giving a damn  Who walks by And you still  Swear like a sailor  On the phone
Waves crash against the shore, A storm is on its way. I cling to my desk in a bitter hope That it will all pass over me.   But as they walk by, Their lightning strikes— Cold, hard stares
People may walk by  But it doesn't mean you have to. When someone is in need It is the time to distiguish yourself. The little difference to helping to not Will make you the better person in this world.
I know what you think of me, I don't care. You see who I am, you don't know. She really cares about me, she can't feel. He feels the way I feel, He doesn't hear.
To the "dear" Mrs. Langerman. How dare you take advantage of a young child. She was innocent, sweet and mild. Just because of her race you stood there Discriminating and staring with that dark stare.
The fields of war, we all cry, Let’s take a moment and take a big sigh. This isn’t what life should be! Let’s just get along, you and me. Let’s have the peace fly!   War is nothing but a sad, sad lie,
Dear Diary, I'm. Mad. No excuse me that's not what I meant to say-I meant to say I'm pissed off.
The voices I heard in my head are so loud, discombobulated, overbearing, That it makes me wonder how you can be so sure about what the hell you are talking about!
I walk in late to class again , but I do not care. The lessons you write up are incomprehenisble,  and Your monotone voice has left me to just stare. My eyes are wide open , but I'm not paying you any attention.
      Competition in this generation marks the determination of H.I.P.H.O.P We will be those who carry insanity
"...and we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men were created equal..." 1776; It was a constitutional statement that society swore under the honor of god But isn't it odd
Each day before they parted they told her,“Remember”.So she did,she remembered,keeping their facesnext to her heartand listening to their voicesin the silence of her mind.
Run in circles like a mouse in a trap. Squeak, squeak: "I’m a victim. Everyone else is a cat  Playing with the end of my tail. " Only the strongest shall avail.
So black and white You'll never understand The smudges and strokes Of my untrained hand   The lines and confines of my several binds That bind and tie lies to those who must die
We blame others for what they can't be But we cover ourselves in false identities With our selective perception We ignore those we can't see But hide in lies and obscurity It may be hard to believe
Red and green bows Puffy, flared skirts Ballerinas, An instructor standing in the middle of the hall All attention focused on him With his long staff in hand And then I see them The girls,
I am Shapeless. A Villian to an arching Hero. I am a Pest. A Slug. A Menace. Forget MANKIND. I am pushed. Punched,  tugged in all sorts of directions. Do I have a mind of my own? Again,
Wish I was colorblind Differences weren't relevant  Soon as I was to find A dog is not an elephant   But what about the hurt so important color sep'rating whites from dirt
Every morning prior to the bedlam of alarm clocks,a smile sat royally on the throne of her majestic face.One arm thoroughly rested across her abdomen,why the other searches for an abeyant lover that
Walking down the street Its more than a dream Its the reality that makes my soul want to jump out of me What I see is a frightening sight All different faces but no difference inside
At the end of the day everything is done for a single idea. A single feeling. And that is happiness.   Happiness is not an object. It is not a person place or thing.
People are unpredictable. If you think they are who they say they are, then you're wrong from the start. You can only know somebody, if you truly know their heart. But how will you know that if they cover up their scars,
Unlike raindrops Two people cant be in the same place at the same time They can be next to each other But they cannot be where the other is Unless of course those two people are the same person As one they join Like water falling from the sky, the
  I used to steal everything All my jewelry and perfume But you can’t steal from a coffee shop So that’s where all my money went   I knew a girl who took fire to her arms
  we got to thinking, well,  what if people  weren’t people?  he was: that small record store, the one you’d see on the corner filled with music and books and beauty
  Brace all of those that you meet. This life is not certain, it is not steady…But the power to control it is within yourself. Believe in the best in others, but be wary of the misfortune they may bring.
We are undefined by words alone, the ones who stand, the rolling stones. They will say stand out in a crowd and try something newBut heaven forbid that you actually do.
Darkened skies, and places of dismayViolence, deaths are the best way to describe todayMalevolent personalities and families that strayHomeless people, jobless people, tend to struggle everyday
No matter what your name is, where you were born, what language you speak, where you live, the amount of money you have, how tall you are, how much you weigh, what your name is, what you look like. We humans are all the same and equall.
Why can’t you believe that I deserve it all? Is it because I am young, I am black? Because I’ve answered the call? You claim success is colorblind, that any can achieve,
    Dying White Rose A beautiful white rose with petals so bright. She clings to the ground hoping for life. She's short of air; She can not breathe;
  I can’t figure this out. Do we change throughout life? Or one person the day we were born, And the same when we depart? Take colors. The day you were born You were red.
How are feelings expressed? Through words? Through voice? Just one sound or one word can illuminate ones heart,  it grows and becomes a never ending cycle. It continues to grow until it spreads across the world like a wildfire,
Things change Nothings the same  Life goes on ... Someone gets killed  People get ill  Life goes on ... Things get better  You learn to accept   Life goes on ...
Tell it as it is. We have multiple ethinicities. Multiple sexualities. Multiple religions. Multiple desires. Multiple needs. Multiple looks. Multiple situations. We have one thing.
Lifes not about what you stand to loose or gain But Who you stand for Why you stand What you stand for Where you stand And How you stand. Life is the sweet memories you make with others
forthcoming opposition is a blessing. you should be worried when you're not sure when the attack will start   the echoes of malice are a blessing. you should be worried when the whispers of hatred
(First time recording from probably a year ago... Flow is to be tampered with still and an ending is still debated.)
How could you fight the unknown with no remorse? When they are simply… the unknown? Like in wars, or battles How could you go about, scream and shout, over people you have never seen?
We’re living in a contradicting society A society where most protest against abortion But in the same breath look down upon teenage pregnancy A society where parents point a stern finger telling you what not to do
Cast off Sea winds light. Laying along the gunwale, I drape my arms Skimming the heavy blue A warm body, irresistible, so cohesive Unstoppable motion Sacred air Face of calm, archaic organisms
Why you? The one i adore. Why you? The one with a high score. Why you? Who seem so real. Why you? The one whos skin always peel. Why you? Who makes my blood boil. Why you? Who's mind is soiled. Why you? Who sweeps my mind. Why you?
Three out of four was the turn out. Growing up in a single parent household, College Park, Ga 30349 was my hood until my mother found a way out. Moved us quite a few times, then we hit Henry County.
Do you see that being black is a state of mind? That we have moved beyond the whips and the chains, and have moved on to the place where everyone is kind.   But wait. Everything good is white.
People Only human We make mistakes We mess up and try to fix it Only then do we realize That it's too late.  Too Late. We are people. People of a hope that binds us.
Time Neither here nor there, Untouchable, Unchangeble  Still changing, Always twisting What are you? Apparition, Spirit? Moving soundlessly  Constantly Your never ending song
Love joy peace to these we wish to comply The morals of which our ancestors applied We try to reach humanity with our peace talks and love speeches
As life goes on, we dwindle away,  From fighting and lying, everyday. We place ourselves to lose the race,  By putting ourselves in a never-ending chase:  To be the best  To be number one 
The artificial smiles, the spewing lies, The uninterested lovers, and partners in crime, The "must focus" and pushes as the way to the door, The success of our futures is what we were here for,  
I like the way people fidget when they stand -  When they’re not quite comfortable,  Unsure of their feet, where to direct their eyes, or the trailing of sentences..
Earth Where injustice and immorality are the norm Where bloodshed and betrayal occur daily Where the few dominate over the many Where war has become reality and generations are raised in conflict 
What are we, the people of today?All living a life, without much to sayMinor differences, amongst each otherBut all alike, one way or another
We stand to fall, We run to crawl, We laugh to cry, and we live to die. No matter what turn you take, your actions all lead to fate. The fate at the end of the road you're on, 
What does being black really mean? Is it what's being represented on TV? Does it relate to a status quo, or what you truly know?   Isn't it just the pigment of one's skin,
The gates open for a vagabond with a smile, a clown with no home who has lived all alone, who never stays for a while. His hopes and dreams as it seams is to bring joy to the masses
Some people keep secrets like they’re going out of style, Like they’re a form of currency, And if they don’t have enough they’ll go broke. And others, well, they give them out to any ears willing to listen,
(poems go here) We hold these truths to be self-evident, that if you are a minority then you are  irrelevent. And If you're not using drugs, then you must be selling it. Living in a world, where girls are no longer celibate
It hurts to love you.
They devoured her They saw her with greedy eyes and decided to feast They came upon her suddenly She in all her glory They covered in deceit Wove illusions of inspired beauty And stole from her
I write for society I write for life I write for the power To say what's on my mind
My life is weak sauce. Not bad for what it is, but still. You exemplify gloriously what I’m not even close to having: You know more words and more ways to talk. You stand eight inches taller and look ten tons stronger.
I am a parasite. I feed from the fear and pain of the cowards; the unfaithful fall as I consume their souls. I devour their sense of direction, hindering their escape.
I am a parasite. I feed from the fear and pain of the cowards; the unfaithful fall as I consume their souls. I devour their sense of direction, hindering their escape.
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Change The World What is the World? The World is a whole, the world is a concoction, the world is US. What is Us? Us are the people, We are Us? No! We are the people. What are the People?
Dashing left, dashing right. Through the trees, through the night. The sound is near, the woods are hushed. Barks ring out, flowers crushed. Sounds of the noble hunt flow and as the sounds of the dog grow
I look up and down every hallway of my life and I see them lurking in the shadows As I sit in the light. And wait for them to disappear so I can hear myself think, But they stay, trying to draw me near.
Smile. Laugh. Nod. Impersonate a goddess. Your smile is fake. Your laugh is fake. Everything is fake, fake, fake. You’re not happy. You settled for less.
Starting a phrase with an I makes you selfish all the time, so think before you rhyme and take time on every line If you really wanna hit the spot, hit 'em where it hurts
Walk against the wind my friend and let me see your tears, not of sadness or ambition but because you’ve made your mission. Exceed all given of you and then show me all you’ve done, please put down that paper gun.
Maybe you do not understand that the past is in the past, yet I am still chained to it. Maybe you do not understand that every time someone mentions that theme I cringe.
When I was a child you held me tight, but now it's time for me to say good bye. I'll miss the way you kissed me good night, and how you woke me up by just turning on one light.
Three siblings Two parents Six grandparents Sixteen years old She's such a sweet girl, a joy to have in class She gets on well with the other children
Alone, it is a masterpiece, and it recreates its status. Forgotten practicality, Leaves it just a decoration.
I'm not a hero, but i can save you from feeling worthless. I'm not a hero, but i have the power to make you feel important. I'm not a hero, but i can save you when you fall. I'm not a hero,
These hands delve into the ground to remake what I once found When I was better and my conscience was light as a feather I made this as empty as I feel, but now I'm not alone I am a weight eroding those
She's a rock and she's sinking. Deeper and deeper. Those supports, what supports? Flew away. The creator's got skill in mind and pain in movement, Unavoidable. Degrading, degrading and angry.
Some people are like onions. You never know if they'll be savory or just make you cry.
I stand there, taking your hateful, tasteless stares. But I don't dare cringe, for I fear that would be giving you what you want. I walk directly into your vile comments,
Something dangerous lurks in the shadows It’s gangling grotesque figure lets out an eerie cry of warnings Night after night Hiding it’s sunburned flesh It creeps in the shadows I’m afraid of the dark
Ladies and Gentlemen, Sit in your seats, For you are about to read a great play, Of nothing but deceit: We push the people we don’t understand, We drown in our sorrows, Yet extend our helping hand,
I gaze at his eyes, a color I don’t recall; forgetful in love.
You know the meaning of stop and think, You know the meaning of filtering, You know the meaning to breath after each sentence, Even better not externally thinking out loud, Or even being blunt.
I, myself, draw the line. Neither bounded by chains or by reckless thoughts, flooded by the ignorance of those unaware of my flow. Is it the way that I speak which inflicts fear on Man?
We were not meant to be a people whole. Our bodies divide humanity’s soul. We were born broken, so that the life may pass through us, so that windy gusts may not topple us.
Heart feels so overwhelmed I look into your eyes And see the unexplainable Twists and turns of unexpected Happiness and sorrow All rolled into one smiling face
I thought I knew it once Only to leave me helpless and exposed I lie on the floor Heart bleeding tears And eyes forever lost
Sometimes you just know Someone you meet That will change your life forever A memory you know You’ll never forget A conversation That changes your entire Perspective
My fingers are tingling For you Your smooth skin And liquid personality Like fire, taking control Quick whip of authority When needed, of course. Leader. Hawk, is what they call you
It’s amazing how unobservant Most people are. Drifting, faces and handshakes Do they notice he remains still? Silent within and nearly un-phased You’re just a slip in his routine
Snapshots,     glimpses,sometimes mirror images   of faces     reflect in my brain. Once familiar people     and namesare now distant   and fading     ghosts.
Character Deep within the focal point of your exterior lies character. Character yet to be defined, Character that has ceased to be be intertwined...
The World ending in Fire, or perhaps in Ice, Possibly Darkness, Maybe Light. The Fires of Passion. Glaciers of Hatred. The Fear of Darkness. Light of Acceptance.
To you having control is the most You own everything, from houses to cars You snap your fingers thinking everyone is your dog Get what you want and work for nothing at all Yeah, that the life of a spoil rot
It's funny, when people ask you if you're sad and you just smile, and say "no", and they walk away, satisfied, Thinking that they were mistaken That they misread the moment of pain, depression,
Concealed and dark is the Magistrate of Heaven As it winds down a relentless shimmering staircase On the Chariot, bound by a mound of Earth Racing toward a sufferer, heads faced toward death.
Coming from the same man and woman The race known as humans have evolved so much, But one true quality that makes humans unique is our versatile aspects We can be smart; we can be strong,
The question always pops up with black and white people. Who and how can an person use the term nigger and nigga.
The infinite death. The restless spirits, spirits separated by the sea. The price of the Earth is pride. Find the gift of love, the last one is vanishing. The soul is green. The Earth was once true and sweet.
I had this summer day where you were fire and I was sand, and we melted ourselves into a rare and perfect glass. Maybe we can be like marbles, well-rounded and varied, or maybe we can magnify
It’s a nice hot summer day You’re going on a family trip That is two hundred miles away You don’t want you mom to flip So you chose to not say a word You thirst, but do you dare take a sip?
And there's a reason you shouldn't burn bridges, Cuz sometimes they just can't be rebuilt, and it's a guilt trip every time you try to mend that relationship.
My faith is corrupt, it's nothing but doubt. Everything you promised became a lie; a way out. Dreams are for those who can believe no doubt. I can't say I'm one, belief was something I never could retrieve; a way out.
Everytime I go to tell you what's on my mind I lose control. I feel so much emotions in my heart, mind, body and soul. But for some reason I don't know how to let the truth unfold.
A Counsel Averting the Burning of Our World By R. M. Otto
My skin crawls, I can't help but write. To you and her and my mother. “I loved you" I can't help but write I can't help but paint "I loved you" Onto my head and heart. I can't help but paint
I get in the way Of planes and birds flying at me They forgot To save the day And the people scream And tremble watching their walls Disintegrate In a fragile state
Come down to the river Come watch with me See the ripples and the flow Of the water as it goes As what goes? Your mind Set it free. Find peace Peace where? Out there, on the rocks;
Running out of thought Running out of dreams Running right into the arms of bitter Slavery Walking into traps Walking into hate Waking into ignorance and finding Bondage
Only one answer. Why so much killing, from north to south, from east to west? Why so much pain that no one should endure? Why so much sadness, we cry ourselves to sleep?
There is little that makes sense in this world, But justice is something I understand. The equality of all men, And the celebration of each other.
The Civil Rights Movement, A time of lament For the many lives lost That stood up without a cost. A voice for the people was what they all yearned But many refused to rebel to avoid a worse turn.
It's as if they fear the color Will drip off of their skin and stain their clothes As if they may breathe it in Like a poison Like a disease They squint their beady little eyes Staring Menacingly
Why have we given up on the little things? Shooting stars that filled our hearts with magic. Classic rock that filled our minds with madness. Now we spend more cash to spend more time on our asses.
Because I'm Black Of course, fried chicken Is a part of my essential nutrients Knowing how to "twerk" Is clearly In my blood
I want to be the smile that spreads across your face. I want to be the one that no one can replace. I want to be your dreams when your sleeping alone at night. It doesn't matter if they think it's wrong or right.
This is verse about me and all of you Call me blunt- I have no tact But I’m tired of putting on this serving act Call it vanity, call it pride But I am a queen with nothing to hide
At the end of the world People will cease To love and trust each other. People will stop dreaming And believing And hoping. And the human family Will begin to crumble Piece by piece
Here I am sitting all alone, but it’s only in my mind She is here, they are all here…scared… Waiting…waiting for him to return. All you hear are the teardrops of stolen bodies Drip drop drip drop
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