This Year

This year I was filled with fearFor the future of our countryFor all the people who go hungryFor those who feel unloved Or ever feel that they aren't enough.This year I learned to guard my tongueI felt so naive and so young.This year it seemedMany awful things teamedUp to hurt peopleBut the human race is far from feebleWe fight on through it allWe get right back up every time we fall.This year it became apparent  That people who were heaven sent Someday go back upstairsNo matter how much we care.This year I learned That people have earned Their place in history as doers of evilBut I cannot help but stillSee the beauty in every personNo matter how the world might worsenBecause everyone can be uniqueEven me, just a simple poet who speaks.  

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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