A Story

Everytime you start a story with once upon a time

It has to end with "and they all lived happily ever after"

Sounding in a rhyme

Ending with laughter

My story doesn't

My story is the spit from the angry people

The dissappointing looks of shame

The stories of 'what ifs'

The look that "you could do better"

The "ideas" people give you on what to do with your life

My story is the dirt of new life

The small smiles of  the greatful

The scares of hurt

Staying on the field til the lights go out

Taking care of younger siblings like a parent

And the joy of a second chance

But our story

Is the sun through the trees

The handshake of new friends

The grace of a beautiful swan

Our story

Is a beautiful one

It doesn't hide in the shadows

Or watch as people starve

Our story

The story of our people

Is a happily ever after

But my story 

My story is not

My story doesn't end until everyone has smiles

My greatest dreams are reached

And the spit turns to tears of joy

My story will end in a Happily Ever After


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