Blossoming remorse
Sage scented lies
Blank minds begging to be divorced from themselves
Discouraged by the aroma of the room.

Declining souls mourn for deciphering
Modifying ourselves as the seasons do
Clipping mangled twigs from geometric rose bushes
Freshwater humans, drinking from salt water lakes.

Instill a search for originality
Lusting for humble remains in the ashes
Sacred hands melt into graves
Greening limbs, spoiling fondly after creation.

Absurd thirst for silver plated disposals
Endorsing poisoned minds
Much alike the bitter taste fading away with the ancestors
Blooming red toxins into cossets.

Fabricating a future for thieves
Destroying articulate culture
Rebuilding nations whom share a hunger for greed
Designating philosophies for alleyway heat.

Humanity is a broken record
Clones of the next person
Sweeping away the uniqueness from all nations
Breaking every thought of originality.

Shackling the brains of our future
Distracted by greening gold
Molded, with the threat of torment
Ethics in shambles, laying at the foot of every bedside.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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