Introverts and Extroverts live on two different planets


I feel as if I'm a block of chalk

who nobody sees

Why can't I be seen?

Because so many personalities

stand out way more pronounce than me

I am merely a shadow in their presences

They speak with such confidence


and clarity

While I am such a small mouse

meek and shy

small and quiet

No one see's me

just myself

I am invisible

how do I stand out?

Everyone else is louder than I

I can't find my voice

It's lost in my tongue

and my tongue is lost in my cheek

and my cheek is bloodied

from all the ums and ahhs

Tongue tied and twisted up

all ugly in the back of my mouth

Hello, does anyone hear me?

How could they?

They speak louder than me

They are so boisterous

and out going

This is no place for an introvert

Who wants to make a small circle of friends to sit

down and have tea with

or coffee

or hot chocolate

and express our deeply seeded feelings

No, this is the place for the free spirted

Land of the extroverts

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