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Go on

Tell me something you have never said

Say it out loud

You have been thinking it

I can see it in your eyes


Too afraid to say it out loud

Because you are afraid of what I will do

What I will think

After you utter what you have been thinking

For such a long time


Tell me what has been eating you

We all have our best kept secrets

Something we will never say

Because then it’s real

You are too scared, aren’t you?


You think you will tell me, and trust me

And then I would take the words you say

And use them against you

Because you are used to that by now

Aren’t you?


You don’t let anyone in

Keep your love all to yourself

Because you fear rejection

Almost as much As I do

That how I know


So scream it

Only you know your thoughts

Tell me them

Everything you are too afraid of

Because you are afraid of yourself


And I am waiting

And if you don’t say it

Then I will leave too

Just like everyone else does

But not for the reason you think


Because this time

I would leave you

Because you are too afraid

To see yourself

And of yourself


If you cannot see how lovely you are

And you don’t believe you are beautiful

In your own eyes

You will never be anything

In my eyes either



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